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Ambrose Loraine of Hartburn is shown on the Key Pedigree in Lambton Loraine (1902) as the elder of two sons of Robert Loraine of Little Harle, the other being Edward. He is also indicated on page 56 of the same book as one of two sons of Robert Loraine. In the next chapter, IX, on page 70 it says:

AMBROSE LORAINE:- of Hartburn: elder son of Robert Loraine who is described by the will of his aunt Ursula Loraine as "Robert Lawrance of Little Harle." He married Jane ... and had issue:- Nicholas, Catherine, whose descriptions appear in the next chapter, and died about 1626 leaving behind him widow and children (Evidence h). Robert Loraine (4) of Kirkharle, in his Will styles him "my beloved kinsman Ambrose Lorraine, and gives him an annuity of 6 13s. 4d. secured on lands at Trewick (Evidence a and b).
The evidence referred to above is the Administration to the goods of Ambrose Lorren of the parish of Hartburn: Jane his widow, Nicholas and Catherine under age, dated 1 Sept. 1626, and cross refers to Raine's L. Adm. ii. 113, and Hodgson ii. 249, the latter presumably Hodgson's History of Northumberland. Evidence a is the Will of Robert Loraine (4) dated 6 Feb 1617, and evidence b is a certified copy of the same will. Both are reproduced in Lambton Loraine's book.


Nothing is known of Ambrose's wife except her first name, which appears in the administration to his goods (see above).


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