The Lauder connection comes through Jane LAUDER (36), who married Robert RIDDEL (35) in 1843. At the moment I can only trace the branch back for one additional generation.

Lauder generations

Generation Lauder family member Spouse Date and place of marriage
O Jane LAUDER(36)
Robert RIDDEL(35)
23 Oct 1843, at the Secession Manse, Earlston
N Rev.William LAUDER(210)
(ca. 1770-1852)
Helen THORBURN(211)
(1786-before 1851)
about 1812, possibly at Lilliesleaf, Roxburghshire.


Jane Lauder(36)was born at Earlston, in Berwickshire, Scotland, on 16 May 1820 and baptised there on 12 Jun. The entry for her in the Old Parochial Registers for Earlston, Berwickshire1, reads:

Lauder, Jane, daughter of William Lauder, Minister of the Antiburgher Congregation Earlstoun and Helen Thorburn his wife was born there on the 16th May and baptized June 12th 1820 by the Rev d Wm Rattray.

I also have a note from a birthday book indicating that her birthday was on 05 Jun, so there is some uncertainty here. However, if this is the correct Jane LAUDER, then her parents were the Rev. William LAUDER and Helen THORBURN, and I suspect that these are the correct parents since the name Thorburn has been preserved through my mother's line down to my generation.

Jane married Robert RIDDEL(35) . There is an entry in the Old Parish Register of Earlston, Berwickshire, which reads:

Robert Riddel residing in Manchester and Jane Lauder residing at Earlstoun gave in their names for proclamation Earlstoun 14th October 1843.

They were married on 23 Oct 1843 at the Secession Manse, Earlston, Berwickshire.

For details of the children of Jane Lauder and Robert Riddel, see the entry for Robert Riddel(35)

The other interesting thing is the appearance of the name Mungo. There is a family rumour of a connection with Mungo Park (b.1771), the explorer, which remains to be investigated. Also it suggests that a possible baptismal record for Helen Lauder is that in the Old Parish Register for Lilliesleaf where there is an entry for nine children of a Mungo Thorburn "in Friershaw", I think it reads. 20 Apr 1786 his daughter Helen was born. There is also a note that "all these were baptized by the Revd Campbell".

Annie Elizabeth LAUDER

Another piece of as yet unplaced information which I have is a telegram addressed to Mrs Annie Elizabeth Lauder at 13 Zetland Place, Edinburgh 5 on the occasion of her 100th birthday. The telegram was sent from Buckingham Palace, but has no date. The Scotlandspeople database contains only one Annie Elizabeth Lauder who reached the age of 100 and a copy of the entry in the deaths register confirms that Zetland Place was her usual residence. She died on 07 Sep 1950 aged 100, and is described as a fundholder, and single. Her parents were a James Lauder, clothier, and Jane Lauder, née Halliday. The IGI has a record of her birth on 27 Aug 1850, and baptism on 06 Oct 1850 at the Lloyd Street Presbyterian Chapel in Manchester, Lancs (my great-grandfather James Riddel (15) was also baptised there, in 1849). Two siblings were also baptised in Manchester, William Lauder (born 06 Mar 1849, baptised 06 May 1849) and Helen Lauder (born 01 Dec 1853, baptised 05 Feb 1854).

Presumably this Annie Elizabeth Lauder was related to Norah Riddel(280 in some way through Jane Lauder(36), as the telegram was in Norah Riddel's posession, but I have not yet established the connection.

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