The Carrington branch starts with Jennet Carrington(116) who married Richard Tatham(118) in 1685. Most of what I am able to write about the Carringtons comes from the appendix in the paper by Chippindall (1933).

Carrington generations

Generation Carrington person Spouse Date and place of marriage
J Jennet Carrington(116) (1655-1725) Richard Tatham(118) (1660-1734) 23 May 1685 at Tunstall, Lancs.
Francis Carrington(536) (1626-1709) Jane Battyson(537) (first wife) 01 Feb 1647/8, at Tunstall, Lancs.
Francis Carrington(591) (?-1657) Jennet ...(592) (first wife) (?-1641) ?
Robert Carrington(597) (?-?) ?


Jennet Carrington(116), according to Chippindall (1933), was one of the daughters of Francis Carrington(536) of Cantsfield and his first wife Jane Battyson(537). Jennet married Richard Tatham(118) at Tunstall, Lancs., on 25 Oct 1685, and they had six children. For details of these see the entry for Richard Tatham.

According to Chippindall (1933), by her father's gift, by lease and release dated 14 and 28 Jul 1693, she received the Carrington property, in Cantsfield and elsewhere, which then formed the foundation of the estate of the Tathams of Cantsfield. Jennet presumably took possession in 1709 on her father's death.

According to Chippindall (1933), Jennet was buried on 14 Jul 1725.


Francis Carrington(536) was the son of another Francis Carrington(591) and his wife Jennet(592). He was baptised at Tunstall on 07 Oct 1626. He married twice. His first wife was Jane Battyson(537), by whom according to Chippindall (1933) he had nine children.

Children of Francis Carrington(536) and Jane Battyson(536)

Name Notes
Francis Carrington(579) baptised on 06 Oct 1649 at Tunstall. He died unmarried and intestate and administration of his goods was granted to his father on 12 Feb 1684/5.
John Carrington(580) baptised 29 Jan 1651/2 at Tunstall and buried on 17 Feb 1651/2.
Jennet Carrington(116) baptised 04 Mar 1654/5. Married Richard Tatham (118) on 25 Oct 1685. See her separate entry above.
Ann Carrington(581) baptised 24 Jun 1657 at Tunstall. Buried on 19 Jul 1676.
John Carrington(582) baptised 25 Jun 1660 at Tunstall. Buried on 11 Jul 1660.
William Carrington(583) baptised 25 Jun 1660 at Tunstall. Buried on 28 Jun 1660.
Mary Carrington(584) baptised 25 Jun 1660 at Tunstall. Buried on 17 Aug 1660.
Elizabeth Carrington(585) baptised 19 Jan 1661/2 at Tunstall. Married on 02 Sep 1680 to Rowland Tatham(587) and had issue. An eldest son Richard Tathamsup>(588) of Burton in Lonsdale commenced a lawsuit against his uncle and aunt Richard and Jennet Tatham regarding the Cantsfield estate but was bought off for £20 on 16 Feb 1709/10.
Margaret Carrington(586) baptised 02 Mar 1664/5. Married (as per marriage bond at Lancaster) on 16 May 1689 to Thomas Barker(589) of Broomfield in Arkholme, yeoman, by whom she had issue Bryan Barker(590) who was baptised at Melling on 01 Jun 1690.

Chippindall (1933) writes that Francis Carrington succeeded to the Cantsfield property on his father's death in 1657. Before that he had purchased on his own account the tenant-right of John Smith of Casterton, co. Westmorland, in a holding in Cantsfield. In 1661 he made a futher small purchase of land. Later, in 1693, presumably because by then all of his sons had pre-deceased him, by lease and release (whatever that means), he settled his freehold lands and messuages (which my dictionary defines as dwelling houses with outbuildings and land assigned to their use) amounting to 63 acres, on his daughter Jennet (Chippindall actually writes Jane, but he had no daughter of this name, and elsewhere he says that the properties went to Jennet). Jennet was his eldest daughter, and by then oldest living child.

Chippindall (1933) does not know when Jane Battyson died, nor is there a record of her baptism, at least not at Tunstall. There are two Battison/Battyson baptisms recorded at Tunstall, the first of Elizabeth Battison, on 29 Oct 1627 and the second of Janet Battyson on 20 May 1638. Both had a John Battison/Battyson as father. Possibly Jane was baptised before 1626, the year when the baptismal record for Tunstall starts. There is no IGI record of Francis's second marriage, and Chippindall only says that Francis's second wife Ellen was buried on 25 Sep 1707. Francis himself died intestate, probably in 1709, as on 15 Sep of that year administration of his goods was granted to his son-in-law Richard Tatham(118) in right of his wife Jennet Carrington(116).


All that is known of this Francis Carrington(591) can be found in the Appendix to Chippindall (1933). He was presumably born at Cantsfield early in the 17th century, but there is no record of his baptism as the records at Tunstall run only from 1626. According to Chippindall (1933), this Francis also married twice, firstly to Jennet [?](592), by whom he had four children.

Children of Francis Carrington(591) and Jennet [?](592)

Name Notes
Francis Carrington(536) baptised on 07 Oct 1626 at Tunstall. Married Jane Battyson on 01 Feb 1646/47 also at Tunstall, and had nine children, of which only three daughters survived him. Died intestate in 1709. See his separate entry above.
Jennet Carrington(593) Buried at Tunstall on 23 Jul 1628.
Margaret Carrington(594) Married John Nicholson(596) on 22 Oct 1633, by whom she had issue but Chippindall (1933) gives no further details.
William Carrington(595) Named in a deed of 14 Apr 16. Charles I [1640], a bachelor, buys land in Burton-in-Lonsdale from Thomas Wilson of Heversham.

Jennet died in 1641, and was buried at Tunstall on 29 Apr 1641. On 07 Feb 1641/2 Francis married again, to someone called Craffoot (which Chippindall thinks may be a variant of Crawford), from Wrayton. This second wife was buried at Tunstall on 04 Feb 1650/51, and there is no mention of children from this second marriage.

Francis himself made his will on 09 Sep 1657 and his burial at Tunstall is recorded on 18 Sep 1657. The inventory of his goods is dated 19 Sep 1657, according to Chippindall, so they did not waste any time.


What Chippindall was able to deduce about Robert Carrington(597) comes from mentions in deeds, and in the will of his elder brother William Carrington(601). It is not known whom he married, but from William's will it is deduced that Robert had three children.

Children of Robert Carrington(597)

Name Notes
Francis Carrington(591) Married Jennet [?](592), and had four children (see his entry above). Died in 1657.
Elizabeth Carrington(598) Named in her the will of her uncle William Carrington(601) in 1622.
Jennet Carrington(599) Named in the will of her uncle William Carrington(601) in 1622 and described as "married in Boston".

It is not known when Robert died.

Besides Robert Carrington(597), Chippindall (1933) says that William Carrington's will mentions a sister, Katherine Carrington(602) , whose married name is not given, but who has two daughters, Agnes and Sybil(604). Further details of the documents are given in the appendix to Chippindall's paper.

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