The Macaulay branch starts with Anne MACAULAY (936) who married Richard Johnson Daventry ASHWORTH(74) and produced my great-great grandmother Ann Susannah ASHWORTH (71). Clay1 says:

The name of Macaulay has been familiar in this district (i.e. Huddersfield) for some generations, though I do not know which member of the family was enterprising enough to migrate to and lead a successful existence in Yorkshire. From the pedigree I have seen it may have been his (Dr. Thomas Macaulay's) great-grandfather. He was out with Argyll in the Civil Wars and probably found fields and pastures new. The family is said to hail from Ardencaple.

Argyll had accompanied the Army of the Covenant, when it marched into England in Jan 16442, and that army was in Yorkshire during the first quarter of 1644, the first Civil War ending with the defeat of Prince Rupert at Marston Moor, west of York, in July. Several actions took place in the West Riding. I have no information on whether there was a Macaulay as part of any of these actions who might have elected to stay behind in Yorkshire, but it is perfectly possible.

Ardencaple, the supposed original Scottish seat of the MacAulays, was in what is now Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, on the shore of the Firth of Clyde. According to a Clan MacAulay website3 the name appears in a document of 1294. The first laird of Ardincaple to use the name MacAulay was the 11th, Walter of Ardencaple, who inherited the estate in 1554. Walter's son Aulay was knighted by King James. The castle passed out of the family at some time in the late 18th century, when the family fortunes had flowed away over the gaming tables. In 1923 Ardencaple was bought again by Mrs H MacAulay-Stromberg who lived in it until she died in 1931. The castle was then neglected until taken by the Navy during WW2 for use as Naval Married Quarters. The castle was finally demolished in about 1957, leaving only one tower4 and the land used for a Naval Housing Estate as part of the Gareloch submarine base.

The connection between the Macaulays in this branch of my family and the MacAulays of Ardencaple has been presumed by others, but does not seem to be established by any documentary evidence.

Macaulay generations

Generation Macaulay Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
N Ann MACAULAY (936)
Richard Johnson Daventry ASHWORTH (74)
26 Dec 1801 at St. Peters, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
M Thomas MACAULAY (1327)
Ann FIRTH (1328)
17 Jan 1773 at St. Peter's, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
L Aulay MACAULAY (1374)
Deborah LISTER(1375)
05 Mar 1738 at Bradford, Yorkshire
J Alaxander MACAULAY(1381) of Huddersfield
Rebeckah UNKNOWN(2284)
in the early 1700s?


1 Slead Hall, by H Travis CLAY, Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society, 1933, pp. 169-193.
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