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This Robert is shown as Robert (3) on the Key Pedigree in Lambton Loraine (1902), his year of death is given as 1580, and his wife's name as Margaret.

In the text of Chapter VII, on p.48, his dates are given as about 1523 to 1581. The text which follows reads:-

The third ROBERT LORAINE, whom we have deemed to be the son of his predecessor, came next in succession. He was born probably about the 16th year of Henry VIII., and we find him in the 10th of Elizabeth (1568-9) "seised of the manor of Kirkharle with the glebe there, and lands in Trewick" (esch. 10 Eliz.). In the same reign he had a grant from the Queen, dated 7th May, 1578, for a fine of 8 2s. 8d. received by the Exchequer, of the rectory and advowson of the Church of Kirkharle, lately the property of the Abbey of Blanchland, now dissolved, and of lands called the Conygarth in Amble lately the property of the Abbey of Tynemouth, now dissolved, and tenements in Alneham, lately the property of the Abbey of Alnwick, now dissolved, for twenty one years, paying yearly for the Rectory 3 3s. 4d., for the lands in Amble ten shillings, and for the tenements in Alneham eight shillings.




This Robert died 24th September, 1581, and his Will, to which probate was obtained on 13th March following (1581-2), mentions the name of his wife Margaret, but this is all we know of her. The inquisition after his death, dated 9th January, 1583-3, is in conflict with the Will in giving the date of death a month before the Will was signed. It states that his son and heir William is twenty-two years old, and shows the deceased to have held the Tower or capital messuage (a dwelling house and its adjacent buildings and the adjacent land used by the household ) in Kirkharle, and twelve messuages, four cottages, and 1000 acres of land there: also a third part of the ville (probably village) of Trewitt (location unknown) and two messuages, three tofts (homestead, or land once occupied by a homestead), and 200 acres of land there. It states erroneously, however, that the estate of Kirkharle had been held of Charles Earl of Westmoreland, as of the Barony of Bolbeck, in soccage (basically rental paid to the feudal overlord) by fealty and a yearly rent of 4s. 8d.; and was now held of the Queen by the same service by reason of the attainder of the said Earl for high treason, &c. This statement had to be afterwards corrected by another inquisition, and the tenure shown to be in capite by Knight's Service, not soccage [1,2].

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