The Callow branch of the family starts with Amelia Callow(73) who married the Rev. Hugh Stowell(72) (the elder).

Generation Callow family member Spouse Date and place of marriage
N Amelia CALLOW(73) Rev. Hugh STOWELL(72) 20 Sep 1796 at Santon, Isle of Man
L William CALLOW(174) Emma HALSAL(175) 2 Oct 1757 at Braddan, Isle of Man
K probably John CALLOW Ellr CREER 9 Jul 1734 at Braddan, Isle of Man

Callow family members


Amelia, the daughter of William Callow(174) and Emma Halsal (175) was, according to an IGI entry, christened at St. Matthew's, Douglas, Isle of Man, on 25 Feb 1778. J. A. Stowell has the date of her birth as 03 Sep 1777. There is also an IGI record of a marriage between Amelia Callow and Hugh Stowell at Santon, Isle of Man, on 20 Sep 1796, though why Santon I do not know. There are IGI baptismal records of six children of this marriage, though J. A. Stowell lists eight. For details of these see the entry for Hugh Stowell(72).

Amelia Callow died on 9 Jan 1814, aged only 36, and was buried in Lonan Old Yard on 13 Jan 1814.

William CALLOW

There are many William Callow name matches in the IGI for the period, but assuming that this William was born before his wife Emma Halsal, who according to the IGI was christened on 4 Dec 1737, and also assuming that he came from around the Douglas / Braddan area, then a promising IGI christening entry is 01 May 1735 at Braddan, the son of John Calow and Ellr Creer. The IGI records a marriage between a William Calow and Emmy Halsal at Braddan on 02 Oct 1757 which would make the groom 22 and his bride about 20. But it has to be said that these connections are speculative at best, though they are the ones adopted by J. A. Stowell. In his pedigree chart J. A. Stowell shows only Amelia as the child of this marriage, but has a note that her elder sister Elizabeth married Hugh Stowell's elder brother Thomas as his third wife and her second husband. The pedigree also suggests that there were other children.

J. A. Stowell has William Callow's death on 18 May 1792 at Braddan, but the IOMFHS publication of the Braddan burial register has Wm. Callow, merchant of Douglas, buried on 21 May 1794, so there is a disagreement here which needs to be sorted out. Emma was buried on 26 Jul 1792, according to the published Braddan burial register.


If this is the correct ancestor, and J. A. Stowell lists him only as 'probable', then the only information I have at present is his marriage to Ellr. Creer at Braddan on 9 Jul 1734. Also, it appears that the only baptism at Braddan of a child of John Callow and Ellr. Creer was that of William Callow(174) above. Ellinor Callow als. Creer was buried at Braddan on 15 Nov 1747.

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