Isabel REDFORD(1249) (with her name spelt Isoble) was baptised at Lilliesleaf, in what was then Roxburghshire, Scotland, on 29 Nov 17611, so was probably born earlier that year. Her father was Andrew REDFORD (1619), but the baptismal register does not mention her mother.

Isabel died, aged 65, on 21 Sep 1826, and was buried at Bowden Churchyard, Roxburghshire2. Bowden was the parish immediately abutting Lilliesleaf on the north, with the Ale Water running partly through Lilliesleaf parish and partly along the parish boundary. Midlem, which is in Bowden parish, was where her husband was born. The MI in Bowden churchyard, as transcribed, reads:

Sacred to the memory of Mungo THORBURN late tenant in --- who died 30.10.1825 aged 77 years and also Isabella REDFORD his wife who died 27.9.1896 (I think this should read 1826) aged 65 years also Isabella THORBURN their daughter who died 28.6.189- aged 20 years also Betty THORBURN their daughter who died 20.2.1897 (I think this should read 1807) aged 19 years and William THORBURN their son who died 7.12.1818 aged 20 years.

Lilliesleaf is described on the excellent Borders Family History Society website, with maps, which is something I really like.

There is an MI in Lilliesleaf churchyard3 which reads:

Erected in memory of ANDREW REDFORD late portioner in Lilliesleaf who died 11.5.1807 aged 77 years also ISABELL STUART his spouse who died Feb 1811(?) aged 72 years, also JAMES, JOHN, BETTY, JOAN and MARY their children

The children listed are possibly ones who died young.

From about 1768, the baptismal register for Lilliesleaf starts to record both parents, and there are baptismal records for six children of Andrew REDFORD and Isabel STUART which match, for the most part, the names recorded on the above monumental inscription in Lilliesleaf churchyard. Also, these are the only REDFORD baptismal records at Lilliesleaf over the period with father Andrew, so I think they are likely to be all the same family. Thus I believe that Isabel's parents were Andrew REDFORD(1619) (ca.1729-1807) and Isabel STUART(2066) (1738-1811), and that she was their eldest child.

Isabel married Mungo THORBURN (1248) in about 1782. If the marriage was at Lilliesleaf, the Old Parish Records survive only from 1817 and so do not have a record of this marriage. Mungo came from Midlem, on the other, north, side of the Ale Water, in Bowden parish, but was perhaps already farming at Friershaw in the adjacent part of the parish of Lilliesleaf.

According to a website originally maintained by Fergus Souchek-Smith but now no longer on line, and other personal communications4, Isabel and Mungo had eleven chidren, four girls and seven sons. In one form or another they can all be found in the Old Parish Records5.

In the list of the first eight children, their father was a tenant in Friershaw, which is in a part of the parish of Lilliesleaf which lies north of the Ale Water adjacent to the boundary with Bowden parish6. For the last two children he was described as being a tenant in Birkhillside. Birkhillside was at the western edge of the parish of Legerwood, on the north side of the Legerwood Burn close to its confluence with the Leader Water. Presumably therefore the family moved to Birkenside around 1804.


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