The Milnes branch starts with Marianne MILNES (8) who married Henry Briggs (7). My information on the Milnes family limited. There is a three-generation pedigree 1. The same book also contains some notes on the family. The association of the family with the Flockton Collieries is described at some length in a publication of the Northern Mine Research Society.

Milnes generations

Generation Milnes Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
O Marianne MILNES(8)
Henry BRIGGS (7)
03 Jun 1824 at Thornhill by Dewsbury, W. R. Yorkshire
M James MILNES(299)
Mary Anne BELL (300)
13 Mar 1792, Bowden, Cheshire
L Richard MILNES(1132)
(1705?-1770 or 1776)
Martha BROOK(1133)
(d. 1763)
03 Sep 1739 at Halifax, W. R. Yorkshire.

Marianne MILNES

Marianne MILNES(8) was born on 23 Mar 1801 2, at the Manor House, Flockton, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of James MILNES (299) and Mary Ann BELL(300). This agrees with the above mentioned pedigree. There are IGI entries 3 for her baptism on 19 May 1801 at Flockton, with James MILNES as her father.

Marianne married Henry Briggs(7) on 03 Jun 1824 at Thornhill by Dewsbury 4 , the parish within which Flockton lay, and they had three sons 5:

In the 1851 census, the family was living at Overton House, Skillington, near Wakefield 6, and by 1861 they had moved to Outwood Hall, in the township of Stanley-cum-Wrenthorpe 7. In 1868 her husband died, and in 1871, widowed, she is in the household of her son Archibald BRIGGS, at Moor House, still in Stanley 8 . By 1881 she was in the household of her other surviving son, Henry C. Briggs, at Woodland House, Potternewton, Leeds 9, and I presume she was living there when she died.

In the family she was known as Aye-Aye. She was almost as tall as her husband, who was over six feet. In old age, which is the only portrait we have of her, she was remembered as 'a very pretty old lady with a roundish smiling face and pink and white complexion' 10.

Marianne died in 1886, aged 85 11 , and was buried on 07 Jun 1886 in the church yard of St James the Great, Flockton 12.


All that Alice Sohpia Briggs (1919) has to say about James Milnes is that he married Mary Ann Bell, daughter of Archibald Bell of Edinburgh. Alice Sophia also presumes that this Milnes was a branch of Lord Houghton's family, as the crest was the same (not that this means anything to me). The chapter notes in Davidson (1986) indicate that James was one of four sons of Richard Milnes, and that he lived at the Manor House, Flockton. The brief pedigree given by Davidson (1986) gives his dates as 1744 to 1803. In unpublished notes of correspondence [1309/2/4], it is indicated that he died in May 1803.

Davidson (1986) shows just two daughters of James and Mary, and the IGI also contains records of the baptism of only two daughters.

Children of James Milnes(299) and Mary Anne Bell (300)

Name Notes
Margaret Milnes(1131) 1793-1881. She was baptised at Flockton on 27 Jun 1793 [IGI based on parish records transcribed by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society]. She married William Stansfield (1785-1835) on 31 Jan 1815 [letter 23, 1309/4/8].
Marianne Milnes(8) 1801-1886. Married Henry Briggs (1797-1868). See her entry above.

There seems to be rather a long gap between these two baptisms, but there is no indication that there were any other children.

Richard MILNES

The brief pedigree given in Davidson (1986) gives only that he died in 1776, that his wife's first name was Martha, and that she died in 1763. The IGI has a two competing dates for the marriage of a Richard Milns to Martha Brook or Brooke. One, based on parish records, is 03 Sep 1739 at Halifax, and the other, from an unsourced member submission, is 01 Jul 1741 at Kirkheaton. For the moment, I am going with the Halifax date. The IGI entry is based on FHL film 990597, which is of Bishop's Transcripts for the period 1707 to 1800, though the IGI extraction starts in 1720. There is also an IGI entry for the christening on 23 Mar 1705 of a Richard Milne, son of another Richard, based on the nonconformist register of baptisms, marriages, and deaths generally known as the Northowram or Coley register, which could possibly be him. Northowram is nowadays part of Halifax, so is in the right part of the country.

For children of this marriage, Davidson (1986) shows only their son James, but chapter notes at the end of the book say that Richard had four sons. The notes also say that Richard was a timber merchant and died in 1770. The IGI, based on church records, has entries for the baptisms of four sons and four daughters, all children of a Richard and my guess is that they are all children of this Richard.

Children of Richard Milnes(1132) and Martha Brook (1133)

Name Notes
John Milnes (Millns)(1134) IGI record of his baptism at Flockton on 12 Jun 1743.
James Milnes (Millns)(299) IGI record of his baptism at Flockton on 26 Jul 1744. He married Mary Anne Bell and had two daughters. See his entry above.
Mary Milnes (Millns)(1135) IGI record of her baptism at Flockton on 14 Jun 1746.
Martha Milnes (Milns)(1136) IGI record of her baptism at Flockton on 08 Oct 1748.
Richard Milnes (Milns)(1137) IGI record of his baptism at Flockton on 04 Nov 1750.
William Milnes (Milns)(1138) IGI record of his baptism at Flockton on 26 Nov 1752.
Elizabeth Milnes (Milns)(1139) IGI record of her baptism at Flockton on 26 Apr 1755.
Ann Milnes (Milns)(1140) IGI record of her baptism at Flockton on 12 Mar 1758.

It is further said in the chapter notes in Davidson (1986) that the brothers worked the Flocton Mine, using rails laid down to transport timber to the River Calder (remembering that their father was a timber merchant) to move the coal. It seems that this mine, which was on Milnes land and had been worked since 1774, provided Henry Briggs, when he married Marianne Milnes in 1824, with his entree into mining.


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4) Familysearch, based on FHL film 990771, which is a film of the Bishop's Transcripts for Thornhill, originals at the Borthwick Institute, York and West Yorkshire Archives, Leeds. According to the FHL catalogue, this particular film includes, in item 1, marriages 1834-1837. So there must be a catalogue error somewhere, for 1824 is shown as covered by FHL film 990770.
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