The Maude branch is an early one, and starts with Isabel Maude(354) who married William Currer(353). Foster(1874) has this marriage in the Currer pedigree, without a date, based on the herald's visitation of 1612. The entry in the pedigree simply reads:

WILIAM CURRER, of Marley, co. Ebor., Visit. 1612 = ISABEL, daughter of Christopher Mahute, or Maude, of Holling Hall, Visit. 1612.

The above marriage also appears in the entry for Maude of Alverthorpe and Wakefield in one of Burkes genealogical dictionaries (I am unsure of the date of the original publication) which has been reproduced in a CD entitled Notable British Families, 1600s-1900s. The entry to this particular marriage refers to Whitaker's History of Craven, which I have, also on CD, but not working properly at present.

Based on the Burkes pedigree, the Maude generations were:

Maude generations

Generation Maude Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
F Isabel Mahute/Maude(354) William Currer(353) (dates unknown) unknown
E Christopher Maude(543) (?-ca.1581) Grace [unknown](544) unknown
D Thomas Monhault or Maude(547) (?-ca.1576) Catherine Tempest(548) unknown
- Arthur Maude(699) (will 1534) Johanna, da. of Lawrence Townley unknown
- Constantine Monhault or Maude(703) (living between 1480 and 1520) da.(704) of Kighley of Newhall unknown
- Thomas Monhault(705) 5 times great grandson of Robert unknown unknown
- several missing generations    
- Robert de Montalt(-) unknown unknown
- Andomar or Aylmer de Montalt(-) (living in 1174) unknown unknown
- Robert de Montalt(-) Emma Delaval unknown
- Ralph de Montalt(-) unknown unknown
- Roger de Monte Alto(-) unknown unknown
- Eustace de Monte Alto(-) (alive in 1066) unknown unknown

Christopher MAUD

Burkes Landed Gentry (1843) has an entry on Maude of Moor House, and the section on Christopher Maude(543) reads:

CHRISTOPHER MAUDE, Esq. of Holling Hall and Woodhouse, Patron of Ilkley, in 1554, was the third son of Thomas Monhault(547) , or Maude, of West Riddlesden, and his wife Catherine Tempest(548). Christopher's eldest brother, Arthur Mowhaut(551), or Maude, proved, at Glover's Visitation in 1585, his descent from the Maudes of West Ryddlesden, and had his right to their arms allowed. Christopher left at his decease (his will bears date 1561) a dau., Isabel, m. to William Currer, Esq. of Marley, two sons , THOMAS MAUDE(543), of West Riddlesden, ancestor of the VISCOUNTS HAWARDEN, (see BURKE'S Peerage,) and JOHN MAUDE(546), Esq. of Staynland, near Halifax.

Beyond that the entry indicates that Christopher was the great-grandson of Constantine Monhaull or Maude of West Riddlesden, who was living at the close of the 15th century, and who was seventh in descent from Robert de Montalt. In fact Burkes Landed Gentry indicates that the lineage goes back to Eustace de Monte Alto, but leaves out many of the individual generations. I have transcribed an extract of the entry.

Christopher Maude married someone called Grace(544), but her father's name is not given. Burkes lists three children:

Children of Christopher Maude(543) and Grace(544)

Name Notes
Thomas Maude(545) of West Riddlesden, who died 3rd Jan 1633.
John Maude(546) of Staynland, near Halifax, made, in 1585 and 1592, surrenders of copyhold in Wakefield parish. He married Alice, daughter of Brian Brome, esq., and had two sons.
Isabel Maude(354) married William Currer. See her entry above.


Thomas Maude(547) was of West Riddlesden, the son of Arthur Maude and a daughter of Lawrence Towneley. He married Catherine Tempest(548), daughter of Roger Tempest of Broughton and his wife Anne Carre. My guess is that this marriage took place about 1550. Burkes lists six children of this marriage:

Children of Thomas Maude(547) and Catherine Tempest(548)

Name Notes
Arthur Mawhaut or Maude(551) who proved, at Glover's visitation in 1585, his descent from Constantine, and was allowed to bear his arms. He married Jane Eltofts, daughter of Anthony Eltofts of Farnhill in Craven and had six daughters. Arthur died on 26 Dec 1587 and was buried at Bingley.
Thomas Maude(552) who died without issue.
Christopher Maude(543) of Holling Hall and Woodhouse, who married Grace. See his entry above.
Anne Maude(553) about whom no information is given.
Margaret Maude(554) who married Thomas Tempest(555) esq., of Yellowsome.
Isabel Maude(556) who marriede Robert Bayldon of Bayldon.

Thomas Maude's will is dated 1576, so after the fashion of the times, he probably died not much later.

Arthur MAUDE

Burkes has little to say about this Arthur Maude. He was of West Ryddylsden (sic), the son on Constantine Monhault or Maude(703) and his will is dated 1534. He married a daughter of Lawrence Towneley and had a son, Thomas, whose entry is above, and a daughter Agnes who married Stephen Paslew of Rawdon. His will, dated 11 May 1534, is summarised in J. Horsfall Turner's (1897) Ancient Bingley. In it he asked to be buried in All Saints church, Bingley. He left 20s to the church of Blessed Andrew the Apostle in Kighley for a bell. He named John Maude, his brother. He directs that Laurence Kighley (his mother was a Kighley) and Thomas Mawde his son, recover a debt of 40 marks from Stephen Tempest de Broughton, the money to be available for the use of Stephen Paslew, (his son in law), his heirs and assigns. He names as executors his wife Johanna Mawde, his son Thomas and Stephen Paslew. The will was witnessed by Walter Paslew, and proved 31 Jul 1534.

Constantine MONHAULT or MAUDE

Burkes says that Constantine Maude(703) was the son of Thomas Monhault(705) and was of West Ryddlesden. He was living between 1480 and 1520. He married a daughter of someone called Kighley, of Newhall, and the only child mentioned in the son, Arthur Maude (699), who succeeded him and whose entry is above.


All that appears in Burke is his name, and that he was the father of Constantine Monhault or Maude(703) above. There is no mention of whom he married, and only that he was the five times great grandson of Robert de Montalt, who inherited West Riddlesden and other estates of his cousin Richard de Montalt, whose son and heir died in his lifetime.

There is a large gap in the generations listed in Burkes at this point, and I shall see whether it can be filled before entering the information which Burkes gives about the earlier generations.

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