Jack Gillespie, himself a Holinger descendant, writes that the names Hollinger, Hullinger and Holinger are not uncommon in certain parts of the USA (Pennsylvania and Ohio), and also in Canada.

For an unknown period up to about the 1960's, several Hollinger family associations existed in the USA for descendants of immigrants bearing this name who were mostly of Swiss origin and may of whom arrived in America in the early 1700's. Some of these associations may still exist, and some of them jointly funded professional genealogical work on their ancestry in Switzerland. The coordinator for the marshalling of material in the USA and Canada, and linking people to the information received on Swiss origins was one Henry Kline Hollinger. He used to publish a newsletter and Jack Gillespie has a partial copy of one of these.

Eventually the genealogical work linked together in Switzerland many, or even most, of the migrants. The pedigree developed extends for 17 generations from about 1450 to the 1950's. The Swiss origins were in Aargau, a northern canton immediately to the east of Basel Landschaft and Basel Stadt. Up to 1415, Aargau belonged to the Hapsburgs. It was then taken by the Swiss Federation and broken up. Aargau was reunited and admitted to the Swiss Federation as a Canton in 1803.

The genealogical data obtained from all sources was assembled by Henry Kline Hollinger on a series of cards which set out generation by generation on an ever expanding series of family lines all members traced. In addition to people in the USA and Canada, there were, by the 1960's, descendants in Germany, Yugoslavia and other countries. A copy of these cards is held by the FHL of the LDS church (film nos. 247895 for generations 1-12, about 1426 to 1840 and 247896 for generations 13 to 17, about 1840 to 1954), together with some notes by Henry Kline Hollinger. However, the mass of papers supporting all the data on the cards is lodged, according to Jack Gillespie, with an Institution in the USA which he does not name.

Jack Gillespie has read the cards, particularly those relating to and John Holinger (17), (1827-1883) and his eldest son Charles Henry Holinger(169), b.1851, but also to see whether H G Holinger, born about 1680, could be linked into any of these Aargau lines. No such link was evident to him.

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