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Trying to follow the descendants of William George BATTRAM, who I think was the older brother of Charles Anthony BERTRAM, one of my great-grandfathers. He seems to have gone to sea and ended up based in West Hartlepool. JS 27/4/15.


I continue to develop a set of linked pedigree pages, starting with the first three generations of ancestors, with arrow links to earlier generations. The list of ancestral surnames is still there, and also the still rather incomplete list of individual names in the website.

The intention of this website is to make available to whoever might be interested, the results of my limited research into my ancestors, with much dependance on the work of others. My interest, possily akin to stamp collecting, started at about the same time as I was indeed collecting stamps, when I found that the occasional ancestor had found, usually his, way into the DNB or Groves. Thus I have early notes on both my Stowell thrice and four times great grandfathers, and my Briggs grandfather. That was about as far as it went, until I restarted at the end of the 1990s, joined the Society of Genealogists in London, and and began using their library. Since then it has grown, and it is always a thrill to be contacted by some distant cousin who happens to have come across this website.

By and large, I have been looking into my direct ancestors, their siblings, and the descendants of those siblings. There are more than enough people with whom I or my children share the odd bit of DNA to keep me going.

Since 2002 most of the work has been carried out in New Zealand, and a lot of use has been made of increasing amount of information which is available on the web. But also almost more important have been contacts mentioned above from people, usually cousins of some degree, who have come across this website and have kindly passed on the results of their own research. Thanks everyone!

There is always room for correction and augmentation, and additional information or corrections to information in this website, are always welcome, and indeed one of the aims of creating a website is precisely to attract such information. I can be contacted by E-mail, and always look forward to such contacts.

In addition to people, I have been interested in where they lived and where the various events of their lives took place, and have put in links to a kind of gazetteer when information is to hand.

Since being ticked off for being a bit cavalier about sources, I am being more rigorous and am including footnotes at the end of each page detailing where information has come from. It will take a while before all the old pages have been brought up to date in this way.

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