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This Edward is shown as Edward (2) on the Key Pedigree in Lambton Loraine (1902), his year of death is given as possibly 1480. His wife is shown as Elizabeth Harding.

In the text of Chapter IV, on p.37, his birth date is given as about 1426, with a question mark. No date is given there for his death. The text which follows reads:-

The second Edward Loraine, who is recorded by the authorities as the next possessor of Kirkharle, and is presumed to have been the son of his immediate predecessor, married Elizabeth, daughter of John Harding of Hollingside, in the County of Durham, Esquire, and by her had several children. In the pedigree of Harding of Hollingside contained in Surtees' "History of Durham" there is no mention, by name, of the said Elizabeth or of John her father; but the pedigree shows that William Harding, Mayor and M.P. for Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the reign of Henry VI., had, besides his son Roger Harding - who by marriage with Elizabeth del Outhe, acquired the manor of "Holynside" - other issue, of whom the names are not recorded. We must suppose that among these was John Harding, father of the lady married to Edward Loraine, the subject of this chapter.

Edward, who appears to have lived in the reign of Henry VI. and perhaps of Edward IV. too, is stated by the chroniclers of the family to have died at the end of the reign of Richard III., i.e., in 1485, and if this were correct he should change places in the pedigree with with Robert his succesor, whose life is known to have ended at the beginning of this short reign, i.e., in 1483. The date given, however, cannot be depended on, and the name Edward is very likely to have gone from father to son,so Robert will be given, in this memoir, the place which, even in spite of these discrepancies, has been hitherto assigned to him in the order of succession. Supposing Edward to have been a son of the Strother marriage, although not mentioned in the Deed of 1456, and to have married about 1450, it would be in the order of things that he should have issue.



Lambton Loraine (1902) indicates that there is no mention of Elizabeth, or of her father, John Harding of Hollingside in the available Harding pedigree.


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