Various IGI entries based on member submissions have him born in 1796, and of Crow Trees, Melling.
He married Mary ASHBURNER(1108) on 07 Sep 1826, at Urswick, Lancashire [FHL based on Bishop's transcripte for Unrwick, FHL film 1040313]. Cockerill (1989) also has this marriage. Mary was the only child of George ASHBURNER(1518) of Holm Bank, Urswick, a yeoman, and his wife Agnes CRAGG(1519), who married at Millom, Cumberland, on 16 Feb 1795 [IGI based on parish records for Holy Trinity Church, Millom, Cumberland, FHL film 1471922]. According to Cockerill (1989), Mary died in 1883, and there is an entry for Mary REMINGTON, aged 87, in the GRO deaths index [Ulverston, December quarter of 1883, vol.8c, p.521]. This agrees with 1796 as her birth year.

The 1851 England census has a Henry Remington, solicitor, aged 54, his wife Mary, also aged 54, and an unmarried son George, an articled clerk aged 22, staying at 4 Queen Street, Ulverston. In the 1861 census Henry and his wife are at Aynsome, in Broughton West, and Mary's 93 year old mother Agnes Ashburner is staying with them. The entry in Alumni Cantabrigiensis for Henry's son Thomas Machell Remington(1111) , says that Mary was the only child of George Ashburner of Holm Bank, Ulverston. It would appear therefore, that Henry moved from Melling to Ulverston. The house at Aynsome, according to Emmeline Garnett (1994), came into the Remington family with his mother Catherine Machell(212). Cockerill (1989) gives more details in that he says Henry inherited Aynsome on the death of his unmarried brother Thomas in 1855. Thomas had inherited Aynsome from his uncle Thomas Michaelson Machell(1121).

The date of Henry's death is given as 17 Feb 1866, and his death, aged 68, was registered at Ulverston in the Mar quarter of that year (vol.8e, p.528), which would make the year of his birth more likely to be 1797.

According to Cockerill (1989), none of Henry's three brothers produced Remington heirs. Cockerill (1989) shows four sons, and two unnamed daughters of Henry Remington and Mary Ashburner. The daughters can be identified from other sources.

Children of Henry Remington(1101) and Mary Ashburner(1108)

Name Notes
Reginald Remington(1109) His birth date is given in Charlie Binyon's pages as 17 Mar 1827, at Ulverston. The IGI, based on a member submission for which no source details are available, gives his birth date as 03 Jul 1827, which may perhaps be his baptism. His entry in Alumni Oxoniensis says he went to Pembroke College, matriculating on 19 Jun 1851, aged 23, which is quite old. He took his BA in 1855 and MA in 1858. He held various curacies over the period 1856-65, then was Perpetual Curate of Gilsand from 1865 to 1867. In 1860 he married Frances Binyon, and they had six children, five daughters and one son. For details of these see the Charlie Binyon pages in the link above. According to Garnett (1994) he bought the advowson of Fritwell in Oxfordshire and was its Vicar from 1876 to 1882. She also says that he inherited in 1866 and preferred the life of a country gentleman. The Victoria History of Lancashire (Vol8, p.189) says that in that year he bought the advowson of Melling, and that on his death in April 1909 his son the Rev. Henry Remington became patron. Later, Reginald was vicar of Bailings, in Lincolnshire, but Garnett says it is not known how much time he actually spent in these parishes. In the 1851 England census, aged 23, he is described as a scholar, boarding with the Rev. William Pound at Sutton Cottage, Norton in Yorkshire, possibly cramming for his university entrance later that year? In the 1871 England census he is living, aged 43, at School Building, Crow Trees, Melling and is described as a landowner, and without cure of souls. The 1881 and 1891 census returns are presented in Charlie Binyon's pages In the 1901 census Reginald Remington is described as a retired clergyman, a widower aged 73, living at Haverbrack, Westmorland, with his two youngest and unmarried daughters Gertrude Dorothea, aged 32 and Constance Gaythorne, aged 30. He died in 1909, and his death was registered in the Jun quarter at Royston, Herts. (vol.3a, p.330 [or 390?]).
George Remington(1110) Born in 1829 according to Cockerill (1989), and there is an IGI entry, based on a member submission only, giving his date of birth as 15 Feb 1829. Again according to Cockerill (1989), George was a solicitor in Ulverston, and married Mary Ann Stewart of Liverpool. No date is given for this marriage, nor indication of whether there were children. George died in 1898, and there is an entry in the GRO deaths index for the Jun quarter of 1898 for a George Remington, aged 69 (Warwick, 6d, 345), which ties in with his birth year.
Agnes Remington(1115) In the 1841 England census Agnes is aged 10, staying at Queen Street, Ulverston, with her parents, implying that she was born about 1831. There is an IGI entry for her, based on a member submission, which gives the date of her birth as 23 Nov 1831. In the 1851 census she is at Aynsome, still with her parents, unmarried and of no occupation. At the moment I know nothing further.
Henry Remington(1113) Cockerill (1989) simply gives his dates as 1833-1901 and indicates that he did not marry. There is an IGI entry for his birth on 02 Jan 1833 and death in May 1901, based on a member submission for which no source data are given. His England census entries are:

1861 at Trinkelt, Ulverston, aged 28, unmarried, farming 110 acres with two farm hands (Thomas Smith, aged 17, and Frank Philipson, aged 34) and two domestic servants (Mary Johnson, aged 19 and Betty Jackson, aged 54). All were unmarried.

1871 still at Trinkelt, aged 38, unmarried, a yeoman,with a housekeeper (Margaret Ashburner, aged 48, unmarried), a general servant (Mary Jackson, aged 17), a cowman (John Curry, a 66 year old widower), and a ploughman (also John Curry, aged 25 and unmarried). There is also a visitor, Elizabeth Ashburner, aged 40, whose occupation is giver as visitor! There is still a farm called Trinkeld which appears on the OS topo maps, and also on the first series of the county maps in the mid 19th century, some 2 km SW of Ulverston.

1881 at East View, Pennington, aged 48, described as a retired farmer, with a housekeeper (Margaret Ashburner, aged 59), a housemaid (Elizabeth Ashburner, aged 52) and a groom (Thomas(?) Robinson, aged 18). Pennington is only about 1 km NW of the farm at Trinkeld.

1891 at East View in Pennington, aged 58 living on his own means, with a housekeeper (now Elizabeth Ashburner, aged 60), a house servant (Catherine Kellett, aged 19) and a groom (John Kellett, aged 15). There is also a visitor (Margaret A. Ashburner, aged 35. Again everyone is single.

1901 still at East View and still with Elizabeth Ashburner as housekeeper, and still with Margaret A. Ashburner, now aged 47 and living on her own means, listed as a visitor, though it seems she may have been a fairly permanent feature of the household. There is also just one general servant (Agnes Hall, aged 17, and a local girl).
Henry Remington died in 1901, and there is a GRO deaths index entry for him in the Jun quarter of that year (Ulverston, 8e, 526).
Catherine Remington(1114) In the 1841 England census Catherine was aged 7 staying at Queen Street, Ulverston, with her parents, and this implies she was born about 1834. An IGI entry, based on a member submission for which no source information is available, has her born around 1830 at Aynsome. Basically, I do not know much about her at present.
Thomas Machell Remington(1111) Cockerill (1989) gives some details of his life, which are repeated in Charlie Binyon's pages. I have drawn on both here. The Rev. Thomas Machell Remington was born on 21 Oct 1836, and was the youngest son. He was educated at Durham Grammar School and Trinity College, Cambridge (BA 1859, MA 1863). According to Crockford's, he was ordained Deacon in 1860 and Priest in 1861 by the Bishop of Manchester. He was Curate of Caton, Lancashire, (1860-65), then of Harthill, near Sheffield, (1865-66). Then he was Vicar of Arkholme, Lancashire (1866-73) and Rector of Claughton, Lancashire (1873-1885). In 1869 he married Alice Maud Binyon, whose sister was already married to his older brother the Rev. Reginald Remington(1109). Thomas did not enjoy good health, and when Alice Maud died in 1884 he decided to retire, resigned his living, and went to live at Aynsome, which he had inherited following the death of his mother Mary Remington (née Ashburner)(1108) in 1883. He became involved in various local affairs, including the Ulverston Board of Guardians, the Cartmal Grammar School and the Holker and District Fire Brigade. Thus when he died on 16 May 1900 and was buried in the family vault in Cartmel Priory a large crowd attended, and the death was reported in the Westmorland Gazette of 19 May 1900.
Thomas and Alice had six children, and according to Charlie Binyon they were:
  1. Mary Alice Remington(1144), born 30 Sep 1870.
  2. George Frederick M. Remington(1145), born 29 Jun 1872. There is a GRO births index entry for the Sep quarter of 1872 (Lunesdale, 8e, 713) and a deaths entry in the same quarter, age 0 (Lunesdale, 8e, 445) so he probably died in infancy if not at birth.
  3. Lucy Maud Remington(1146), born 03 Dec 1873,at Claughton, Lancs. according to the 1901 England census, when she was living on her own means at Aynsome, aged 27.
  4. Thomas Machell Remington(1147), born 12 Oct 1874 (at Claughton according to the 1901 England census). He inherited Aynsome on the death of his father in 1900, and in the 1901 England census he is living there as head of household, unmarried, and described as a farmer and market gardener. With him is his brother-in-law (and first cousin) John Stewart Remington (1143), aged 29 and married, Margret [sic] Emily Remington, 25 years old, and described incorrectly as wife to Thomas, when in fact she was wife to her first cousin John Stewart Remington and sister to Thomas. John Stewart Remington's occupation is an analytical chemist. Also in the house is Lucy Maud Remington(1146) Thomas' unmarried sister, living on her own means. Sophia Hopkins, aged 65, single and born in Manchester, is their housekeeper, and Hannah Robinson, aged 20, single and born in Morecambe, is parlour maid. At some stage, according to Cockerill (1989) Thomas sold Aynsome to Sir Evan MacGregor and emigrated to New Zealand. He died in 1938.
  5. Margaret Emily Remington(1148), born 13 May 1876, at Claughton, Lancs. according to the 1901 England census, when she was living on her own means at Aynsome in the household of her brother Thomas Machell Remington(1147). In 1898 she married her first cousin John Stuart Remington(1143) (GRO marriage index, Sep quarter, Ulverston, 8c, 1433).
  6. Catherine Remington(1149), born 09 Jan 1881 and died 21 Jan 1882.

Henry Remington's death is in the GRO deaths index for the Mar quarter of 1866, aged 68 (Ulverston, 8e, 528).

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