The JACKMAN branch

The JACKMAN branch starts with Alice JACKMAN (272) who married William CURRER (271) at Skipton-in-Craven in 1681 1 .

A recent communication2 suggests the following three generations:

Jackman generations

Generation Jackman Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
O Alice JACKMAN(272) (1661-1690) William CURRER(271) (ca.1647- 1691) 1682 at Skipton-in-Craven Parish Church
N William JACKMAN(1911) (1632-?) Martha(1910) (dates unknown) about 1658 at Halifax
M Thomas JACKMAN(1912) (dates unknown) unknown unknown

This source indicates that William JACKMAN was baptised at Skipton on 24 Nov 1632, the son of Thomas JACKMAN3. William moved to Halifax and married Martha and had three children, of whom Alice was the second. The whold family fared poorly, William possibly being the William JACKMAN featuring in this quotation4:

William Jackman in Halifax went to bed full of drink, some say with brandy, on Saturday night January 10th 1680, and in the night waked, distracted, raging mad, roaring, raging, swearing in a horrible manner that several men could not hold him, once he had got out his knife and made an attempt to cut his own throat, his daughter got the knife from him, though to the cutting of her fingers - he dyed on Friday night following January 16th, was buried on Monday January 19th.

My correspondent thinks that Alice may have returned to her grandfather Thomas JACKMAN in Skipton, where she is quoted in his will, and that her grandfather may have used his connections to promote her marriage to William CURRER.

If William JACKMAN was baptised in 1632, then possibly his father Thomas was born around 1600 to 1610. There are two Skipton baptisms in this time frame5:
Thomas JACKMAN, son of Matthew JACKMAN, baptised on 01 May 1610
Tho. JACKMAN, son of Thomas JACKMAN, baptised 23 Nov 1600.


1) The date and place of marriage are given in Foster, Joseph (1874) Pedigree of the County Families of Yorkshire, Vol.I - West Riding, Wilfred Head, London. Pedigree of Currer of Marley, Skipton and Kildwick. The date and place are also given in Familysearch, based on FHL film 100098, which is a film of printed transcripts of the parish records which was published in three volumes at the "Craven Herald": Vol.1 1592-1680; vol.2 1680 - 1771; vol.3 1745-1812.
2) E-mail from a nine-times great-grandson of Thomas JACKMAN.
3) Familysearch, see note 1 above.
4) Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion, quoting the Rev. Oliver Heywood.
5) Familysearch, see note 1 above.

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