WILLIAM GILL(179) (1797-1871)

Bare facts


William was ordained Deacon on 29 Sep 1820 by George Murray, the Bishop of Sodor and Man [6], and was then appointed the first resident Chaplain of the restored St. John's, German where he remained until 1824[7]. He was ordained Priest on 14 Dec 1824 at Bishopcourt chapel (the Bishop's chapel at his residence), again by Bishop George Murray [6], and then was appointed chaplain at Ballaugh from 1824 to 1827. In 1827 the then Vicar of Malew, William Christian, was suspended because of complaints against him, and William was appointed Priest in Charge. On 07 Sep 1830, following William Christian's death, William Gill was presented to the vicarage of Malew, this being the first appointment after the purchase of the Church patronage by the Crown from the Duke of Atholl. He remained there until his death [5, p.72].

His death is described by Gelling (1998)[6] as having followed his having a stroke on Thursday 12 Oct 1871 whilst taking a wedding. He was taken home, but never fully recovered consciousness and died at 6 p.m. on the following Tuesday, 17th October. He was 74. His funeral was on Saturday, 21 October, at Malew.

There is a description of his life and work in Moore's Manx Worthies, where will also be found a small portrait. A rather better copy of the same portrait is on Plate 11 of Gelling (1998), where an appreciation of his life is also to be found, and is quoted here with the kind permission of the publishers.



These nine children are listed in a table of descendants of the Rev Hugh Stowell provided by Tony Harris.

There is an article on William Gill in A W Moore's Manx Worthies, which is available on-line.

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