The Loraine branch begins with Catherine Loraine(274), who married Henry Currer (273). All that I initially had about Catherine was the entry in the Currer pedigree compiled by Foster (1874), which entry reads:

Catherine, daughter of Ambrose Loraine, of Tynemouth, co. Northumberland. Visit. 1666.

Since Henry Currer was born in 1621, and his children, so far as they can be identified, were born in the 1640's and 1650's, then the marriage perhaps took place some time in the first half of the 1640's. There is an index of marriages at the parish church at Tynemouth from 1607 to 1837 extracted by George Bell and accessible through the GENUKI website. Over the period 1607 to 1679 there are no occurrences of either the names Loraine or Currer. Also, the GENUKI website for Tynemouth indicates that the IGI includes baptisms and marriages for the period 1607 to 1733, but there are no occurrences of the name Loraine in these records. However, Loraine is a name with Northumberland connections and I have recently been contacted by a distant cousin, Mike Wright, who is also a direct descendant of the Loraine family, and from whom comes the following table of Loraine generations.

Loraine generations

The generations of direct Loraine ancestors identified by Mike Wright and based on Lambton Loraine (1902) are:

Generation Loraine ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
I Catherine Loraine (274) (about 1625?-?) Henry Currer(273) (1621-1659) unknown
G? Ambrose Loraine, of Hartburn(275) (? - ca.1626) Jane(1284) (dates unknown) possibly ca. 1620
F? Robert Loraine(1256), of Little Harle (dates unknown) unknown unknown
E? Robert Loraine(1257) (about 1523 - 1581) Margaret(1258) (dates unknown) about 1560
D? Robert Loraine(1259) (about 1480 - about 1560) Margaret Bowes(1260) (dates unknows) about 1522
C? Robert Loraine(1261) (about 1451 - 1483) unknown unknown
B? Edward Loraine(1262)(about 1426 - ?1480) Elizabeth Harding(1263) possibly about 1450?
A? Edward Loraine(1264) Johanna (Joan) del Strother(1265) unknown

The generations between Robert Loraine(1257) who died in 1581, and the earliest known Edward Loraine(1264) who we might guess to have been born early in the 15th century, are listed in the Loraine pedigree which Hodgson (1832) gives on p.246. The link between Robert Loraine(1257) and Ambrose Loraine(275), also appears in Lambton Loraine 1902, to which my attention was drawn by Mike Wright.

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