There is a baptismal record for a Thos. MACAULAY, son of Auley MACAULAY and Deborah, which took place at St. Anne's church, Manchester, on 05 Sep 17501. Actually, my reading of the entry is that he was received into the church on that day, implying that he had previously been baptised, perhaps privately.

Baptisme Register entry

In that at his marriage (see below) he was referred to as of the parish of Manchester, it is a reasonable assumption that this is the baptism of Thomas MACAULAY(1327), the son of Aulay MACAULAY(1374) and Deborah LISTER(1375), who had married in 1738, and that Thomas was the fourth of six children.

In that he is said to have been M.D., implies that he had to have a degree, but from where? Presumably an M.D. was awarded by some university or hospital attached to a university, so I will try to chase this up.

Thomas MACAULAY married Ann FIRTH(1328) on 17 Jan 1773, at St. Peter's church, Huddersfield2, when he would have been about 23 if born in 1750, rather young, and she, having been baptised towards the end of 1735, about 37. However, she was, after all, an heiress - and in possession, on her marriage, of a sizable part of her father's estate, which would have made her a good marriage prospect despite her age.

Banns/marriag Register entry

He is described in the banns, though it looks more like the actual marriage to me, as of the parish of Manchester, which fits with the baptism record from St Anne's, Manchester above. The marriage is mentioned by Travis Clay3, who describes Thomas as M.D., and of Huddersfield, which is presumably incorrect; Huddersfield was Ann FIRTH's parish. Thomas' marriage to Ann FIRTH is also noted on the pedigree on p.237 of Horsfall Turner 18934 , where he is described as M.D. of Thormanby, and his year of death is given as 1801.

Thormanby was a smallish parish in the North Riding nowadays on the A19 between York and Thirsk. However, other publications5 say that he was of Throxenby, a place within the parish of Scalby, which seems more likely as both his children were baptised at Scalby. At some stage therefore, and not long after they were married, Thomas and Ann moved from Manchester, or from Huddersfield, to Scalby.

Thomas and Ann had it seems just two children, possibly on account of Ann's age:

Both were baptised at Scalby, in the North Riding, near Scarborough, and both survived to adulthood, married and had children.

In 1790, Thomas and Ann, together with Sarah NICHOLLS, bought from Sir John RAMSDEN of Byram, Baronet, two allotments of enclosed land at the bottom of Cawclift (Cawcliffe) near Clough House. The larger was bounded on the east by an allotment of enclosed land awarded to them, on the south by their freehold land; on the north west by a road leading to Storth, and by the Halifax-Huddersfield turnpike road on the north6. They also reportedly benefited further under the terms of the Huddersfield Enclosure Act, being awarded 9 acres 2 roods and 4 perches of common land7. This may have been in Birkby, as claimed by Mr. G.W. Tomlinson but examination of the original Huddersfield Enclosure Award would clarify this.

There seems to be no information on how long the family were at Scalby.

Thomas' wife Ann predeceased him, and was buried at St Peter's, Huddersfield on 21 Sep 17958. This date is also quoted in an unidentified journal9 . For Thomas himself, as noted above, the year of his death is given as 1801, and he was reportedly buried at Throxenby. However, there does not at present appear to be any primary information to support this as where he was buried. There is, however, a burial record for a Thomas MACAULAY, gentleman, of Manchester, at Blackley chapel on 24 Jul 180110. This may or may not be him. Blackley was within the parish of Manchester.

The information on Thomas is pretty skimpy and uncertain. Maybe more will emerge in the future.


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