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This page is an, as yet incomplete, list of specific sources. Working from New Zealand I have been making extensive use of information available over the internet and my list of favourites is for ever getting unmanageably long. I have started a page of links to websites which I find I use most.

Author Date No. Title
- - 59 Steward Family Tree. An undated, manuscript, family tree on three A4 pages extending, though not continuously in the early years, from John Steward, Sheriff of London in 1343, through to the middle of the 20th century. I would be happy to have opinions as to the author of this tree.
Armitage, H. 1967 109 The Rawdon Family. Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society, 1967, pp.36-53. Reprints are available from the Halifax Antiquarian Society.
Baildon, W. Paley. 1919 121 The Maudes of Ilkley, Hollinghall, Brandon, Helthwaite Hill, etc. in The Publications of the Thorseby Society, Vol. 24. Miscellanea.
Briggs A. S. 1917 48 Leaves from the Diary of A.S.B. - For her Family. Privately printed. about 320pp. See further details.
Briggs A. S. ? 12 Unpublished notebook MS with additional notes on her family and relations. Further details.
Briggs D.H.C. 1972 45 1693 - 1971: A Merchant, A Banker and the Coal Trade. Further details.
Chippindall, Col. W. H. 1933 11 The Tatham Families of Burrow, Tunstall, Cantsfield and Lowfields. Reprinted from the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeoogical Society's Transactions Vol. 33. Further details
Chippindall, Col. W. H. 1935 123 History of the Township of Ireby. Remains Historical and Literary connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, Volume 95 - New Series. Manchester: Printed for the Chetham Society. Pages 45 to 48 concern Leonard Tatham's estate in Ireby.
Chippindall, Col. W. H. 1936 79 Fenwick of Burrow Hall in Lonsdale (in continuation of Art. 7 in Vol. 33). Reprinted from the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeoogical Society's Transactions Vol. 36, pages 8 - 19. Further details
Clay H. Travis 1933 136 Slead Hall, Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society, 1933, pp.168-193.
Clay J.W. (ed.) 1894 36 Familiæ Minorum Gentium. Publ. of the Harlean Soc., Vol.38
Clay J.W. (ed.) 1894 - 1912 124 Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, with additions. Wm. Pollard & Co., Exeter. See further details.
Cockerill, Timothy 1989 112 The Machell and Remington Families of Aynsome, Cartmel. Art.XVIII, Trans. of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society, Vol.LXXXIX, printed by Titus Wilson & Son Ltd., Kendal. A scanned copy of this article is available, with the author's permission.
Colquhoun, Mary Briggs undated 58 My Family Chronicle. Printed by Sunstrip Printers, Price Street, Nambour.
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E. Yorks FHS 1990 50 Air St., Hull - Monumental Inscriptions
Foster J. 1874 31 Pedigrees of the County Families of Yorkshire. Vol.I. and Vol.II. - West Riding. W. Wilfred Head, London. Specific pedigrees from which I have taken information are:
  • Pedigree of Stansfield, of Field House, Moorlands, Flockton Manor House, and Weetwood Grove, etc.
  • Pedigree of Currer, of Marley and Skipton, and represented by Briggs, of Birstwith Hall, and of Kildwick, represented by Richardson, of Bierley.
Foster, Sandys B. 1890 88 The Pedigree of Wilson of High Wray and Kendal, together with the Families connected with them. 2nd edition. Privately printed. Available on CD from Original Indexes. The pedigree of Rathbone of Liverpool given on pages 72 - 77 starts with William Rathbone (1700-1750).
Garnett, Emmeline 1994 80 The Dated Buildings of South Lonsdale. Centre for North-West Regional Studies, Lancaster University.
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Holinger, Emily undated 4 Birthday book.
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Moore,A. W. 1889 28 Old Manx Families, MS. Further details.
Richardson M. A. 1849 126 An Account of the Genealogy and other Memoirs Concerning the Family of Loraine, of Kirkharle-Tower in the County of Northumberland; with Remarks upon some others, (obiter) Anno Dom. 1738. See further details.
Rimell, Raymond Laurence 1984 9 Zeppelin! A battle for air supremacy in World War I. Published by Conway Maritime Press Ltd., London.
Robinson, Douglas H. 1962 115 The Zeppelin in combat: A history of the German Naval Airship Division 1912-1918. London, Foulis & Co.
Robinson, Joy 1992 117 Relatively Rathbone. Published by Trotman and Company Limited, 12 Hill Rise, Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom.
Roth, Ling 1914 66 The Genesis of Banking in Halifax, with side lights on country banking. Published by F King & Sons Ltd., Halifax.
Small, Rev. Robert 1904 93 The History of the Congregations of the United Presbyterian Church 1733-1900.
Southwell M. 1986 46 The Briggs, Currer, Haworth, Shepherd, O'Dwyer, Cannon and France families (unpublished)
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Y.D.O. 1906 51
Obituary of Alderman Currer Briggs (Arthur Currer Briggs(375)) which appeared on 1 Sep 1906.

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