The Fenwick branch starts with Isabella Fenwick(115), who married John Tatham(114) of Cantsfield.

Fenwick generations

Generation Fenwick Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
K Isabella Fenwick(115) (1693-1743) John Tatham(114) (1688-1745) 09 Feb 1718/19 at Lancaster or Tunstall
J John Fenwick (177) (?-1732) Jane Tatham(178) (? - ?) 05 Feb 1686/87 at Tunstall
I Robert Fenwick (716) (?-1693) Isabel Widdrington(717) (? - ?) unknown date, at Widdrington, 7 miles NE of Morpeth.
H William Fenwick (726) (ca. 1603-1676) unknown(n) (? - ?) unknown
G George Fenwick (727) (?-?) Barbara Mitford(728) (? - ?) unknown
F Stephen Fenwick(n) (?-?) Elizabeth Haggerston(n) (? - ?) unknown
E Anthony Fenwick(n) (living 1568) Isabel Selby(n) (? - ?) unknown
D Ralph Fenwick(n) (?-before 1585) Marjory Mitford(n) (? - ?) unknown
D Roger Fenwick(n) (living 1503) unknown(n) (? - ?) unknown
B John Fenwick(n) (?-?) Elizabeth Widdrington, second wife(n) (? - ?) unknown

Isabella FENWICK

According to Chippindall (1933), Isabella Fenwick(115) was the daughter of John Fenwick(177) of Burrow Hall and his wife Jane Tatham(178). There is an IGI entry for her birth on 28 Mar 1693, for which no source details are given. Another IGI entry gives her baptism at Tunstall on 28 Mar 1693, based on parish records. On 09 Feb 1718/19 she married John Tatham (114) at Lancaster, according to another IGI entry. She had eight children, for which see the entry for John Tatham(114). According to the IGI, Isabella died on 23 Oct 1743. Chippindall (1933) gives this as the date of her burial.


According to Chippindall (1936) John Fenwick was of Nunriding in Northumberland. In 1690 he purchased the New Hall in Over Burrow, originally built by Col. Edward Briggs. Chippindall says he appears to have been a wealthy man. He also acquired the manor of Claughton, which he settled on his second son. John married Jane Tatham(178), the heiress of Burrow Hall, on 05 Feb 1687/88, at Tunstall, and Chippindall (1936)lists six descendants of this marriage.

The IGI contains records of the baptisms of eight children of a John Fenwick at Tunstall, and these would appear to be the only Fenwick entries in the register of the Tunstall church from the start of the register in 1626 to at least 1800. The dates all fit with the marriage having taken place in Feb 1686/7, so it is a reasonable supposition that all eight are in fact the children of John Fenwick and Jane Tatham.

Children of John Fenwick(177) and Jane Tatham(178)

Name Notes
Robert Fenwick(570) Born or baptised 05 Nov 1688 at Tunstall, Lancs.M.P. for Lancaster. Died unmarried and buried at Tunstall on 16 Feb. 1749/50. Presumably inherited Burrow Hall.
Dorothy Fenwick(571) Baptised 26 Dec 1689 Tunstall, Lancs. Married John Wilson of Kendal on 25 Feb 1722/23. They had two sons: John Wilson, who took the name of Fenwick on inheriting Burrow Hall from his uncle Robert Fenwick. John Wilson married Anne Benison, heiress of Hornby Hall, but he died without issue and was buried at Tunstall on 10 Feb. 1757. The second son was Thomas Wilson, who inherited Burrow Hall on his brother's death and also received the manon of Kentmer from his father. He was M.P. for Westmorland 1768-1774. He also died without issue and was buried on 07 Apr. 1794.
Nicholas Fenwick(572) Baptised 24 Feb 1690/91 at Tunstall, Lancs. His will is dated 09 Sep. 1748 and entailed his estate on some of his nephews in tail-male. He also died without issue and was buried at Tunstall on 30 Apr 1750.
William Fenwick(573) Baptised 28 Mar 1693 at Tunstall, Lancs.. A twin to Isabel? Not mentioned by Chippindall.
Isabel Fenwick(115) Baptised 28 Mar 1693/4 at Tunstall, Lancs. A twin to William? Chippindall (1933) calls her Isabella. See her separate entry above.
Mary Fenwick(574) Baptised 30 Oct 1694 at Tunstall, Lancs. Married Josias or Joshua Lambert of Watchfield, near Kendal, at Heysham on 08 Jun 1726. Chippindall lists one son, Robert Lambert who married Mary Govier on 08 Feb 1760 at St. Giles, Cripplegate, London, and suggests there were other children. The pedigree in Chippindall 1936 lists a further five generations of this branch, which eventually assumed the name Fenwick. This branch seems to have died out with the death in 1928 of Robert Edward Fenwick, a great-great grandson of Robert Lambert.
Jane Fenwick(575) Baptised 03 Aug 1697 at Tunstall, Lancs. No mention in Chippindall, but Hodgson says she died at Watchfield and was buried at Kendal on 07 Jul 1753.
Alice Fenwick(576) Baptised 10 Jan 1699/1700 at Tunstall, Lancs. No mention in Chippindall. Hodgson says baptised in Dec 1699.


Robert Fenwick, according to Hodgson (1832) was the eldest son of William Fenwick and an unknown wife. Robert appears on the pedigree in Chippindall (1936) as of Nunriding and Langshaw in Northumberland but nothing else is given about him other than that he married Isabel Widdington. This was presumably because he came from outside the area of interest to Chippindall. The IGI contains a record of the marriage of an Isabell Widdrington not to a Robert Fenwick but to Edward Fenwicke, the marriage taking place at Morpeth, Northumberland, on 06 Apr 1652. Nunriding, according to my gazetteer, is a township 4 miles NW of Morpeth, so this marriage was in the right part of the world and at a time which would fit with a child John who himself married in 1687. Chippindall gives no dates either for the marriage to Isabel Widdrington nor for the birth or baptism of any of the children: Chippindall's pedigree indicates that Robert Fenwick and Isabel Widdrington had three sons and seven other un-named children. Hodgson (1832) gives more details, besides indicating that Robert Fenwick and Isabel Widdrington were married at Widdrington. We could guess that this marriage took place some time in the 1650s. The parish registers of Widdrington start only in 1698, so there will be no record of this marriage.

Children of Robert (?) Fenwick(716) and Isabel Widdrington(717)

Name Notes
John Fenwick(177) Date of birth not known. Maried Jane Tatham on 05 Feb 1687. See his separate entry above.
Joseph Fenwick(718) Name only given in Chippindall (1936).Hodgson (1832) says only that Joseph Fenwick had a son Robert, who is mentioned in his grandmother's will, but died unmarried.
Benjamin Fenwick(719) Captain in the Royal Navy. According to a monumental inscription in Kendal church he died at Kendal on 15 Nov 1752, aged 84, so presumably born around 1668. In fact the inscription, which is or was on a brass plate in the Bellingham Chapel of the parich church (Holy Trinity) read:
Here lieth interred Benjamin Fenwick Esq. a worthy Descendant from the Antient Family of Nunriding in Northumberland who d. November the 15th 1752 in the 84th Y. of his Age. This laudable Gentleman truly zealous and firmly strenuous for the Glory of his Prince and the Good of his Country spent sixty y. in the Marine Service, with unblemished Honour, and undeviating Fidelity. As a just Reward of his gallant Actions, His Sovreign gave him the Command of a man of war. In that important Post He fought the Enemies of Great Britain with intrepid Courage, meritorious Conduct, and memorable Success. Mrs. Lambert, his Niece, ordered this Inscriptions as a solemn Testimony of her great Regard to his merit and gratefull Affection for his memory.
Jane Fenwick(720) Hodgson (1832) says she died unmarried.
Anne Fenwick(721) Hodgson (1832) says she married Henry Richardson, of Little Tosson, father of Robert Richardson, who married Isabella, daughter of Jared Handyside, brother of General Handyside, which Robert and Isabella had 3 sons and 2 daughters; of whom Thomas Richardson, the 2nd son, married Anne Smith, of Stockton, by whom he had a daughter Anne, wife of Edward Codling, late of Wallington Dovecote, and had issue. There are two IGI entries for Anne Fenwick's marriage, one dated Jan 1677 at Rothbury (Little Tosson is in Rothbury parish), and the other dated simply 1678 at Longhorsley, which is a parish adjacent to Rothbury. There is also and IGI record of the baptism of an Ann Fenwick, daughter of Robert, on 17 Apr 1656 at St. John, Newcastle upon Tyne. This date is compatible with marriage in 1677/8.
Mrs. Barbara Fenwick(722) Hodgson (1832) says of Nunriding, and married at Mitford 24 Nov 1674 to "Mr. Brough Evers, of Pigdon". There is an IGI record of this marriage, for which the bride's name is given as Barbary and the groom's name as George Evans, so one or other source has had problems with transcription.
Philadelphia Fenwick(723) Hodgson (1832)says of Nunriding, and married at Bolam 31 Jan 1671 to George Harle of Wallington. (There is an IGI entry for this marriage). They resided at Corridge.
Isabella Fenwick(724) Hodgson (1832) says died unmarried at Nunriding, and buried at Mitford 08 Jun 1705. There is an IGI christening record dated 27 Jul 1671 at Morpeth for an Isabel daughter of Robert, which may be hers.
Mary Fenwick(725) Hodgson (1832) says wife of Martin Hall, and mentined in her mother's will.

Hodgson says of Robert Fenwick(716) of Langshaws that he was executor of his father's will. In 1672 he had a mortgage of £212 on Fallowlees. He answered for Langshaws at the court baron of Stanton, 18 Car. II (1667). He died at Langshaws on 06 Feb 1693 and was buried at Mitford on 19 Feb. Letters of administration were granted to his widow on the date of his burial.


According to Hodgson (1832), William Fenwick(726) was the son and heir of George Fenwick of Langshaws and his wife Barbara Mitford. He was 12 years old in 1615 (presumably at the time of a herald's visitation) and so was born in about 1603. In 1628 he was living at Nunriding, in which year he was a juror in the assizes at Newcastle. An Ann Grey, of Morpeth, in her will dated 15 Jul 1637 mentions a rent charge of 26s. 8d. a year out of the lands of William Fenwick of Nunriding, gent. Wm Fenwick, in 1663, is returned as proprietor of Langshaw, Newton-west-side, Newton Mill and Nunriding. His will, which is at Durham and dated 04 Aug 1675, mentions his grandson Joseph, and his son Robert. He was buried at Mitford on 26 Feb 1676.

Hodgson does not say whom William married, and shows only one child, Robert(716), whose entry is above.


Hodgson (1832) has George Fenwick() as the first son of Stephen Fenwick() and his wife Elizabeth Haggerston(). He was of Langshaws and was living at the time of the visitation of Northumberland in 1615. He had a tenement in Langshaw, of the yearly value of £5, seized into the king's hand in 1628. However, in the same year he was a juror at the assizes at Newcastle, and his lands at Langshaw were exonerated, by the sheriff of the county, from a debt to the crown of £10.

George Fenwick married Barbara, the daughter of Robert Mitford of Mitford. Hodgson gives no date for this marriage, but it must have been around 1600 or a year or two later. There is no IGI entry. However, the marriage probably took place at Mitford, where the parish register starts only in the middle of the century. Hodgson (1832) lists eight children of this marriage, five sons and three daughters.

Children of George Fenwick(727) and Barbara Mitford(728)

Name Notes
William Fenwick(726) Born about 1603. See his separate entry above.
Robert Fenwick(729) Hodgson (1832) gives only his name.
Anthony Fenwick(730) Hodgson (1832) gives only his name.
Cuthbert Fenwick(731) Hodgson (1832) gives only his name. However, some family pages on a hosting website of unknown authorship refer to a Cuthbert Fenwick, born about 1614 in Northumberland, and the 4th son of George Fenwick and Barbara Mitford. It says that Cuthbert was a well educated Catholic lawyer who landed on St. Clement's island off the shores of Maryland on 24 Mar 1634. There is also a St. Mary County, Maryland, web page which refers to him. Also, a family website run by Natalie Morgan has Cuthbert, his ancestors in Northumberland and descendants in the US.
Stephen Fenwick(732) Hodgson (1832) says that in his will, dated 15 Dec 1617, he describes himself as of Hartburn Grange, gent., and mentions his wife Mary, then with child, and his sisters Mary Fenwick of Nunriding, Frances Fenwick, and Ann Metcalf. The will also mentions his brother Anthony's wife, his brother Cuthbert's wife, and Mr William Fenwick of Nunriding. The will was proved in 1649.
Ann Fenwick(733) Hodgson (1832) says only that she was the wife of Christopher Metcalf.
Mary Fenwick(734) Hodgson (1832) gives only her name.
Frances Fenwick(735) Hodgson (1832) gives only her name.

There is also apparently in existence diaries of Thomas Wilson Fenwick, the second son of Dorothy Fenwick and John Wilson, which I am trying to track down.

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