The Bertram branch begins with my paternal grandmother Rose Emily BERTRAM(20), though she always seems to have used the name Rosie. The BERTRAM name seems to have had many spellings in the records over the years, including BATRAM, BATTRAM, BARTRAM.

Bertram generations

The Bertram branch of the family has not been easy to trace, due to their being Londoners at the time of my grandparents and great grandparents, but having moved into London from Suffolk in the mid-nineteenth century, and also due to the many variants of the name.

Beyond George BERTRAM, the generations are very tentative.

Generation Bertram person Spouse Date and place of marriage
Q Rose Emily BERTRAM(20) (1882-1962) Percy STOWELL (19) (1872-1942) 2 Dec 1903, St. Paul's, Portman Square, St. Marylebone, London. Divorced, 1919.
P Charles Anthony BERTRAM (106) (ca.1852-before 1903?) Emily TEMPLEMAN (102) (ca.1861-?) 10 Sep 1882, St. Mary's, St. Marylebone, London. Divorced 1891.
O George BERTRAM(163) (1820-before 1882?) Rhoda BUTLER(167) (1820-1888?) 1842 at Blything, Suffolk
N William BARTRAM(1715) (1796-1862) Ann WATLING(1716) (1801?-?) 14 Dec 1818 at Bramfield, Suffolk
M John BARTRAM(2636) (ca.1760?-?) Elizabeth WRIGHT(2637) (?-?) 13 Feb 1791, St. Mary's, Halesworth, Suffolk

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