Captain Robert Brown(230) was a son and the youngest child of another Captain Robert Brown (213) and Margaret Cosnahan(214). Thus he was the youngest brother of my four times great grandmother Ann Brown(76).

According to the pedigree drawn up by J A Stowell (1995), this Robert was born in 1761. On 24 Oct 1784 he married Jane Drumgold(231) at Braddan and they had two sons.

Children of Capt. Robert Brown(230) and Jane Drumgold (231)

Name Notes
Breaker (Brecker) Brown(629) Baptised at St. Matthew's, Douglas, on 24 Mar 1786 and buried, an infant, on 08 Oct the same year at Braddan.
Robert Brown(232) Born in 1792 in Douglas. Married Dorothy Thomson(233) and had 10 children. Died in 1846. See his separate entry below.

Capt. Robert Brown is said in the pedigree drawn up by John Arthur Stowell (1995) to have been the captain of the brig Caesar in 1785/82, and to have died at sea abroad in about 1800, whilst his surviving son was still young.

The Rev. Robert BROWN

Robert Brown(232) was born in Douglas in 1792. He took Anglican orders, and he was head master of Douglas Grammar School and Chaplain of St. Matthew’s, Douglas from 1817 to 1832, when he took charge of the Parish of Braddan for the Rev. Thomas Howard. In 1836 he succeeded him as Vicar of Braddan, and he remained there until his comparatively early death ten years later in 1846.

The Rev. Robert Brown is said to have been a composer, two well-known hymn tunes “Braddan” and “Hatford” (well known in Man perhaps) being by him. He was also a poet, and in 1826 published a volume of poems, mainly on sacred subjects. His best poems, according to the entry in Moore's Manx Worthies, were satires. These were said in some respects to resemble the satires of his cousin John Stowell(79) “but unlike them, they are devoid of coarseness”.

The Rev. Robert Brown married Dorothy Thomson (233) on 21 Apr 1819 at Braddan. I have found baptismal records for six children, and the pedigree by John Arthur Stowell (1995) lists ten.

Children of the Rev. Robert Brown(232) and Dorothy Thomson(233)

Name Notes
Robert Brown(nnn) Born in 1820 and died in 1846 at Nassau in the Bahamas.
John Thomson Brown(nnn) Born in 1822 and died as an infant in 1824.
Hugh Stowell Brown(234) Born in 1823. Became a Baptist minister in Liverpool. Died in 1886. See his entry below.
William Brown(nnn) Born in 1825.
Dora Jane Brown(nnn) Born in 1828 and died in 1855.
Thomas Edward Brown(239) Born on 05 May 1830 in Douglas and died on 29 Oct 1897 in Clifton. See his separate entry below.
Henry Brown(nnn) Born in 1832 and died in 1846.
Margaret Brown(nnn) Born in 1834. Married the Rev. John Silliamson.
Harriet Brown(nnn) Born in 1837 and died in 1864.
Alfred Brown(nnn) Born in 1839.

The Rev. Hugh Stowell BROWN

Hugh Stowell Brown (234) was the godson of the Rev. Hugh Stowell(72) the Rector of Ballaugh. Hugh Stowell Brown wrote a memoir of his life, which was later edited by his son-in-law W. S. Caine MP. This memoir is awailable onthe web.

Hugh Stowell Brown became a dissenting divine and ended up as the minister of the Baptist church in Liverpool. His memoir contains lots of interesting information and background.

The Rev. Thomas Edward BROWN

The real claimant to be the Manx national poet was Thomas Edward Brown (239), the younger brother of Hugh Stowell Brown and sixth child of Rev. Robert Brown and Dorothy Thomson. Thomas Edward is written up both in Moore's Manx Worthies and in other books. Four volumes of his poetry were published in his lifetime, and various collections after his death. It can be seen from the Brown family tree that he was a great-nephew of Ann Brown. He married Amelia Stowell, the daughter of Dr Thomas Stowell and Mary Ann Cowin.

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