The Currer branch of the family begins with my thrice-great grandmother, Ann Currer(10), who married Rawdon Briggs(9) of Halifax.

Currer generations

In Foster (1874) the Currer family is taken back 7 generations from Ann Currer(10) to a Hugh Currer of Hamilthorp or Kildwick, co. York, who is mentioned in the (herald's) visitation of 1612. Foster's pedigree also takes the family, including the Briggs connection, forward 3 generations from Ann, to the generation of my maternal grandfather Christopher Rawdon Briggs. According to this pedigree, the generations of direct ancestors of Anne Currer are:

Generation Currer Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
M Ann Currer(10) (1763-1802) Rawdon Briggs(9) 1758-1835) 10 Oct 1791 at Clapham, Yorks.
L Rev. William Currer(266) (1717-1803) Ann Stokoe(267) (1723-1800?) 27 May 1745 at Blackburn, Lancs.
K Henry Currer(268) (1683-1750) Jane Banks(269) (2nd wife)1692-1757) 21 Jun 1716 at Carleton in Craven
I William Currer(271) (ca.1647-1690) Alice Jackman(272) (ca.1660-1690) 10 Jun 1681 at Skipton, Yorks.
I Henry Currer(273) (1621-1659) Catherine Loraine(274) (?-?) about 1640-1645 at Tynemouth?
H William Currer(276) (ca.1592-1644) Ellen Parker(277) (1587-1644) 29 Sep 1617 at Bingley, Yorks.
G Henry Currer(351) (ca. 1560?-?) Dorothy Maude(352) (?-?) about 1590?
F William Currer(353)(dates unknown) Isabel Mahute/Maude(354)(dates unknown) ?1561? at Ilkley?
E Hugh Currer(355)(dates unknown) Ann Knowles(356)(dates unknown) unknown

However, it has to be said that not all of the information in the Foster (1874) pedigree agrees with church records, or can be confirmed by church records, particularly where the earlier generations are concerned. This is perhaps not surprising, and where I have not been able to confirm some of the relationships in the Foster pedigree, this is mentioned.


Ann Currer(10) was the daughter of the Rev.William Currer(266) and Ann Stokoe(267), and was christened in Clapham, Yorkshire, on 27 May 1763. She married Rawdon Briggs(9) at Clapham on 10 Oct 1791. The marriage was by licence, and the celebrant was the Rev. William Currer, the bride's father. Ann died on 02 Aug 1802 and was buried in Halifax. For the children of Ann and Rawdon Briggs, see the entry for Rawdon Briggs

William CURRER

The entry for William Currer(266) in the Currer pedigree in Joseph Foster's 1874 compilation, reads:

Rev. William Currer, M.A., of St. John's College, Cambridge, vicar of Clapham, co. York and incumbent of Whitworth, co. Lancs., born 8 Mar 1716/17, baptised at Skipton the same day, received into the church 4 Apr, died at Farfield 11 Nov., and buried at Clapham, 16 Nov., 1803.

The IGI contains a christening of William Currer, son of Hen. Currer and Jane, at Skipton on 04 Mar 1717, so there is some disagreement about the actual day in March. The source quoted for the IGI entry is a publication Stavert (1894), and under christenings for 8 Mar 1716 (old style), what this published transcript actually says is:

Wm: Son of Mr. Hen: Currer & Jane his wife of Skipton then privately Baptd. & braught to ch: on ye 4th prox'o.

What this can be taken to say is that William was baptised privately on 8 Mar, whether on the day of his birth or not, and then brought to church on the 4 Apr following, pretty much as indicated by the Foster pedigree.

There is a burial record in the Stavert (1894) transcript of the Clapham parish registers which says:

The Reverend William Currer A.M. 49 years Vicar of Clapham. Died 11 Nov. 1803 buried 16 Nov. 1803 aged 87.

The burial entry agrees with the information in the pedigree. The 49 years as Vicar of Clapham points to about 1754 as the year of his appointment. In fact a list of the vicars of Clapham given in the GENUKI website shows William Currer as Vicar of Clapham from 1755 to 1803. The manuscript by Alice Sophia Briggs (née Steward) also says that William Currer was the Vicar of Clapham, and that the home of the Currers was Kildwick Hall. I think in fact that Kildwick Hall was the home of one branch of the Currer family, which eventually died out. William was descended from the Currers of Skipton.

William Currer(266) married Ann Stokoe (267) at Blackburn, Lancs., on 27 May 1745 and according to Foster (1874) they had 9 children. From the IGI, the children, in order of birth were:

Children of William Currer(266) and Ann Stokoe(267)

Name Notes
Jennet Currer(326) Christened at Skipton on 01 Jan 1748. Married Roger SWIRE (the IGI has SWINE) of Halifax at Clapham on 30 Oct 1770. Died 22 Jul 1789 without issue
William Currer(325) Christened at Long Preston 14 Dec 1749. Married twice. Died on 13 Dec 1807, buried at Luddenden
Elizabeth Currer(327) Christened at Long Preston on 10 Dec 1751. Died young
Elizabeth Currer(326) Christened at Long Preston on 01 May 1754. Died young
Henry Currer(329) Christened at Clapham 29 Oct 1756. Died on 13 Feb 1759
Henry Currer(330) Died in infancy. No IGI record found
Ann Currer(10) Christened at Clapham on 27 May 1763, married Rawdon Briggs at Clapham on 10 Oct 1791. Died 02 Aug 1802, buried at Halifax. (see her separate entry above)
Ellen Currer(331) Christened on 25 July 1766 at Clapham. Married to Thomas LANGTON (1289) of Lancashire on 06 Apr 1802 at Clapham. Died on 01 Aug 1844 in Upper Canada.
Alice Currer(332) Christened 21 Mar 1769 at Clapham. Died unmarried in 1846, buried at Fenelon Falls, Upper Canada, nowadays Ontario

From the places where his children were baptised, it would appear that after their marriage William and Ann lived initially at Skipton, and that some time in 1749 William got some form of clerical appointment in the Long Preston parish before being made Vicar of Clapham.


According to Foster (1874), Henry Currer (268) was baptised 30 Dec 1683 at Skipton-in-Craven, Yorkshire, and was the son of William Currer(271) and Alice Jackman(272). Stavert's (1894) transcript of the Skipton parish registers simply says, for 31 Dec 1683:

Henry ye Sonn of Mr. William Currer of Skipton, Churchwarden.

According to Foster (1874), Henry Currer married twice. His first wife was Mary, the daughter of the Rev. Richard Pollard of Kildwick. The IGI has an entry for this marriage on 19 Oct 1703, at Kildwick. Foster (1874) says that Mary and Henry had two children, Ann,who was baptised 02 Jun 1710, and Catherine, who was baptised 04 Jun 1713, which seems quite a long gap from 1703. Ann married a man called Rushforth, he being her 2nd husband. Foster does not reveal who was her first. She died without issue. Catherine married Joseph Maude, of Burley, in the parish of Otley. Foster does not say whether they had issue.

Foster (1874) says this Henry Currer's(268) 2nd wife was Jane Banks(269). The IGI lists a marriage at Carleton-in- Craven on 21 Jun 1716. Foster (1874) lists seven children of Henry Currer and Jane Banks.

Children of Henry Currer(268) and Jane Banks(269)

Name Notes
William Currer(266) born 8 Mar 1716/17, married Ann Stokoe 27 May 1745, died 11 Nov 1803 and was buried at Clapham, Yorks. (See his separate entry above.)
Jane Currer(333) baptised at Skipton 01 Oct 1718, died 25 Feb 1807, a spinster, and was buried inside the church at Skipton on 02 Mar 1807.
Alice Currer(334) baptised at Skipton 05 May 1721, died 04 or 06 Mar 1803, a spinster, and was buried inside the church at Skipton on 09 Mar 1803.
Mary Currer(335) baptised at Skipton 19 Dec 1723, married Abraham CHAMBERLAIN, a timber merchant of Skipton on 17 Jul 1753 at Skipton, died 05 Feb 1784 and was buried inside the church at Skipton on 10 Feb 1784.
Sarah Currer(337) baptised at Skipton 13 Jan 1725/6, died unmarried on 25 May 1811, and was buried inside the church at Skipton.
Henry Currer(338) baptised at Skipton 19 March, 1727/8, died and was buried on 07 May 1728 at Skipton
Margaret Currer(339) baptised at Skipton 23 Jul 1730, married William Moorhouse, M.D., of Skipton, at Skipton on 22 July 1754, died 10 Feb 1799 and was buried in the church at Skipton on 14 Feb 1799. There is a monumental inscription in the church at Skipton reported by Whitaker (1878) which reads:
Near this Place are interred William Moorhouse M.D. late of Skipton Who died June 25 A.D. 1813, aged 81 years. Also Margaret his wife Daughter of Henry Currer, Gent., of Skipton who died Feb. 10, A.D. 1799, aged 68 years. This Monument was erected by their affectionate Daughter and only surviving child Jane Backhouse.

Foster (1874) says that Henry Currer was buried on 27 Jun 1750. The Stavert (1894) transcription of the Skipton parish registers contains the following burial entry for 20 June 1750:

Mr. Kerry Currier of Skipton

This illustrates the problems associated with using transcriptions. Whitaker (1878) notes the existence of a brass in the north aisle of the parish church at Skipton with the inscription:

In this aisle are interred the remains of Henry Currer, of Skipton, Gent., who died the 25th June, 1750, in the 67th year of his age.

Also Jane Currer, wife to the above-named Henry Currer, who died the 8th Feb. 1757, aged 63 years.

Also Alice Currer, daughter of the above-named Henry and Jane Currer. She died the 4th March, 1803, aged 82 years.

Also Jane Currer, daughter of the above Henry and Jane, who died Feb. 15, 1807, aged 88 years.

Also the remains of Sarah, the last surviving daughter of the above Henry and Jane Currer who died 25 May, 1811, aged 85.

William CURRER

According to Foster (1874), this William Currer(271) was aged 19 years on 30 March 1666, which is when William Dugdale carried out his herald's visitation, and this would set his birth about 1647. Foster (1874) says that William was the son of Henry Currer(273)and Catherine Loraine(274), was of Skipton, and married Alice Jackman(272). There is an IGI entry for this marriage at Skipton on 10 Jun 1681, and Stavert's (1894) transcription of the marriage entry in the Skipton parish registers reads:

Mr. William Currer & Allis Jackman boath of this p'ish.

Since Henry Currer(273) was also said to have been of Skipton, we would expect, at first sight, that his children would have been baptised at Skipton. However, the IGI contains no William Currer baptised at Skipton, and no William son of Henry between 1640 and 1660 anywhere in England. The absence of a baptismal record may be a result of disruption due to the Civil War. This uncertainty is discussed further below with the children of Henry Currer and Catherine Loraine.

Foster (1874) shows four children for William and Alice:

Children of William Currer(271) and Alice Jackman(272)

Name Notes
Katherine Currer(341) baptised 09 May 1682 at Skipton, married William Crook at Weston, Yorks. on 10 Aug 1704.
Henry Currer(268) baptised at Skipton 31 Dec 1683, married Jane Banks at Carleton in Craven on 21 Jun 1716, buried 27 Jun 1750. (see separate entry above).
Martha Currer(343) baptised 13 Mar 1686 at Skipton, married a Mr Constantine of Coniston (no IGI record of this marriage).
William Currer(344) baptised on 02 Apr 1688 at Skipton, buried 02 Jul 1690.

He was buried on 09 Feb 1690/1.


The entry for Henry Currer(273) in Foster's 1874 pedigree says:

Henry CURRER of Skipton, co. York, baptized 22 July, 1621, buried 6 Nov. 1659. Visit. of 1666 says "dyed circa anno 1658".

According to the same pedigree, he was the son of yet another William Currer(276) and Ellen Parker(277). There is an IGI baptism record for a Henry Currer, son of William, at Skipton on 22 Jul 1621. The mother's name is not given. Foster's pedigree says that this Henry married Catherine Loraine(274), daughter of Ambrose Loraine of Tynemouth, co. Northumberland. No date is given for the marriage, nor is there an IGI entry for the marriage or baptism of Catherine Loraine.

Children of Henry Currer(273) and Catherine Loraine(274)

Name Notes
William Currer(271) born around 1647 probably at Skipton, but I have found no matching baptismal record and there is no matching IGI record. William married Alice Jackman at Skipton, Yorks., on 10 Jun 1681. (see his separate entry above)
Grace Currer(346) baptised 10 Dec 1648 at Skipton (1643 according to the IGI but this may be a transcription error), and died on 15 Apr 1650 according to the IGI
Mary Currer(347) born or baptised 30 Dec 1656 at Skipton, died/buried 07 Sep 1662.
unnamed Currer() a young child died unbaptised according to Foster's pedigree

It seems that Henry and Catherine did not have much luck with children, as they only had four of whom but one survived to adulthood, and for that one at present I have found no baptismal record. Also, there is an oddly large gap between the births of Grace and Mary. Altogether, this generation of children, and their supposed parents, are not well doumented.

William CURRER

This William Currer(276) has an entry in the pedigree compiled by Foster which reads:

William Currer, son and heir, aged 20 1612, of Staples Inn, and of Skipton in Craven, baptised at Kildwick 7 March 1592, buried at Skipton 27 February 1643/4. Visit 1666

The pedigree shows him as the son of a Henry Currer of Holling Hall, and Dorothy Maude, daughter of William Maude. I think there is some confusion here too. The pedigree also contains a William Currer, twin brother of Samuel Currer, both of whom were baptised at Kildwick on 7 March 1592, but whose parents were a Hugh Currer and Helena Halstead. If this William's father lived at Holling Hall, which was in the parish of Ilkley, then it is reasonable to suppose that his son William and any siblings would have been baptised at Ilkley. However, if William was aged 20 in 1612, as indicated in Foster's pedigree, then he was born in about 1592. However, the parish records for Ilkley, as used for the IGI, begin in 1597, so there will be no parish record of William's baptism even if it was at Ilkley. William is said in the Foster pedigree to have been the son and heir, that is the eldest son. The pedigree lists three siblings of William: Walter, Isabel and Elizabeth. The IGI lists seven Currer children with a Henry as father who were baptised at Ilkley early in the 17th century: Jane 1605, Mary 1609, Isabel 1611, Alice 1612, Elizabeth 1615, Margaret 1618, and Agnes 1620. So an Isabel and an Elizabeth appear, in correct chronological order, but no Walter. It is possible that Walter was also born before 1597. It is also possible that not all the baptisms were children of the same Henry, although the Foster pedigree lists only one Henry of that generation.

William Currer(276), according to the pedigree compiled by Foster, married Ellen, the daughter of Bryan Parker of Browsholme co. Lancaster. There is an IGI marriage entry for William Currer and Ellen Parker at Bingley, Yorks., on 29 Sep 1617. Also, there is an entry in Paver's Marriage Licences for 1617 for William Currer and Ellen Parker of Bingley to be married at Bingley. According to the pedigree compiled by Foster, there were four children of this marriage.

Children of William Currer(276) and Ellen Parker (277)

Name Notes
Henry Currer(273) baptised 22 Jul 1621 at Skipton, married Catherine Loraine(274), and buried at Skipton 06 Nov 1659 (see separate entry above)
Mary Currer(348) baptised 15 Jul 1622 at Skipton. Married GOODYEAR.
Dorothea Currer(349) baptised 07 Jul 1623 at Skipton, died/buried on 29 Sep 1623, an infant
William Currer(350) baptised 17 Dec 1629 at Skipton (which looks to me rather a long gap)

According to a footnote in Paver's Marriage Licences for 1617, William Currer(276) was buried at Skipton on 27 Feb 1643/4, and his wife Ellen, daughter of Bryan Parker, of Browsholme, was also at Skipton on 08 Mar the same year. The source for this was apparently Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire.


This Henry Currer(351) has an entry in the pedigree compiled by Foster (1874) which shows him as the son of William Currer (353) and Isabel Mahute/Maude(354). His entry in The Foster pedigree reads:

Henry Currer, eldest son, of Holling Hall, co. Ebor. Visit. 1612 and 1666.

In that Henry Currer's eldest, and probably only surviving, son William was born about 1592, we may suppose that Henry was probably born some time in the 1560s. Foster (1874), in the quotation above, says that Henry was of Holling Hall, as also was his mother Isabel Mahute or Maude, suggesting that perhaps the property came into the Currer family through her. According to an 1822 guide which can be found on the GENUKI website, at that time Holling Hall was a farm-house in the township and parish of Ilkley. There is a reference in Whitaker (1878) to a brass plate in the parish church of All Saints, Ilkley, which commemorates the death of a Reginald Heber of Holinghal, who died 10 Feb 1658/9. This is possibly the same place, since by 1658 the Currers of this branch were living at Skipton.

According to Foster (1874), in turn drawing on the pedigrees drawn up following the herald's visitations of 1666 and 1612, Henry Currer(351) married Dorothy Maude(352), daughter of William Maude. Foster does not say where this branch of the Maude family came from. The marriage will probably have taken place some time towards the end of the 1580s, pre-dating any church register. Foster (1874) assigns four children to this marriage (William, Walter, Isabel and Elizabeth), but the Dugdale visitation of 1666 lists only three (William, Walter and Elizabeth). If the Holling Hall where Henry lived was the one in Ilkley, and if he lived there thoughout his married life and had his children baptised there, then there are seven daughters of a Henry Currer who were all baptised at Ilkley at the beginning of the 17th century and which are recorded in the IGI. There do not appear to be baptismal records for either William or Walter, possibly because their births were both in the 1590s and before the Ilkley baptismal records started (1597 according to Whitaker (1878)). Putting all of these children together as possibles, there are altogether nine.

Children and possible children of Henry Currer(351) and Dorothy Maude(352)

Name Notes
William Currer(276) born about 1592?, possibly at Ilkley rather than Kildwick. Married Ellen Parker(277), and buried at Skipton 27 Feb 1643/4. See his separate entry above.
Walter Currer() born between 1592 and 1599? Died s.p.
Jane Currer() baptised 31 Mar 1605 at Ilkley. Daughter of (this?)Henry.
Mary Currer() baptised 24 Aug 1609 at Ilkley. Daughter of (this?) Henry. Married Henry Goodgeon of Skipton at Skipton on 20 Feb 1637.
Isabel Currer() baptised 11 Aug 1611 at Ilkley. Daughter of Henry. Married Christopher Haddison (?)
Alice Currer() baptised 25 Oct 1612 at Ilkley. Daughter of (this?) Henry.
Elizabeth Currer() baptised 09 Jul 1615 at Ilkley. Daughter of Henry.
Margaret Currer() baptised 09 Aug 1618 at Ilkley. Daughter of (this?) Henry.
Agnes Currer() baptised 13 Aug 1620 at Ilkley. Daughter of this?) Henry.

A Mr. Henry Currer was buried at Skipton on 6 Nov 1659, possibly this Henry. There is no Skipton burial entry for a Dorothy Currer.

William CURRER

All that I have on this William Currer(353) is from Foster (1874), who in turn was using the report on the herald's visitation of 1612. Thus the entry for this William simply reads:

William Currer of Marley, co. Ebor., Vist. 1612.

Foster's (1874) pedigree shows him as one of two sons of a Hugh Currer(355) of Hamilthorp or Kildwick, the other son being Henry Currer(357) of Kildwick from whom were descended the Kildwick Currers, and whose son Hugh Currer purchased Kildwick Manor. According to Foster (1874), this William married Isabel Maude (354), daughter of Christohper Mahute or Maude, of Holling Hall. There is also, in J. Horsfall Turner (1897) a paragraph on a dispute in 1597 between John Mylner of Harden Grange, husbandman, and Robert Laycock respecting the road through Bellbank Wood which was referred for arbitration to Francis Paslew of East Riddlesden, esq., Thomas Mawde of West Riddlesden, gent., William Currer of Marley, yeoman, and others.

Children William Currer(353) and Isabel Maude (354)

Name Notes
Henry Currer(351) born about 1562?, of Holling Hall. Married Dorothy Maude(352) daughter of William Maude. (see separate entry for Henry Currer above).
William Currer(558) born about 1564? of Marley. Surveyor of the Duchy of Lancaster, in the northern part. Married Isabel, daughter of Nicholas Parker of Horrockford, co. Lancaster, and had issue.
Arthur Currer(559) born about 1566? of Morton. Married a daughter of Bryan Mawhod or Maude, and had issue.

Both Marley and Morton are either in the township or parish of Bingley, where the parish registers start in 1577. According to Foster (1874), Arthur Currer married a daughter of Bryan Mawod or Maude, as indicated in the table above, and had seven children (William, Robert, Agnes, Jane, Mary and Isabel and another daughter, unnamed). There is no IGI record of a marriage between an Arthur Currer and a Mawhod or Maude, but there is a record of a marriage to an Edith Ryley, which took place at Bingley on 16 Feb 1589/90. There are also baptismal records of six children of an Arthur Currer, all at Bingley:

Children Arthur Currer(559)

Name Notes
Agnes Currer(nnn) baptised 21 Nov 1591, at Bingley.
Jane Currer(nnn) baptised 24 Jun 1593, at Bingley.
William Currer(nnn) baptised 16 Nov 1595, at Bingley.
Mary Currer(nnn) baptised 25 Mar 1598, at Bingley.
Isabel Currer(nnn) baptised 08 Jun 1600, at Bingley.
Ann Currer(nnn) baptised 08 Jul 1604, at Bingley.

There is no baptismal record of a Robert Currer in the IGI at the moment, but if he was the second son, as Foster (1874) indicates, and if the children in the table above are the correct children, then he was christened after 1595.


All that I know of this Hugh Currer(355), the earliest currently tracable Currer ancestor, or possible ancestor, is his entry in Foster's (1874) pedigree, which reads:

Hugh Currer, of Hamilthorp or Kildwick, co. Ebor., Visit. 1612.

This pedigree also shows him as marrying a daughter of someone called Knowles, of Ridings, near Settle. Both bits of information Foster has obtained from the herald's visitation carried out in 1612 by Richard St. George. A Currer pedigree in Whitaker (1878) says that Hugh married Ann Knowles(356).

There is no Hamilthorp listed in any of the gazetteers to which I have access, but my guess is that the name is a variant of Hamblethorp(e) which is a place within the parish of Kildwick about a half km south of Low Bradley. It was probably a farm of some kind, but there is no reference to it in Whitaker's <1878) History of Craven. Possibly it is where the Currers lived before the purchase of Kildwick Hall.

Children Hugh Currer(355) and Ann Knowles(356)

Name Notes
William Currer(353) born about 1530?, of Marley. Married Isabel Maude(354) daughter of Christopher Maude of Holling Hall. (see his separate entry above).
Henry Currer(357) born in the 1530s? Married Anne Wade and started the Kildwick branch of the Currers. His son Hugh Currer purchased Kildwick Manor.

And that is the earliest of the Currers so far known. His place and date of death, as well as the place and date of his marriage are unknown.

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