The Machell branch starts with Catherine MACHELL (212) who married Reginald REMINGTON(109). Most of the information on this page derives from just two secondary sources. The first is a paper by Timothy Cockerill1 entitled The Machell and Remington Families of Aynsome, Cartmel which appeared in the Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society, Volume 89, 1989. The second is a set of web pages by Janet Martin, The History of Hollow Oak, part of a website maintained by the Leven Valley Communities. These two sources are not always in agreement. More recently Janet Martin has kindly sent me more detailed notes on various members of the Machell family, from her work on original documents.

Machell generations

Generation Machell Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
N Catherine MACHELL (212) (1774-1857) Reginald Remington (109) (ca.1770-1854) 15 Oct 1796 at Cartmel, Lancs.
L Thomas MACHELL (1116) (1726-1802) Ellen MICHAELSON (1117) (1731-1775) 08 Oct 1752 at Cartmel, Lancs.
J John Machell (1119) (1678 - 1750) Elizabeth Walker(1120) (1680 - ?) ca. 1705.
I James Maychell (nnnn) (? - 1702) Elizabeth ?(nnnn) (? - ?) unknown


Cockerill (1989) says that Thomas was born in 1726 and died in 1802, and that he inherited Aynsome on the death of his father in 1750. The Colton Parish Registers, as transcribed and published by the Lancashire Parish Record Society, contain a baptism record dated 19 Nov 1726 for Tho, son of John Maychell, Haverthwt. In 1752 Thomas married Ellen Michaelson(1118) of Greenbank, Cartmel, who was the daughter of Thomas Michaelson. The Bishop's Transcripts of the Cartmel registers (FHL film 1040300) simply says:

Oct 8 Thomas Machell and Ellen Michaelson of [this parish].
Cockerill (1989) lists three children of this marriage.

Children of Thomas Machell(1117) and Ellen Michaelson(1118)

Name Notes
Thomas Michaelson Machell(1121) Born in 1759, according to Cockerill (1989), and succeeded his father at Aynsome in 1802. In 1817 he married Margaret, daughter of Richard Postlethwaite of Lancaster. Thomas died, without issue, in 1826, leaving Aynsome to his nephew the Rev. Thomas Remington(1102).
Elizabeth Machell(1122) Born in 1761, according to Cockerill (1989), and married her cousin James Machell of Newby Bridge, and had issue.
Catherine Machell(212) Born in 1774, according to Cockerill (1989), and married Reginald Remington (109) of Melling. Catherine died in 1857. For further details see her separate section above.


According to Cockerill (1989), John Machell(1119) was one of a number of children of James Maychell of Haverthwaite and his first wife Elizabeth. Janet Martin gives the date of his baptism as 19 Mar 1678, at Cartmel. She also names his father as James, and says that his mother was Elizabeth, James Machell's first wife. There is some confusion here. Firstly, James Machell or Maychell is said to have been of Haverthwaite, which was part a township within the parish of Colton, Lancs., so why would a child of his be baptised at Cartmel? Also, there is a reference listed by to a marriage bond dated 13 Jan 1684/5 between a James Machel, of the parish of Cartmel, and Elizabeth Marr. So there was a James Machel of Cartmel, and possibly another James Machell or Maychell of Haverthwaite. Also, Elizabeth Marr is unlikely to have been the mother of this John Machell. There remain things to be sorted out here. However, in that the James Maychell given by both Cockerill and Martin as John's father was clearly a man of substance and left, in his will dated 01 Nov 1702 (which I have not seen), his iron forge at Backbarrow to John, and given that John and his descendants remained ironmasters at Backbarrow, it seems likely that James was indeed his father. I need to get sight of that will. What remains uncertain is when and where this John was baptised, and who his mother was. There I have left it for the time being.

John was an Iron Master of Backbarrow in Lancashire. In about 1705 he married Elizabeth Walker, daughter, according to Cockerill (1989) of William, and according to Martin of John Walker, of Hollow Oak, which is close to Haverthwaite. As part of the marriage settlement between John Walker and John Machell, Hollow Oak was made over to the latter. Some details of this settlement, dated 05 May 1704, are given in an article entitled The Social History of Hollow Oak circa 1640-2003 by Janet Martin. The bridegroom paid John Walker £100 and promised him an annuity of £7.00 for his lifetime. John Walker made over all his property in Haverthwaite, presumably including Hollow Oak. Hollow Oak is within the parish of Colton, but there is no record of this marriage in the transcription of the parish records (1623-1812, with gaps) published by the Lancashire Parish Records society.

Later, in 1745 when he was already in his late fifties, John Machell bought Aynsome. One wonders whether property prices in the north west were affected by the Jacobite rebellion of that year, with the Jacobite army marching down through Carlisle. At any rate, John only lived at Aynsome for five years, and died in 1750. In his will, dated 01 Mar 1749, he left Aynsome, and his share of the partnership in the Backbarrow Iron Works, to his third son Thomas Machell(1117). This was presumably because his two elder sons were already married and had received settlements during his lifetime.

According to Cockerill (1989), John Machell and Elizabeth Walker had three sons and four daughters. Cockerill names only the sons. The daughters are mentioned by Janet Martin, together with the men they married, and, for two of them, their year of birth. All seven children are listed as part of a Munns/Smith family tree on the Rootsweb site. None of the references give details of their sources, though I would guess that all of the children were born at Hollow Oak. In the detailed notes kindly provided by Janet Martin, information on baptisms, marriages, burials and wills is given. All the chldren were baptised at Colton, including three sons who died in infancy, bringing the total number of children to ten.

Children of John Machell(1119) and Elizabeth Walker(1120)

Name Notes
Elizabeth Machell(1156) Born in 1706, according to Janet Martin, and married Richard Robinson of Fell Foot at Colton on 09 Nov 1732. There is a 1705 baptism recorded in the Colton parish registers for Eliz, daughtr of John Mechil, Hollowoak, Mch 14, which would be 14 Mar 1706 according to the new style calendar, and this is presumably her. She was buried on 17 Apr 1736 at Cartmel.
James Machell(1123) Born in 1708, according to Cockerill (1989), and there is an entry in the Colton parish register for baptisms in 1708, Jam, son of John Maychell, May 30. James is said to have been of Hollow Oak, which perhaps was settled on him as the eldest son when, in 1733, he married Margaret Harrison of Coniston Waterhead. Their descendants became the Machells of Penny Bridge Hall; see further details. James died in 1775 and his will is dated 03 Apr 1775 (Lancashire Record Office, DDMc 32/6). There is or was as reported in the LPRS transcription of the Colton records, a memorial tablet, with arms and crest, on the north wall of the chancel of Colton church which read:
Sacred to the Memory of James Machell Esqr late of Hollow Oak in this parish who departed this life the 24th of Novr 1775 in the 68th Year of his Age. This Marble is erected by his eldest son John Machell as a lasting Testimony of filial Duty and respect.
There is a burial entry for 1775 at Colton which reads James Machell, Esquire, from Ulverston, Nov 27.
John Machell(1124) Born in 1710, according to Cockerill (1989), and There is an entry under christenings for 1710 at Colton which reads John, son of John Machiel, of Haverthwt, Octr 31, which is probably his. Cockerill says he married Ann Robinson in 1737, but does not say whether they had children. John died in 1789.
Emma (Emy) Machell(1157) Born in 1713, according to Janet Martin, and there is an entry in the Colton parish registers under christenings for 1713 which reads Emy, daugh of John Maychall, June 20. Janet Martin also says Emma married John Robinson of Newby Bridge. Her will is dated 11 Mar 1791 (Lancashire Record Office, DDMC 32/10).
William Machell(1160) Baptised 30 Dec 1715 at Colton. Buried 19 May 1718, at Colton.
Catherine Machell(1158) Date of birth not given by Janet Martin, but there is an entry in the Colton records,under the christenings for 1717 which reads Katharine, daugh of John Maychell, Feby 18, which could well be hers. The corresponding date according to the new style would be 18 Feb 1718. According to Janet Martin, Catherine married Joseph Gregg of Mirehouse. Her will is dated 26 Nov 1776 (Lancashire Record Office, DDMC 32/7).
Agnes Machell(1159) Date of birth not given by Janet Martin, but there is an entry in the Colton records under christenings for 1719 which reads Agnes, daugh of John Maychell, Feby 27, which would give 27 Feb 1720, new style. According to Janet Martin, Agnes married Richard Atkis of Liverpool. Buried 23 Oct 1789 Cartmel, of Newby Bridge. Her will is dated (or proved?) 05 Jan 1785 (Lancashire Record Office, DDMc 32/8), of Aynsome.
William Machell(1161) Baptised 22 Aug 1722 at Colton. Buried 24 Aug 1724, at Colton.
Miles Machell(1162) Baptised 01 Jun 1725 at Colton. Buried 05 May 1725 [sic], at Colton.
Thomas Machell(1117) Born in 1726, according to Cockerill (1989). There is an entry in the Colton register under christenings for 1726 which reads Tho, son of John Maychell, Haverthwt, Nov 19, which is probably him. Again according to Cockerill, Thomas married Ellen Michaelson (1118) of Greenbank, Cartmel. Thomas died in 1802. For further details see his separate section above.

A large number of documents relating to the Machells was deposited at the Lancashire Record Office by Major J U Machell of Pennybridge Hall on 19 Jun 1969. These are stored under reference code DDMc, The muniments of the Machell family of Hollow Oak in Haverthwaite and Pennybridge. A list of the documents can be found by using the search facilities on the a2a database. Some of the wills referred to above come from this set of documents, and have not been seen by me. References to other documents relating to the family can also be found through the a2a search facilities, and would form an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to assemble a more detailed history of the various branches of the Machell family.

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1) Lancashire Online Parish Clerk Project, based on FHL film 1040190. Also, Lancashire Parish Register Society, Vol. CD M 4, where her father's name is mis-transcribed as Nichaelson.

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