This may in fact not be a branch at all, though it begins with Rhoda Lawrence, born around 1821, who married George Bertram.


Rhoda Lawrence(167) was the mother of my great-great grandfather Charles Anthony Bertram. The only references I have to her so far are the 1881 census, when she was listed as the head of household at 27 Cambridge Terrace in Paddington, London, aged 60 and born at what I originally read as Wisthall, Suffolk but which I believe I should have read as Westhall. This would make her year of birth about 1821. Two children were living with her at the time, Alice Bertram(168) and Charles Bertram(106), both born in Southwold, Suffolk.

The fact that when Charles Anthony Bertram(106) married Emily Templeman(102)in Sep 1882, his father George Bertram is listed as deceased, suggests that Rhoda Lawrence may be the married name of Charles's mother, who married again after the death of George Bertram, and that possibly the Rhoda who was born in Westhall in about 1821 had then a different name altogether. The name Rhoda reappears as Rhoda Bertram, one of the witnesses to the marriage of my grandparents Rose Emily Bertram and Percy Stowell in 1903, and there is a Rhoda Bartram in the IGI baptised at Wortham, Suffolk, on 1 Jul 1866. Much work remains to be done to sort out whether this is a real branch or should be under another name altogether.

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