The Firth branch starts with Ann FIRTH(1329) who married Thomas MACAULAY(1328). The Firths lived at Clough House, Huddersfield. This house was pulled down some time in the latter part of the 19th Century.

Firth generations

Firth Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
Ann FIRTH(1328) (1735-1795) Thomas MACAULAY(1327) (ca.1750-1801) 17 Jan 1773, at St. Peter's, Huddersfield, Yorkshire.
Abraham FIRTH(1372) (ca.1705-1769) Elizabeth GIBSON(1384) (ca.1700-1770) 1729 at Ackworth, Yorkshire
Abraham FIRTH(1398) (ca.1650-1792) Martha ?(1399) (?-1696) ca.1683? There is an IGI record (member submission, no source details) for the marriage of Abraham Firth and Mary Wood on 21 Jun 1682 at Bradford, Yorkshire, which is the right sort of date, considering the birth of Sarah Firth in 1685. But Mary, not Martha? Also, Wood is a very common name. Paver's marriage index also has this marriage at St. Peters, Bradford.
John FIRTH(nnnn) of Deighton? (1619-1697) Judith ?(nnnn) (?-?). ca. 1651?.

Abraham FIRTH

Abraham FIRTH(1372) was the son, and apparently heir, of Abraham FIRTH(1398) and his first wife Martha. He was baptised at St Peter's, Huddersfield on 30 Dec 1694 [IGI based on parish records]. In 1729 he married Elizabeth GIBSON(1373) at St Cuthbert's, Ackworth, Yorkshire (Ackworth town and parish is abour 4 km SSW of Pontefract and about 30 km due E of Huddersfield. Abraham and Elizabeth had seven children. Abraham died in 1767 and was buried on 19 Sep 1767 [Clay p.189, quoting John Turner's diary].

Abraham FIRTH

Abraham FIRTH(1398) may have been the fourth of four children of John FIRTH, and his wife Judith. He is described by Clay as Abraham I, and as succeeding his father at Clough House. He also says Abraham's wife was called Martha, but does not say when or where they married. He says that Martha died in 1696, leaving a son, Abraham II, and three daughters, Mary, Judith and Sarah. Mary and Judith die young, and Sarah, who he says was bornb in 1665 (which must be a misprint for 1685), married somewon called Thomas Thompson. Another source (personal communication not giving any source details) suggests that there was another son, John, born in 1691.

In 1698 Abraham married again, Ann GREEN(1403), described by Clay as an heiress, aged 25. There is an IGI reference to this marriage, giving the date as Sep 1698, and stating Glossop, Derbyshire, but no original source data are available. There is a mention of this marriage in the diary of John Hobson:

16th Old Mrs. Hall, of Wosperdale, dead at her sonís-in-law, Mr. Allotís at Kirkby. She was sister and coheir to Mr. John Green of Elmshirst, who was apprentice with my grandfather at his death. His estate was divided among his 5 sisters; one married to Robert Smith, of Dein hill, one to Mr. Abraham Firth, of Clough house, one to Matthew Littlewood, of Hill house, nigh Cawthorn, one to Mr. Laycock, a clergyman born at Wooley, and one to Mr. Allot, of Leudin, Wosperdale, afterwards to Mr. Hall of Swaith.
Clay says Ann brought lands at Cawthorne into the Firth estate, and that they appear to have had three children; Francis, who died in 1719, John, a cloth merchant in Halifax, and Martha. He than says Abraham had another son, Edward, probably belonging to the first family, who married Ann and had a son Robert.

Abraham's will is dated 1719, and based on it Clay has listed the Firth estates at that time.

There is a "Thomas Greene of Cawthorne in com. Ebor. to whom "Richard St. George, Esq., Norroy K. of Armes granted the coate "and crest here exprest, 6 Oct., 1612," being the same as those allowed to William Greene of Micklethwaite in 1666. "Greene of Bancke. Pomfret, 7 April, 1666." In the Pedigree at this Herald's Visitation held as above by the illustrious Sir William Dugdale, ď Ralphe Greene of Micklethwayt in the Parish of CawthornIe in Com. Ebor. 36 Hen. 8." is given as having a son William, who married the daughter of George Cressy of Elmhirst in Cawthorne, and had an elder son John Greene of Elmhirst; a second son Richard, "of Micklethwayt, vulgo Bancke, in ye Parish of "Calthorne," and a daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Barnby, of Barnby, Esq. Richard's son William married at Silkstone, June 10, :1654, Mary daughter of Michael Portington and his wife, who was a daughter of Matthew Wentworth, of Bretton, Esq. He is given "aetat. 33 annor., 7 April, 1616," his "son and heire William, aetat. 9." [History of Cawthorne by Charles Tiplady Pratt, Chapter V: BARNBY HALL, BANKS HALL, &c., 1881].


Clay (1933, p.183) says that John FIRTH owned half of Bank Head House, Barkisland (Barkisland is within the parish of Elland, which in turn was originally part of Halifax parish, and is about 6 miles directly south of that town). He does not know who owned the second half. He bought Clough House in 1680 from the Hortons. His wife Judith was buried in Huddersfield Parish Church in 1693, and he was buried there in 1697. He left his property in Dewsbury (comprising?) to Susan Saville, and also a messuage in North Crossland to his grandson John(1404). His half of Bank Head House he left to his grandson Abraham, the son of John. There was a Firth House in Barkisland, occupied from the mid 1500s to the middle of the 1600s by the Hortons, though presumably at some time by the Firths. I don't know exactly where Clough House was. Clay describes it as an "attractive gabled home, with its mullioned windows", and says it was pulled down "about forty years ago", which would be about 1893. Presumably there is a will somewhere, dated 1697.

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