Alice Sophia Briggs (née Steward) Manuscript

This manuscript I have transcribed, and slightly edited to improve its readability. It can be viewed

Alice Sophia Briggs (née Steward) - Leaves from the Diary of A.S.B.

This diary has now been scanned. Due to its length (over 300 pages)the scanned file has been saved in four parts, the first three the diary proper and the fourth a short section on the life of Christopher Rawdon, an uncle of Alice Sophia Briggs. The overall size of the combined files, which are in Adobe Acrobat 7 .pdf format, amounts to some 11MB, and for this reason as well as others the files are not on the website. If requested, I can supply the document on CD to identifiable members of the family, but I regret not to others.

A Merchant a Banker and the Coal Trade

This pamphlet by Donald Henry Currer Briggs I have transcribed, minus the photographs, and the transcribed document can be viewed.

Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, with additions

The introduction to this edition says:

The last Visitation of Yorkshire was made by Sir William Dugdale, Norroy King of Arms, in 1665 and 1666. The record of the same from a MS. copy was printed by the Surtees Society (Vol. xxxvi) in 1859, and was edited by the late Robert Davies, F.S.A. It is now out of print and scarce.
An account of what has become of all the families who appeared at the Visitation, so as to show which have become extinct, and which have passed into the female line, has long been desired.
As much information has in the last few years become available by the publication of Wills, Parish Registers, Marriage Licences and other documents, an attempt is now made to continue the pedigrees as far as possible, for although they cannot be made perfect, yet it is thought they can be put on such a basis that fresh matter arising can be easily added.

In this Clay edition, the original Dugdale material is printed in italics, to distinguish it from the added material. The book is available on CD from genealogical suppliers (my copy came from Gould Genealogy in Oz).

An Account of the Genealogy and other memoirs concerning the family of Loraine etc.

This book is a recent facsimile edition of Richardson's reprint, and comes in the series Kessinger Publishing's Rare Reprints. Richardson's reprint was issued in 1849, and the original publication is dated 1738. There is no author identified in the reprint, but I suspect that the original author was in fact the Collins to whose work there is frequent reference in Lambton Loraine (1902).

The Parish Registers of Skipton in Craven

These printed copies of the Skipton parish registers are in three volumes covering the periods 1592 to 1660, 1680 to 1771 and 1745 to 1812. In the introduction the claim is made that:

This book is a literal transcript of the first three volumes of the Skipton registers.

An enty at the beginning of the baptismal register says

The names of those that have bene baptized in the pishe of Skipto n begynninge Jan. 1596

using the old style calendar. The burials register begins in April 1599,  and only the marriage register goes back to March 1592.

I have used them to check details of entries for Currer and Banks. The LDS microfilm which I have used is 100098. There is also an LDS microfilm of a manuscript parish register for Skipton (film 919155) which I have used on one or two occasions to check possible transcription errors in the printed version.

The Tatham Families of Burrow, Tunstall, Cantsfield and Lowfields

This is a photocopy of an original reprint held at the library of the Society of Genealogists, London.

Old Manx Families

The text of this manuscript has been transcribed under the editorship of Frances Coakley. It includes a section on the name Stole or Stowell of Ballastowell.

Manx Worthies

The full text of this book is available on the web.

Fenwick of Burrow Hall

This reprint came into my hands in Feb. 2005 from the second-hand book trade, and I will transcribe it, or scan it, at some stage. At present the only bit I have scanned is the Fenwick pedigree which it contains.

Pedigrees of the county families of Yorkshire, Vol.I - West Riding.

This compilation by Joseph Foster (1874) contains the pedigrees of numerous Yorkshire families. The one of main interest in preparing this website is the Pedigree of Currer, of Marley, Skipton and Kildwick. This runs from a Hugh Currer who appears in the herald's visitation of Yorkshire in 1612 through to the generation of my grandparents, born in the middle of the 19th century. This particular pedigree also includes the Briggs family starting with John Briggs of Hull, who married Sarah Buttrey at York in 1726, through to Christopher Rawdon Briggs, one of my grandfathers, born in 1869. The pedigree is quite large, and the photocopy which I have is in three parts and not of a quality permitting it to be scanned.

Originals of the Foster publication are probably in various libraries, but the copies of the pedigrees that I have been working with were made from microfilm by the very helpful Local Studies Library at Leeds Central Library.

The pedigrees make little mention of the sources of information used, though possibly this is discussed in some introduction of which I do not have a copy. I do have a copy of the title page of Vol.I, and this says compiled by Joseph Foster and authenticated by the members of each family.

Pedigree and memoirs of the family of Loraine of Kirkharle.

This book, originally printed for private circulation, has been microfilmed by the FHL of the LDS church, and is also available online and can be downloaded.

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