Rose Emily BERTRAM (1882-1962)

  photo of Rose Emily  
Rose Emily BERTRAM

My father’s mother was Rose Emily BERTRAM (20). She was born on 17 Dec 1882 at 48 Seymour Place, Marylebone, London1. She was the second of four daughters2 of Charles Anthony BERTRAM(106) and Emily TEMPLEMAN (102), who married on 10 Sep 18823, and who were later divorced, the divorce being made absolute on 16 Apr 18914.

Rose Emily died, aged 79, on 10 Dec 1962, at St. Andrews Hospital, Dollis Hill, Willesden, London5.

At the time of the 1891 census6 she was at North Warnborough, Odiham, Hampshire, a boarder, aged 8, a scholar, in the house of Agnes LEE, a widow, aged 52 and a dressmaker. Also present were Rose's two younger sisters Alice, aged 6, and Gladys, aged 3. Presumably they were there because at the time their parents' divorce proceedings were in their final stages.

Ten years later, at the time of the 1901 census7 she was at 9 St. Andrew's Mansions, St. Marylebone, London, single, aged 18 and described as a dressmaker. She was a niece of the head of household, Alice BERTRAM(168), her father's sister. Alice was single, aged 50 and described as of no occupation, born at Southwold, Suffolk. Also present was Rose's older sister, Annie BERTRAM(1294), single, aged 19, a governess, born on the Isle of Wight. So after their parents' divorce, they were still in touch with their father's family.

I do not know how or where they met, but on 2 Dec 1903, at St. Paul’s, Portman Square, St. Marylebone, London, Rose Emily married Percy STOWELL(19)8 . The celebrant was the Rev. Reginald STOWELL(180) , Percy’s brother, at the time Curate of Chorley. The witnesses were Alice BERTRAM, presumably Rose Emily's aunt, L.TATHAM, presumably Percy's uncle Leonard TATHAM, Emma T. STOWELL, presumably Percy's older sister Emma Tatham STOWELL, and Rhoda BERTRAM, who I am guessing was Rose's sister Alice Rhoda.

Rose Emily's signature In the marriage register, from which comes her signature shown on the right, Rose Emily's address is given as 5 St. Andrew's Mansions, Manchester Street, London W, and Percy's as 6 Rutland Drive, Kensal, Manchester. Living so far apart, it remains a mystery how they met.

They had three children:

  photo of Rose Emily with Eileen  
Rose Emily STOWELL with Eileen

At the time of the 1911 census, Rose and Percy, together with Annie Irene STOWELL, and Leonard TATHAM were clearly on holiday at the Colwyn Bay Hotel, Colwyn Bay, Wales9. The three children were back home in Salford, with Mabel WALKER, their 18 year old governess/nurse, and Ellen EVANS the cook10.

Some time after 1911, the family moved to Southport, perhaps to be near Percy's parents who had retired to that town in 1907. According to Percy's testimony in the uncontested divorce proceedngs11 he and Rose Emily got to know the Rev Frederick Lindon Coulson PARKYN (578), the then Vicar of Holy Trinity, Southport, and his wife and in 1916 were on very friendly terms with them. However, by late 1917 it appeared to Percy that Rose Emily and the Rev. PARKYN were becoming too intimate, and Percy said he had a talk with the latter. The following year the Rev.PARKYN resigned his benefice and went to France as a chaplain. But he and Rose Emily seem to have continued to see each other, and some time in March Percy got a letter from the Rev. PARKYN's solicitor saying that he, PARKYN, had decided to take Rose Emily under his protection (from what or whom?) and that they had been living together as man and wife and had decided to continue to do so.

Percy sued for divorce on grounds of adultery and the decree nisi was granted in November 1919. Percy was granted custody of the three children.

I am not sure of anything about the later lives of Rose Emily and Frederick, but they cannot have been easy. They had two children:

Frederick died in 1924, leaving Rose Emily with two small children to bring up. At the time of her daughter's birth, she was living in Moor Road, Eaton Bray, about 5 km west of Dunstable, and close to the south western boundary of Bedfordshire. At some time she moved to London, but how she lived is a mystery to me. As children, we knew her, in theory, as “Granny Parkyn”, though we really did not know her as a person. There must have been family taboos operating.


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