The Lacell branch starts with Alice LACELL (124) who married James STEWARD(123). They were two of my great-great -grandparents. I have not had much success so far in tracing this branch of the family back.

Lacell generations

Generation Lacell Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
N Alice LACELL (124) (1795-1844) James STEWARD (123) (1794-1870) 12 Jun 1817 (?) supposedly at Gretna
M John LACELL(133) (ca. 1761-?) Sarah FIRMAN(134) (ca.1763- 1809?) 1787 at Prittlewell, Essex.


There is reference in the IGI to a John Lacell (Lasell)(133) who was born around 1761 at Prittlewell, in Essex. There is no information on his parents in the IGI. In 1787 a John Lacell married Sarah Firman(134), also at Prittlewell. The basis of the IGI marriage record is a microfiche of extracts from the parish records of St. Mary the Virgin, Prittlewell, which were published in April 1921 by John H. Burrows and Sons of Southend-on-Sea. The publication contains baptisms from 1649-1812, marriages from 1645-1812 and burials from 1645- 1812, but these are listed by year only. Thus the list of marriages for 1787 simply says John Lacell and Sarah Firman, Southchurch, and this I have been taken to mean that Sarah Firman was from the adjacent parish of Southchurch.

The baptismal records give the first names of both parents, and there are eight children listed with parents John and Sarah Lacell.

Children of John Lacell(133) and Sarah Firman(134)

Name Notes
Sarah Lacell(257) Baptised 1789 at Prittlewell, Essex
John Lacell(258) 1790
Charlotte Lacell(259) Born in 1791, in Rochford, Essex. On 24 Oct 1826, married the Rev. George HARRIS(260) at Rochford, Essex and had issue. Some descendants of Charlotte and George Harris can be seen at rootsweb. In particular one of their daughters, Mary Louisa Harris(439) married her cousin James Dick Steward(181).
Mary Ann Lacell(261) Baptised 1792 at Prittlewell, Essex. Died in infancy of smallpox?
Mary Lacell(262) Baptised 1793 at Prittlewell, Essex. Died in 1810?
George Lacell(263) Baptised 1794 at Prittlewell. Died in infancy in 1794?
Alice Lacell(124) Baptised 1795 at Prittlewell, Essex. Married James Steward (123) possibly on 12 Jun 1817. See her entry above.
Louisa Lacell 1804

The record also has a baptism of an un-named child of John, with no mother's name given, in 1798, but there was another John Lacell, married to Susan, with children being baptised at around the same time. I also wonder about the two Marys. There is a burial record for an un-named child of John who died of smallpox in 1792, so possibly the first Mary died in infancy. Also a George Lasell died as an infant in 1794, with no parent's name given. As the only other George was baptised in 1774, it seems likely that the George who died in 1794 was the child of John and Sarah. A Mary Ann Lacell was buried in 1810, aged 17. At the moment this branch cannot be carried further back.

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