The Ashworth branch starts with Ann Susannah Lacey ASHWORTH(71), who married the Rev. Hugh Stowell(70). Most of what I know about this branch comes from notes prepared by Jan WOOD, a descendant of this family, and also some information on the peerage website which came originally from the late Michael ASHWORTH, also a descendant.

Ashworth generations

Generation Ashworth Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
O Anne Susannah ASHWORTH(71)
Hugh Stowell (70)
03 Dec 1828 at Eccles Parish Church
N Richard Johnson Daventry ASHWORTH (74)
(about 1775-1829)
26 Dec 1801 at Huddersfield
M John ASHWORTH(936) , of Elland, nr. Halifax
Susannah CHILD(937)
20 Jan 1755 at Birstall Parish Church

At the moment I do not know who were the parents of John ASHWORTH, though it should be possible to trace the Lancashire family further back. We will see.

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