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This Robert is shown on the Key Pedigree in Lambton Loraine (1902) as the third son and last child of the Robert Loraine who died in 1580. The name of this Robert's wife is not given, and therefore was presumably not known. No dates are given for him either.

In the text on page 56 of Lambton Loraine (1902) it is reiterated that this Robert was the third son of Robert (3), and that he is mentioned in the Will of his sister Ursula as "Robert Lawrance of Little Harle". This will itself, dated 10 Aug 1602, is reproduced on p.63 of the same book, and is in English. This Robert married and had issue:- Ambrose Loraine(275), Edward Loraine(1284).

Nothing is known of his wife. Both Ambrose and Edward are mentioned in the 1617 Will of their first cousin Robert Loraine(...), so were presumably alive at that time. There is no indication in Lambton Loraine (1902) as to whether Edward Loraine, brother of Ambrose, married or had issue.

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  1. Lambton Loraine (1902).

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