A possible candidate for the Emmy Halsal who married William Calow is Emma Halsal, daughter of Silvester Halsal and Catherine Neal or Kneal. This Emma was, according to an IGI entry, christened at St. Matthew's, Douglas, Isle of Man, on 4 Dec 1737.

Halsal generations

Generation Halsal family member Spouse Date and place of marriage
L Emma Halsal(175) (1737?-?) William Callow(174) (1735?-1792 or 94) 02 Oct 1757 at Braddan
K Silvester Halsal(304) (ca.1709-?) Catherine Neal/Kneal(305) unknown
K William Halsal(319) (?-?) Isabel Quirk(320) (?ca.1683-1723?) ?08 Dec 1702 at Santon?


There are two IGI christening records for Emma Halsal, both for 4 Dec 1737. One is at St. Mathew's, Douglas, Isle of Man, in the name of Emma Halsal with parents Silvester Halsal and Catherine Kneal. The other is at Braddan, with parents given as Silvr Halsall and Katherin Kneal. It is not unusual for a baptism to be registered in two places, in this case remembering that St. Mathew's was a chapel of ease within the parish of Braddan.

Emma married William Callow at Braddan on 02 Oct 1757, according to the IGI. Other than Amelia, and an older sister Elizabeth, there may also have been further children of this marriage. Emma was buried at Braddan on 26 Jul 1792.


There is no IGI record for a marriage between Silvester Halsal and Katherin Kneal, and both names are common so their dates of birth or baptism are also difficult to discern. A possible is a birth about 1709 to William Halsal and Isabel Quirk, for which there is an IGI record based on information supplied by a member of the LDS church. In addition to Emma Halsal(175), there is a baptismal record on the IGI for a Robt. Halsal on 02 Nov 1743, also at St. Matthew's, Douglas.


There is an IGI reference, without date or place, to a marriage between William Halsal and Isabel Quirk, giving Isabel Quirk's birth about 1683, without naming her parents, and her burial at KK Patrick on 11 Feb 1723. There is also an odd IGI reference to a marriage between an Isabel Quirk and a Willm. Quirk at Santon on 08 Dec 1702 which just might be a transcription error from the parish records.

Until these ambiguities are sorted out I can not take this branch further.

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