The Michaelson branch starts with Eleanor MICHAELSON (1117) who married Thomas MACHELL (1116).

The family name, which I have here consistently rendered as MICHAELSON, has historically been spelt variously, including MITCHELSON, MICHELSON, MYCHELLSONN, MYTCELLSON, and no doubt other variants. The family seems to have had a relatively long association with Greenbank, in the parish of Cartmel1, with the family line traced back to Ellen's Michaelson great-grandparents (see below).

The earliest reference in the parish records for Cartmel is to the marriage of a Thomas MICHAELSON, to an unnamed wife, on 28 Aug 15622. The first mention in the Cartmel parish records of Greenbank as the Michaelson place of residence is the baptism, on 15 Jan 1609/10, of Dorothy, the daughter of Edward MICHAELSON of Greenbank3.

Both Green Bank and Aynsome are shown, a short distance north of Cartmel, on William Yates' 1786 map of the county of Lancashire, which can be viewed on the website of Lancashire County Council. Both places also appear on Greenwood's 1818 Map of Lancashire, which can be viewed on the website of Lancashire County Council.

Michaelson generations

Generation Michaelson Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
N Eleanor MICHAELSON (1117) (1731-1775) Thomas MACHELL(1116) (1726-1802) 8 Oct 1752 at Cartmel Priory, Lancashire.
L Thomas MICHAELSON (1792)(1694? - 1767) Anne BURSCOUGH(2497) (1707-1751) 17 Nov 1728 at Cartmel Priory, Lancsashire
J Thomas MICHAELSON (2624)(? - 1723) Ellen JONES(2625) (1665 - 1752) 27 May 1690, at Cartmel Priory, Lancashire.
J Robert MICHAELSON (2630)(1618 - 1692) Susanna(2631) (dates unknown) possibly around 1663.


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2) Cartmel (St Mary the Virgin, Priory Church); Baptisms 1559-1661, Marriages 1559-1660, Burials 1559-1659; Lancashire Parish Register Society, Volume CD 28, p.215.
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