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William LAUDER(210) came from a family who belonged to the established church in West Calder1. He was born in Linlithgow, West Lothian2, and from his age at death was born in about 1770. Although there appear to be baptismal records for Linlithgow from 1613-18203, which I have not directly examined, the Scotlandspeople website comes up with no Lauder matches for the appropriate time span. So I do not know who his parents were. He died on 6 Jun 18524.

When he was about 17 he left the established church and attached himself to the antiburgher congregation of Mid-Calder and received his licence to preach. The Synod wanted him to go to America as a missionary, but he pleaded to be excused on account of poor health. Instead, on 4 Apr 1804, he was ordained at Earlston, Berwickshire, as colleague and successor to the Rev. John DALZIEL, the first minister of the Earlston East antiburgher congregation. Dalziel died on 2 Jun 1804, and William then succeeded him. In 1843 William was joined by David HAMILTON, who was later to succeed him, and in 1850 William moved to Lilliesleaf to be with his eldest daughter and her family. Presumably Lilliesleaf is where he died on 6 Jun 1852.

At Lilliesleaf in 18515 he was with James and Isabel REDFORD, where they were farming 100 acres. William described himself as father-in-law, aged 79, a widower, born in Linlithgow, and Isabel was his oldest child who had married James REDFORD(2080) in 1850.

William LAUDER married Helen THORBURN in about 1812. There does not seem to be a surviving record of this marriage, which would perhaps have taken place at Lilliesleaf, where Helen came from. They had five children:

There is an MI at Earlston6 which had been transcribed as:

Top of stone eroded and not legible - Minister East United Presbyterian Church Earlston who departed this life 6.1832 in the 81st year of his age and 19th of his ministry also HELEN THORBURN his wife who died 3.1843.

Given the other information available, the year of his death should read 1852 and he was in the 49th year of his ministry. This is confirmed by an earlier transcription 7, which reads:

Rev. William Lauder Min of East United Presbyterian Church Earlston 6.6.1852 80 yrs and 49th yr of Min wife HELEN 3.3.1843 57 yrs.

MI in Earlston church yard to Rev William Lauder and his wife Helen Thorburn

This photograph of the monument in Earlston church yard was taken on 21 Dec 2013 by Elma Fleming of the Borders Family History Society, to whom I am most grateful, and who pointed me in the direction of the earlier transcription.


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