This page contains only a little information and comes mainly from correspondence with Jack Gillespie.

Charles Henry HOLINGER

Charles Henry Holinger(169), known as Harry, was the first child of John Holinger(17) and his first wife Jane Townsend(18). According to a family birthday book, his birthday was on 1 Jan. His birth was registered at Chorlton, Lancashire, in 1851 (March quarter, vol.20, p.228). The 1861 census lists his place of birth as Shawfield, Lancs.

According to his neice Norah Riddel, he married Agnes Kempley or Kemply and had four children (Jack (John Charles), Agnes, Alice and Amelia or Amy(?)). The descendant chart prepared by Jack Gillespie shows only three children (no Agnes), as does a pedigree which may have originated from Blanche Shelley (née Holinger(256) . The IGI contains a reference to Alice S. Holinger, born at Gloucester, New Jersey, on 21 Oct 1888, daughter of Charles H. Holinger and Agnes E. Kemplay. The birthplace of Alice above backs up the story that Charles Henry Holinger went to America.

Jack Gillespie also writes that there is a story that Charles Henry Holinger went to America and, having established himself, was joined there by Agnes Kempley (Kemplay), and they were married there. There is an IGI reference to a marriage of a Charles Henry Holinger, son of Johannes Holinger, possibly in Philadelphia, in about 1886, but the bride's maiden name is not given. The reference is very vague.

Jack Gillespie also writes that the descendants of Charles Henry Holinger kept in touch with Blanche Shelley, née Holinger(256), Charles Henry's half sister, up to a certain date, but the contact may have been lost. The pedigree drawn up by Jack Gillespie indicates that Agnes Kempley was born in 1855, but in fact Agnes Emily Kamplay's birth was registered in the June quarter of 1857 (Barton, vol.8c, page 473). In the 1861 UK census as transcribed for the website she is listed as Agnes C. Kempley, aged 3, the youngest of three children of William, aged 37, a cotton yarn agent born in Yorkshire, and Elizabeth his wife, aged 30, born in Scotland. They are staying at 1 Withington Road, Moss Side, Manchester.

Interestingly, a Charles Henry Hollinger appears twice in the 1930 Federal Census, once in Philadelphia City at, I think, 352A Morris Street together with his wife Agnes E. Hollinger, and unmarried children John Hollinger and Emma D. Hollinger. This form says that he was aged 41 when he first married and was 79 on his last birthday, which agrees with his birth year of 1851 and implies he was married in 1892 which is a bit adrift. It says he was born in England, his father born in Switzerland and his mother in England. He first entered the US in 1872, and he was retired. The second entry is for San Jose Township, Santa Clara County, California, where he is listed as residing alone at 307 South 20th Street. His age is again given as 79, but this time he is listed as 32 when he first married, implying that he was married around 1883, possibly a bit early this time. The year of his first entry into the US is given as 1883. Possible explanations for these two entries are that they are for two different people, or that he was away on a trip in 1930, but his family back in Philadelphia filled in his name because he would normally have been there.

The entry for Agnes E. Hollinger says that she was 72 last birthday, implying that she was born around 1858, and that she was aged 24 when she first married, implying that she married around 1882. The marriage dates are confusing. US 1930 census return says that her father was born in England and her mother in Scotland, which agrees with the UK 1861 census information. The date of her first entry into the US is not fully legible, but was in the 1870's.

Jack Gillespie has drawn to my attention an entry in the Florida Deaths Index for an Agnes Emily Holinger who died at Tampa, Florida, in 1945 (vol.1164, cert.17638). I don't know whether the full certificate would contain more information.

Children of Charles Henry Holinger(169) and Agnes Kempley(176)

Name Notes
John Charles Holinger(827) Born, according to Jack Gillespie's Holinger descendant chart, in 1886, presumably in America. In the 1930 US Federal Census a John C? Hollinger, son of Chas. H. Holinger is recorded in Philadelphia, aged 45 last birthday, making him born about 1885. He is living with his parents Chas. H. Hollinger and Agnes E. Hollinger, was born in Pennsylvania and his occupation is given as banking. He was single. The US Social Security Index has an entry for a John Holinger, born 10 Jul 1885 and died Dec 1977 whose last residence is given as 19081 Swartmore, Delaware, Pennsylvania and whose last benefit address is given as 19063 Media, Delaware, Pennsylvania. This may or may not be the same John Holinger. I have no other information on him.
Alice S. Holinger(826) Born, according to Jack Gillespie's Holinger descendant chart, in 1888. The IGI contains a reference to Alice S. Holinger, born at Gloucester, New Jersey, on 21 Oct 1888, daughter of Charles H. Holinger and Agnes E. Kemplay. Again according to Jack Gillespie's Holinger descendant chart, Alice married someone by the name of Sherwood and lived in Pennsylvania. She had two sons, both of whom married and at least one of whom has living offspring, though I do not know the details.
Amy Holinger(828) Born, according to Jack Gillespie's Holinger descendant chart, in 1890, presumably in America. There is an entry in the US Social Security Index for an Amy D. Holinger, born 14 Apr 1893 and died 10 Feb 1983. Her Social Security Number was 266-82-4248 and was issued in Florida in 1963. Her last residence is given as 19081 Swartmore, Delaware, Pennsylvania. A letter from Blanche Shelley to Jack Gillespie says that Amy and John Charles shared a house, neither being married. So this may be the right Amy. Nothing else is known.

Interestingly, in the 1930 Federal Census, there is an Emma D. Hollinger listed as daughter of Chas. H. Holinger, aged 26 last birthday and therefore born around 1904 and born in Pennsylvania. She had no occupation. Possibly this is the Amelia or Amy remembered by Norah Riddel, and possibly there were in fact four children. The only known possibility for living descendants of Charles Henry Holinger(169) is currently the Sherwood family into which Alice Holinger married. Come in please the Sherwoods!

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