All that I initially knew about George BERTRAM (163) is that he was listed as the father of Charles Anthony BERTRAM (106), when the latter married Emily TEMPLEMAN (102) on 04 Sep 18821. In the marriage register he is described as a contractor, and is noted as deceased.

In the 1851 census2 , at 32 High Street, Southwold, the head of household was a George BATRAM, aged 30, farmer of 23 acres, born in Henham, Suffolk; Rhoda his wife, aged 30, born in Westhall, Suffolk; Maria, daughter aged 7 born in Wangford, Suffolk; William, son aged 5, born in Wangford, and Ellen Maria, daughter aged 10 months, born in Southwold. There is a reference to the letting of 18 acres of Reydon Town land in Southwold to a Geo. BATRAM for 8 years from 11 Oct 1848 at an annual rent of £313. If this was the same George BERTRAM/BATRAM, then he would still have been farming these 18 acres, plus presumably a few others elsewhere, in 1851.

We know from the 1881 census 4 that the mother of Alice BERTRAM and Charles Anthony BERTRAM, then calling herself Rhoda LAWRENCE, was born in Westhall, and the two children with her in 1881 were born in Southwold. So the 1851 household in Southwold is I think likely to be theirs. A problem however is that, according to the 1881 census, Rhoda's daughter, born in Southwold in about 1850, was called Alice Maria not Ellen Maria. There is no doubt that the name on the 1841 census return is Ellen.

If this George was 30 in 1851, then he was born about 1821, given that his age in the census return may be rounded. There is a George BARTRAM, son of William BARTRAM and Anne, who was baptised on 17 Dec 1820 at Wangford by Southwold5. Wangford is between Henham and Southwold. According to the GENUKI website, the parish of Wangford near Southwold includes the hamlet of Henham. So I have adopted this as the most likely origin for George BERTRAM. There is a record of the marriage of a William BARTRAM and Ann WATLING which took place on 14 Dec 1818 at Bramfield, Suffolk6 . This is the only record I have found of William with Ann as the spouse over the period 1815-1820, and so these are my current best guess for George's parents.

It is perhaps worth noting that Southwold, Westhall and Bramfield form the apices of a triangle with sides around 10 km in length, with Southwold on the coast, Westhall 10 km ENE and Bramfield ESE so that Westhall is some 10 km north of Bramfield. Wangford, Henham and Sotherton also lie within this triangle.

On 14 Nov 1842 a George BERTRAM, of full age, bachelor, labourer, residing at Wangford, son of William BERTRAM, labourer, married a Rhoda BUTLER, of full age, a servant, residing at Sotherton, daughter of Francis BUTLER, labourer. The marriage took place in the parish of Sotherton, Suffolk, and was registered at Blything7. Blything was a registration district in Suffolk which operated between 1837 and 1935 and included Sotherton, Southwold, where both George and Rhoda were living at the time of the 1851 census, and Wangford.

My current best guess is that George and Rhoda had four children:

By the time of the 1861 census13 there is no sign of George. Rhoda BUTTRAM, described as married, but not to the head of household, is at 20 East Street, Southwold, in the household of Hugh LAWRENCE, widower, aged 39, a fish merchant, born in Walberswick, Suffolk, which seems to feed into how Rhoda became Rhoda LAWRENCE (see her page).

So George BERTRAM's movements after 1851 are not known. The name, and its variants, are relatively common, so it is possibly more a question of not finding the right George. Thus, other than the fact that George was listed on his daughter's marriage certificate as dead by Sep 1882, I have not yet found evidence of his death.


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