John Alexander HOLINGER

John Alexander Holinger(250) was the third child and first son of John Holinger(17) and his second wife Mary Robb Watkins(247) and so a half brother of my great- grandmother Emily Holinger(16). John Alexander's birth was registered in the March quarter of 1865 (Chorlton, 8c, 650), and he was born towards the end of 1864. At the moment I know nothing of his early life, and only that at some stage he went to Victoria, Australia. There he married Lillie Blair Wilson(777), in 1890 (Victoria Reg. No. 1172). They had seven children.

Children of John Alexander Holinger(250) and Lillie Blair Wilson(777)

Name Notes
John Wilson Holinger(778) Born in 1891 according to J D Gillespie (Victoria birth reg. no. 1758 of 1892 at CWELL (Camberwell?)), Melbourne. Married three times(?). By his second wife Kathleen Warburton he had two sons, who both also had issue.
Blanche Margaret Holinger(779) Known as Margaret. Born on 14 Feb 1894, Victoria birth reg. no. 8949 of 1894, at Balwyn, Melbourne. Married James Robert Beattie Love(844) in 1923, and had four children. Died on 26 Nov 1976. For information on their descendants, see separate page.
Lillie Mary Holinger(780) Born in 1896, Victoria birth reg. no. 714 of 1896 at Balwyn, Melbourne. In 1922 married David James Gillespie, who worked in a wholesale paper firm. They had three children, all of whom married and had issue.
Elizabeth (Beth) Holinger(781) Born in 1898, Victoria birth reg. no. 21126 of 1898 at Northcote, Melbourne. Qualified as a nurse and operated, jointly with her sister Bertha, a Bush Nursing Station at Pyramid Hill, 200 km north of Melbourne. Did not marry.
Bertha Holinger(782) Born in 1900, Victoria birth reg. no. 13354 of 1900 at Northcote, Melbourne. Qualified as a nurse and operated, jointly with her sister Beth, a Bush Nursing Station at Pyramid Hill, 200 km north of Melbourne. Married Jim Collins and lived for many years in Lismore, Victoria. (Information from Don Seedsman).
Dorothy Holinger(783) Born in 1902, Victoria birth reg. no. 16119 of 1902 at Box Hill, Melbourne. Did not marry.
Frances Ethel Holinger(784) Born on 21 Mar 1904 (Victoria birth reg. no. 8153 of 1904 at Box Hill, Melbourne). Married Lynton Alfred Seedsman(939), a Civil Engineer in the Victoria Railways, on 18 Apr 1936. They had three children, who each also had three children. Frances died on 15 Mar 2001. (Information from Frances Stammers, one of her three children).

There is a photograph of John Alexander Holinger and his family which belonged to Norah Riddel and on the back of which she had written "Uncle John Holinger and family - Melbourne". The photographer was F. G. Bull of Albion Road, Box Hill, which at one stage slightly confused me. However, on seeing the photograph, J D Gillespie, a grandson of John Alexander Holinger, has written to me that the family lived at Box Hill from 1901 to 1909. At that time this area was on the far outskirts of the built up area and they were virtually surrounded by dairy farms and orchards. I see from my map of Melbourne, that Box Hill is more or less due east of the city centre, and about 12 km distant from it.

J D Gillespie thinks that the photograph dates from 1909, and has kindly provided the names which I have added to it. The scanned image itself is not great, and for those who have patience or a high speed internet connection there is a better image, but it is about 3.5 MB, and is an Adobe Acrobat file which I can send to anyone who wants a copy.

A later photograph, has been sent to me by Jack Gillespie. This one was taken in Dec 1935 at the Holinger's house in Canterbury, Melbourne, by Lynton A. Seedsman, and shows some of the grandchildren.

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