The Banks branch starts with Jane Banks(269), one of my 5-times great grandparents. The branch can at present only be traced back to Jane's grandfather.

Banks generations

Generation Banks Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
K Jane Banks(269) (1692-1757) Henry Currer(268) (1683-1750) 21 Jun 1716 at Carleton-in-Craven
J William Banks (270) (1659-1704) Jane (Wilson?) (? - 1707) 01 Jan 1689 at Horton-in-Ribblesdale
I Timothy Banks (362) (ca.1625? - 1702?) unkown unknown, but about 1655


Jane Banks(269), according to the pedigree compiled by Foster, was the daughter of William, son of Tymothy Banks of Skipton, and was co-heir with her sister Mary, wife of George Chamberlain, of her brother the Rev. William Banks, master of the grammar school at Skipton. The Stavert transcript of the Skipton parish registers gives the date of a Jane Banks's baptism as 4 Sep 1692, the parish register baptismal entry reading simply Jane ye doughter of Mr. William Banks of Skipton.

The IGI entry indicates that this Jane died on the day she was baptised, but I think the explanation of this is that Jane's baptism was originally entered, by mistake, in the deaths/burials register. Both her and the immediately following entry in the deaths register have in fact been scored through, as is indicated in a footnote in the Stavert transcription. I therefore think that 4 Sep 1692 is the date of this Jane's baptism. The Skipton parish register also contains baptismal entries for a Mary Banks, daughter of William, on 9 Dec 1690, a Timothy Banks son of William on 23 Mar 1696, and a William Banks, son of William on 29 Aug 1699, which is consistent with Jane having siblings Mary and William. The pedigree compiled by Foster does not mention a brother Timothy.

According to the IGI, Jane Banks married Henry Currer, as his second wife, on 21 June 1716 at Carleton-in-Craven. For their children see the entry for Henry Currer. Jane died 8 Feb 1757, and the Stavert transcription of the Skipton parish registers contains the burial entry on 10 Feb 1757 Mrs Jane Currer widow of Skipton.

William BANKS

According to the Foster pedigree, William Banks(270) was the son of a Tymothy Banks(362). There is no mention of his mother's name. It is reasonable to suppose that William was born and lived in Skipton. Of the William Banks listed in the IGI as being born or baptised in Yorkshire over the period 1650 to 1670, there is only one whose father is given as Tymothie, and this one was baptised at Skipton on 24 Sep 1656. The IGI actually lists this as the date of birth, because in the parish register the sections are sometimes headed baptisms and sometimes births, whereas I think that they are all likely to be dates of baptisms. At any rate, I think there is quite a strong case for believing that this is the correct William. If he continued to live in Skipton, then the IGI contains records of the baptism of four children of a William Banks in the 1690's, which would be an appropriate period for someone born in 1656.

Children of William Banks of Skipton

Name Notes
Mary Banks(359) born or baptised 9 Dec 1690. Married George Chamberlain.
Jane Banks(269) baptised 4 Sep 1692 at Skipton. Married Henry Currer(268) 21 Jun 1716. Died 8 Feb 1757, and was buried at Skipton on 10 Feb 1757
Timothy Banks(360) baptised 23 Mar 1697.
William Banks(361) baptised 29 Aug 1699 at Skipton. The Rev. William Banks was the master of the grammar school at Skipton. Mary and Jane were his co-heirs, according to Foster. There is a Skipton burial entry for 13 Dec 1730 which reads Mr Wm Banks (Schoolmastr.) of Skipton, and Whitaker reports the existance of a monumental inscription in the parish church which reads Hic Jacet Gul : Banks A.M. Qui Scholae Grammaticalis de Skipton Magister Obiit Die Decembris 11mo Anno Domini 1730mo Aetatis suae 31mo.

The first of these four children was born in 1690, so we would expect a marriage of William Banks around or before 1689. The IGI contains a record of a marriage at Horton in Ribblesdale between a William Banks and a Jane Wilson on 1 Jan 1688 (old style) which initially looked to be worth investigating both because Horton is not unduly far from Skipton (about 13 km), and also because of the bride's first name, Jane. Unfortunately the transcript of the Horton parish register which was used for the IGI entry says only Mr. William Banks and Mrs Jane Wilson were married January 1st, giving no information on which parish the groom came from. Possibly the original parish registers contain more information. Although there are several other possible marriages of a William Banks which can be followed up if necessary, a further pointer to Jane Wilson being the one is a burial entry in the Skipton parish register for 4 Feb 1706 (old style) which reads Mrs Jane Banks Widow of Mr William Banks late of Skipton. None of the other marriages is to a Jane. William himself probably died three years earlier, and there is a burial entry for 3 Feb 1703 (old style) which reads Mr William Bankes Attorney at Law in Skipton

Timothy BANKS

A Timothy Banks(362) was, according to the Foster pedigree, the father of the William Banks(270) whose daughter Jane Banks (269) married Henry Currer(268). If this Timothy Banks was also of Skipton, then the Skipton parish register contains records of six children of a Timothy Banks at about the right time, and these are the only Banks baptisms at Skipton in the period 1632 to 1672.

Children of Timothy Banks(362) of Skipton

Name Notes
William Banks(270) baptised 24 Sep 1656 at Skipton.
Timothy Banks(363) baptised 26 Jun 1659 at Skipton. Buried at Skipton 14 May 1725.
John Banks(364) baptised 15 Sep 1661 at Skipton, died, and was buried at Skipton on 14 Nov 1669.
Robert Banks(365) baptised 25 Dec 1663 at Skipton.
Thomas Banks(366) baptised 27 Feb 1666/67 at Skipton, died, and was buried at Skipton 14 Jan 1667/68
Richard Banks(367) baptised at Skipton 10 Nov 1667.

If this is the correct Timothy Banks, then we are looking for a marriage around or before 1655, and a birth say about 1625. There is no appropriate IGI marriage entry and I have no idea of the name of Timothy Banks's wife. There is no Timothy Banks baptised at Skipton at about the right time, so perhaps he moved to Skipton from elsewhere. There is however a burial record for a Timothy Banks of Skipton on 20 Sep 1702, which could be this Timothy.

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