Benjamin ASHMAN


Benjamin ASHMAN(2161) was baptised at St Margaret's, Babington, Somerset, on 14 Feb 1768 1, and was presumably born earlier that year. He was the son of Luke ASHMAN and Ann. There is no indication of his father's occupation. I think his mother was Ann ALWOOD, who had married Luke ASHMAN at St Adhelm's, Doulting, Somerset, on 18 Dec 1763, both of that parish2. This is the only Somerset marriage record with appropriate names and a practicable date. The date of his parents' marriage suggests that there were children born to them before Benjamin, and the baptismal records3 contain five baptisms of children of Luke and Ann, between 1763 and 1773:

The second of these confirms the likelihood that the mother was Ann ALWOOD.

Benjamin married Mary PARSONS (2162) (1773-1805) at St Giles, Leigh Upon Mendip on 26 Sep 17914, when he would have been 23 and she 18. So far as I have found, there were two children of Benjamin and Mary ASHMAN:

A Benjamin ASHMAN was buried at St Giles, Leigh Upon Mendip, on 13 Apr 1800 5. This is the only appropriate burial in the period 1795-1865. There was a Benjamin ASHMAN buried at Mells on 23 Mar 1832, aged 51, so born in 1780/81, a generation later than this Benjamin. Another Benjamin ASHMAN buried at Mells on 28 Feb 1856, aged 63, so born in 1792/93. Thus this Benjamin may well have died at the relatively young age of 32. There do not appear to be any monumental inscriptions for Leigh Upon Mendip.


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