The Brown branch starts with Ann Brown(76), who married Thomas Stowell(75) at Braddan on the Isle of Man in 1759.

Brown generations

Generation Brown Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
1 Ann Brown(76) (ca.1739-1783) Thomas Stowell (75) (ca.1732-1807) 28 Oct 1759 at Braddan
Capt. Robert Brown (213) (1713-1769) Margaret Cosnahan(214) (1718 - 1769) 03 Jan 1736/7 at Braddan
John Brown (307) (pre 1676 - ?) Alice Stole (1676 - ?)


Ann Brown(76) was, according to the pedigree drawn up by John Arthur Brown (1995), the daughter of Robert Brown(213) and Margaret Cosnahan(214), and from her age when she died was born about 1739. On 28 Oct 1759 she married Thomas Stowell(75) as his second wife, and bore him the famous 15 sons and one daughter. For details of these, see the entry for Thomas Stowell. According to her tombstone, Ann died on 17 Jul 1783, aged just 44, within a couple of years of the birth and possible death in infancy of her last child. She was buried at St. Mary's chapel, Ballure, where her tombstone can still be found against the churchyard wall on the right as you approach the door of the now somewhat decaying chapel.

  Ann's gravestone  
Ann Stowell's grave

The inscription on her tombstone reads

Justly respected are
interred here the remains
wife of Thomas Stowell
who died 17th July 1783
aged 44 years
and was the mother of 15 sons
and one daughter.

May they like her their time employ
and meet her in the realms of joy

which might be taken as an injusction to go forth and multiply!

Capt. Robert BROWN

According to the IGI and the pedigree drawn up by J A Stowell (1995) based on the parish register, Robert Brown(213) was baptised at Malew on 08 Dec 1713, and was the son of John Brown (307). According to J A Stowell, Robert's mother was Alice Stole(n). He married Margaret Cosnahan (214) at Braddan on 3 Jan 1736/37. According to the pedigree drawn up by John Arthur Stowell (1995), they had nine children, of whom Anne was the oldest.

Children of Robert Brown(213) and Margaret Cosnahan(214)

Name Notes
Ann Brown(76) ca. 1739-1783. See her separate entry above.
Catherine Brown(223) 1740-1741
Philip Brown(224) 1744-1750
John Brown(225) 1744-1750
Hugh Brown(226) 1744-1750
Margaret Brown(227) 1750-?
Eunice Brown(228) 1753-1836. Married William Snell Chauncy (1756-1829) and had a son, also William Snall Chauncey (1781-1845), who married Rose Theresa La Mothe (1784-1818) and had issue.
Jane Brown(229) 1756-?
Capt. Robert Brown II(230) 1761-ca.1800. Capt. of the brig Caesar 1785-6. Married in 1784 to Jane Drumgold (ca.1751-1821). Grandfather of Thomas Edward Brown. Died at sea. See separate page on his descendants including the poet T. E. Brown.

According to the pedigree drawn up by John Arthur Stowell (1995), Robert Brown died in 1769.

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