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Charlotte Elizabeth HOOD (1719) married George TEMPLEMAN(1719) at Trinity Church, St Marylebone, on 7 Jun 18521 . Both were simply described as of full age. Her father was Thomas HOOD, cabinet maker. Charlotte and George were the parents of Emily TEMPLEMAN, and were therefore two of my great-great grandparents.

marriage register entry

In the 1861 census (see below), Charlotte's age was given as 30, suggesting a birth year of 1830/31. There is a record of the baptism of Charlotte Elizabeth HOOD, daughter of Thomas HOOD, cabinet maker, and his wife Elizabeth2. The baptism took place on 26 Mar 1829 at Old St Pancras Church, Middlesex. The date in the right hand margin, which is probably 12 Feb 1829, may be her date of birth.

baptism register entry

There is a record of a marriage between a Thomas HOOD(1721) and Elizabeth WEBSTER (1722) on 28 October 1827 at All Souls' Church, St Marylebone, Middlesex3. The marriage was by banns, and the witnesses were Thomas L. PARKER and Charlotte WEBSTER. The date fits with the birth of Charlotte Elizabeth in 1829, and the parish is local to where all the people on this side of the family seem to have lived. Also, one of the witnesses was called Charlotte, so there is a good chance that these were Charlotte Elizabeth's parents. Unfortuately the groom's occupation is not given.

Charlotte should appear in the 1841 census, but I have not so far found her. In the 1851 census returns4, as kindly pointed out to me by Susan SCHULTZ, there was, at Tendring Hall (demolished in 1955), Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, the home of Sir Joshua Ricketts Rowley, a George TEMPLEMAN, unmarried, aged 21, and a coachman, born in Mells, Somerset. In the transcribed data his age is given as 24, but I think it was 21 and a later mark on the form has made it look like 24. This would make him born in 1829/30. In the same household, on the previous page, is Charlotte HOOD, unmarried, aged 26 (this age is quite clear on the census return), a laundry maid, born in St Marylebone, Middlesex. So this could be them, and Tendring Hall could be where they met. However, if Charlotte was 26 in 1851, then she was born in 1823 or 1824, not in 1829, so I suspect her age should actually have been entered as 21.

In 1861, aged 30, she was with her husband (on the census return entered as John not George) and their four children5 . They were at 17 Porchester Terrace Mews.

The four children were:

I have not found Charlotte Elizabeth in the 1871 census.

Charlotte Elizabeth TEMPLEMAN, aged 46, died on 26 Feb 18759 at 18 Molyneux Street, Marylebone. She was described as the widow of George TEMPLEMAN, coachman, domestic service. The informant was her daughter C R (Catherine Rhoda) TEMPLEMAN, of the same address. The cause of death was given as phthisis, 1 year 10 months and exhaustion, that is, probably, TB.

death certificate for Charlotte Elizabeth TEMPLEMAN


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