The Tatham Families of Burrow, Tunstall, Cantsfield and Lowfields.


[Scanned from a reprint of the paper printed in the Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society's Transactions, Vol.33, New Series]

KENDAL, 1933



This family had been settled in Cantsfield, as yeomen and also as copyholders, for some time, as the first man of this family with whom we shall deal, requests in his will to be buried in Tunstall church near to the graves of his wife and ancestors - a term which probably covers his great-grandfather at the least.

William Carrington, on 18 July 3 James [1605], purchased from Francis Tunstall of Scargill, Co. York, esq., John Girlington of Thurland Castle, co. Lancs., esq., George Pudsey, gent. and Robert Hesham, yeoman, servant to the said John Girlington the yearly rent of his tenement (which was 14s. 4d.) for the sum of £50. 3s. 4d. and he bound himself to pay 1d. yearly and do suit and service twice a year at Tunstall.

In a deed of 1608 there is a clause stipulating for payment to the Lord of "one penny for Fell farme or Rente for Turbarie, Turfgrafie and getting Eldyng and fewell upon lecke Fell."

In 1610 and 1618 he bought cowgrasses or cattlegates in Cantsfield Barrows. He made his will on 3 December, 1622, by which he bequeathed his lands and tenements to his nephew Francis Carrington. He mentions his sister Katherine and her two daughters Agnes and Sybil but does not give their surname. He leaves 20s. to his niece Elizabeth Carrington and names his niece Margaret Redmayne and her three youngest brethren John, William and Marmaduke and her sister Grace, to each of whom he leaves 6s. 8d. He also names his niece Jennet Carrington "married in Boston." The inventory, taken on 15 January, 1622-3, amounted to £47. 5s. 2d.

The above named man had a brother Robert Carrington who is named in a Cantsfield Deed of 14 November 12 James [1614] as the father of Francis Carrington and in another one on 30 March 14 James [1616]. This Robert’s family appears to have been:

  1. Francis Carrington, son and heir, of whom later.
  2. Elizabeth C. named in her uncle’s will in 1622.
  3. Jennet C. " married in Boston" in 1622.

The above named Francis Carrington is called son and heir of Robert Carrington in the deed of 1614 by which he bought, from Nicholas Girlington of Thurland Castle, a close called Stubber Myer containing 5 acres of land, for £50. By the second deed of 1616 he purchased from the same party another close, called Scailbarre containing 11½ acres, for £116. This close lay on the west side of Stubber Myer and is stated to have been lately enclosed from Cantsfield Barrows which was a large field let out in cow-grasses. He made many other small purchases of land which he added to his estate.

He had a wife, Jennet by name, whom he buried on 29 April, 1641 and then, with almost indecent haste, he was married again, on 7 February, 1641-2, to one Craffoot [?Crawford], from Wrayton, whom he also buried at Tunstall on 4 February, 1650-1. He made his will on 9 September, 1657; inventory dated 19 September of the same year; his burial is recorded at Tunstall on 18 September, 1657. In this will there is no mention of his son Francis, but he makes his granddaughters, Jennet and Anne, his executrixes. He left £6 towards maintaining a schoolmaster at Tunstall.

His family by his first wife was:

  1. Francis Carrington, baptised on 7 October, 1626, of whom later.
  2. Jennet C. buried on 23 July, 1628.
  3. Margaret C. married on 22 October, 1633 to John Nicholson, by whom she had issue.
  4. William C. named in a deed of 14 April 16 Chas. I [1640], a bachelor, buys land in Burton-in-Lonsdale from Thomas Wilson of Heversham.

The above named Francis Carriugton succeeded to the property on his father’s death in 1657; but before that he had purchased on his own account the tenant-right of John Smith of Casterton, co. Westmorland, yeoman, in a holding in Cantsfield of the inheritance of John Cansfield late of Robert Hall, esquire, deceased and of the yearly rent of 20s. for which he gave £200.

In 1661 he made a further small purchase of land. On the 14th and 28th July, 1693 by lease and release he settled his freehold lands and messuages, etc. (69 acres) on his daughter Jane, then wife of Richard Tatham of Cantsfield, yeoman, and eldest daughter of himself, charging the estate with £260 for legacies. The copyhold lands would descend to this daughter by the custom of the manor as his son had pre-deceased him unmar- ried. He had married Jane Battyson on 1 February, 1647-8; when she died does not appear, but he buried a second wife on 25 September, 1707. He died intestate in 1709 as on 15 September of that year administrati6n of his goods was granted to his son-in-law Richard Tatham in right of his wife Jennet. This Francis Carrington had the following family by his first wife, viz.:

  1. Francis Carrington haptised on 6 October, 1649. He died unmarried and intestate and administration of his goods was granted to his father on 12 February, 1684-5.
  2. John C. baptised on 29 January, 1651-2; buried on 17 March, 1651-2.
  3. Jennet C. baptised on 4 March, 1654-5; married on 25 October, 1685, to Richard Tatham of Burrow and later of Cantsfield, by whom she had issue (see p. 103).
  4. Ann C. baptised on 24 June, 1657; buried on 19 July, 1676.
  5. John C. baptised 011 25 June, 1660; buried on 11 July, 1660.
  6. William C. baptised on 25 June, 1660; buried 28 June, 1660
  7. Mary C. baptised on 25 June, 166o; buried 17 August, 1660.
  8. Elizabeth C. baptised on 19 January, 1661-2; married on 2 September, 1680, to Rowland Tatham. This couple had issue an eldest son Richard Tatham of Burton-in-Lonsdale, who commenced a lawsuit against his uncle and aunt, Richard and Jennet Tatham, regarding the Cantsfield estate but was bought off for £20 on 16 February, 1709-10.
  9. Margaret C. baptiscd on 2 March, 1664-5; married (as per marriage bond at Lancaster) on 16 May, 1689 to Thomas Barker of Broomfield in Arkholme, yeoman, by whom she had issue, viz.:
    Bryan Barker, baptised at Melling on 1 June, 1690, who on 15 June, 1713 acknowledged the receipt of a legacy of £60, left to him by his grandfather Carrington's settlement of July, 1693.

In writing this account I have had the advantage of being able to consult the very complete set of deeds relating to the Cantsfield property, formerly owned by Mr. Edmund Tatham Carrington Procter to whom my sincere thanks are due for his courtesy in permitting me to see them.

The various wills quoted are extant in the Lonsdale deanery of the archdeaconry of Richmond, now deposited at Somerset House, London.

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Transcribed and slightly edited by John Stowell, 2003/2004