James Robert Beattie LOVE

James Robert Beatie Love(844), known as Bob, was born on 16 Jun 1889, in Ireland, son of a Presbyterian manse. He went to Australia at the age of 6, and became a missionary to the Aborigines. In 1923 he married Blanche Margaret Holinger(779), and they had four children.

Children of James Robert Beattie Love(844) and Blanche Margaret Holinger(779)

Name Notes
Robert Leslie Love(845) Born in 1925, married and had six children and six grandchildren.
Margaret Blair Love(846) Born in 1928, married and had two chldren and four grandchildren. Died in 2002.
John Holinger Love(847) Born in 1930, married and has two children.
Joseph George Love(848) Born in 1937, married and had three children and four grandchildren. Died in 1969.

Bob Love died on 12 Feb 1947.

An updated list of the descendants of Bob and Margaret Love has been drawn up by John H. Love in August 2005, and is available to interested members of the family.

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