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This Robert is shown as Robert (2) on the Key Pedigree in Lambton Loraine (1902), where his year of death is given as about 1560, and his wife's name as Margaret Bowes. In the text of Chapter VI, on p.43, his dates are given as about 1480 to about 1560. The text which follows reads:-

The second ROBERT LORAINE who now succeeded to the posession of Kirkharle would be an infant at that time if the surmise as to his birth is correct. He appears not to have married until about the 14th of Henry VIII. (1522) when we may suppose him to have been over 40 years old, and he then took to wife Margaret daughter of Robert Bowes, Esq., of the Bishopric of Durham.

Among evidences we find his name appearing in an inquisition held on 11th January, 1511-2, under writ of 12th December preceding, ordering the Sheriff of Northumberland to extend (i.e. to value) the lands, &c., of Robert Hilton of Bywell, Gentleman, and imprison him for his debt of 100 marks to Sir John Cutte, Knight, due 6th August last. It was held "at the Castle of Newcastle-upon-Tyne before Nicholas Rydle Esquire Sheriff of Northumberland, by Wm. Swynborne, Wm. Carnabe, Thos. Rotherford, Ralph Wodryngton, Robert Mitford, Robt. Orde, Robert Loren, and John Fenwyke, Esquires, and Wm. Baxter" and resulted in a finding that the said Robert Hilton had no lands in the county, but he had 380 sheep, 30 cows, and 28 bullocks of his own, and they were worth 34 13s. 4d. Another evidence is that "Robert Lorren of Kirkharle" was witness to a Deed, dated 26th July, 22nd Henry VII (1506), by which Robert Bellingham of Bradford, gent., conveyed all his lands and tenements in the villa and field of South Middleton to John Fenwick of Fawyns.

It is probably, also, this Robert who is mentioned in the evidence below, quoted under the heading of Matthew Loraine, supposed to have been his brother, as having been an overseer with Randolf Fenwick of the two Border Watches named. At that time he would have reached the age, according to our computation at the head of this chapter, of seventy-two years.



Both Lambton Loraine (1902) and Hodgson (1827) note that Collins, who was probably the original 1738 author of Richardson (1849), make Margaret Bowes the wife of Robert Loraine(1261), the father of the present Robert, and who was murdered in 1483.



This Robert probably died about 1560, having lived in the reigns of Richard III., Henry VII., Henry VIII., Edward VI., and Mary.

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