It would appear that Ellen was the second of two children of Thomas MICHAELSON(1792) (1694-1767), of Greenbank, and Anne BURSCOUGH(2497) (1707-1751), of Town, who married in 1728. Ellen was baptised at the Priory Church of St Mary and St Michael, Cartmel, Lancashire, on 1 Jul 17311.

Prior to this there is a baptism of Thomas MICHAELSON, son of Thomas MICHAELSON, on 18 Dec 1729, presumably an elder sibling.

Ellen MICHAELSON married Thomas MACHELL(1116) on 8 Oct 1752 at Cartmel2, both being of that parish. If the baptismal record above is hers, then she was 21. There is also a marriage bond, dated 7 Oct 1752 for Thomas MACHELL of Aynsome, aged 24, and Eleanor MICHAELSON of Greenbank, aged 22, both of the parish of Cartmel.

There are Cartmel baptismal records for 8 children of Thomas MACHELL of Aynsome3:

A portrait of Ellen is in the Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, painted by Christopher Steele in 1755 and entitled Elin Machell. Presumably both she and her husband had their portraits painted at the same time, after the birth of their first child.

Ellen died in 1775 at the relatively early age of 44, not that long after the birth of her last child. She was buried at Cartmel on 2 Aug 17754.


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