Robert PHILLIPS and his descendants

Robert PHILLIPS(1333) was born in Cork, Ireland in about 18301. His parents were Robert PHILLIPS (1787-1843) and Sarah DELANEY (1795-?) 2. In the 1861 census he is in the household of his widowed mother, whose occupation is given as Landed Proprietor, aged 66, and born in Cork, Ireland. Robert's age is given as 30, he is unmarried, his occupation is an Oil Merchant, and his place of birth Cork Ireland3 . Robert died on 24 Aug 19014.

Robert PHILLIPS married Cecilia STOWELL(158) , the daughter of the Rev. Hugh STOWELL (70) and Ann Susannah ASHWORTH(71), on 13 Nov 1863 at Eccles, Lancashire5. They had two sons:

In 1871 Robert is living at 70 Balton(?) Road, Pendleton, Salford, and is still described as an Oil Merchant. With him is his wife Cecilia, and their two sons Hugh S. PHILLIPS, aged 5, and Robert N. F. PHILLIPS, aged 3, both born in Salford 8.

In 1881 the family is living at 4 Petworth Street, Cheetham, Manchester. Robert is 49 and his occupation is still an Oil Merchant. His wife Cecilia, aged 42, and both sons are present, aged 15 and 13 and attending school 9.

In 1891 Robert is at 367 Lower Barton Road, Broughton, Salford. The boys are gone, and Robert, aged 59, now has his occupation as Managing Director of a Railway Carriage Works. With him is his wife Cecelia, aged 52 10.

In 1901 he is living at 1 Vacant Lane, Southport, Lancashire, aged 71 and a widower, described as a retired merchant. With him are three of his grand- children: Robert S. PHILLIPS, aged 7, a british subject born in Kee Chang, China about 1894; Mary C. PHILLIPS, aged 6, a british subject born in 1895 in Foochow, China, and Constance K. PHILLIPS, aged 4, born in 1897 in Manchester 11.

There is a photograph of Robert.


1) There is no direct evidence of his birth, and the dates come from his age given in England and Wales Census returns.
2) Asslinger Family Tree, accessible through I do not know what the source of this information was. That his mother's given name was Sarah is evidenced by the 1861 England census return, for which see note 3 below. The year of her death is not given. It must have been after the 1861 census, but I have not found her so far in the Index to Death Duty Registers 1796-1903, having looked at 1861-1870.
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