Reginald REMINGTON(109) was the only son of Henry REMINGTON(1128) and Isabel BAINBRIDGE(109).

All that Chippindall (1933) says about this Reginald Remington(109) is that he was of the Crow Trees, Melling. There is an IGI entry, based on a member submission without source details, giving 1770 as the year of his birth, and his parents as Henry Remington(1129) and Isabel Bainbridge(1130). Cockerill (1989) also shows him as son of Henry Remington of Melling. Emmeline Garnett (1994), in her notes on Crowtrees Farm, Melling, gives his dates as 1770-1854, and notes the story that on his father's early death in 1771, his mother, overwhelmed, went home leaving Reginald to his four unmarried aunts. On his behalf, using money they had inherited from an uncle who was a Liverpool merchant, in 1781 they bought the Melling estate of another branch of the family, including New Crowtrees.

It seems that the money referred to above came from Benjamin Wilson, originally from Liverpool, who from 1755 to his death in 1767 was a partner in a sugarhouse in Cuppins Lane, Chester. There is some information on this on a website maintained by Bryan Mawer. In his will, dated 21 May 1765 and proved on 05 May 1767, the residue of his estate, following the death of his wife Elizabeth, was left to his four neices Ann, Elizabeth, Ellin and Jane Remington, daughtgers of Reginald Remington of Melling, and these are presumably the four aunts, and Benjamin Wilson was presumably a brother of Elizabeth Wilson who married Reginald Remington.

I suppose that prior to the year in which the sisters purchased Crow Trees, Reginald was living at Summersgill.

A (1954) manuscript by my late uncle Leonard Tatham Stowell(21) says that Reginald married Catherine Machell(212) in 1796, but does not say where. It seems likely that the marriage took place at Cartmel, since Catherine was of Aynsome. The same Leonard Stowell manuscript says that they had five sons (Henry, Thomas, John, Reginald and William) and four daughters (Ellen, Isabelle, Ann and Catherine). The parish registers of St. Wilfrid, Melling, are available on microfilm (FHL film 1849660), and the baptisms, and occasionally the births, of the children with the exception of John, are given.

Children of Reginald Remington(109) and Catherine Machell(212)

Name Notes
Henry Remington(1101) Various IGI entries based on member submissions have him born in 1796, and of Crow Trees, Melling. Another similar IGI entry has his marrying Mary Ashburner on 07 Sep 1826, with no location given. His date of death is given as 17 Feb 1866, and his death, aged 68, was registered at Ulverston in the Mar quarter of that year (vol.8e, p.528), which would make the year of his birth more likely to be 1797. In fact his baptism is recorded in the registers of St. Wilfrid, Melling, as having taken place on 27 Jul 1797.
The 1851 England census has a Henry Remington, solicitor, aged 54, his wife Mary, also aged 54, and an unmarried son George, an articled clerk aged 22, staying at 4 Queen Street, Ulverston. In the 1861 census Henry and his wife are at Aynsome, in Broughton West, and Mary's 93 year old mother Agnes Ashburner is staying with them. The entry in Alumni Cantabrigiensis for his son Thomas Machell Remington(111), says that Mary was the only child of George Ashburner of Holm Bank, Ulverston. It would appear therefore, that Henry moved from Melling to Ulverston. The house at Aynsome, according to Emmeline Garnett (1994), came into the Remington family with his mother Catherine Machell. According to the same source, none of Henry's other four brothers produced Remington heirs, and this is also indicated by Cockerill (1989), who says that Henry inherited Aynsome from his younger brother, the Rev. Thomas Remington (1102) - see below. Cockerill (1989) also says that Henry had been articled to Thomas Thompson of Lancaster, before being admitted as a solicitor in 1820 and setting up his own practice in Ulverston. Some further information on Henry and his descendants, and on Aynsome, is on a separate page.
Ellen Remington(108) Born, according to Chippindall, on 13 Jan 1799, though the parish register of St. Wilfrid, Melling, has this as the date of her baptism. She married Richard Tatham, and had seven children. See her separate entry above.
Thomas Remington(1102) The 1851 England census has a Thomas Remington, aged 49, the incumbent of Cartmel, born at Melling, living at Aynsome Mansion, Broughton East. With him is his 45 year old unmarried sister Isabel, also born at Melling, and a 20 year old unmarried niece Agnes Remington, born at Ulverston. This would make his year of birth 1801 or 1802, and the parish register of St. Wilfrid, Melling has an entry saying he was born on 14 Jul 1801 and baptised on the 19th (or it may be the 17th, the writing is difficult). He was an MA. According to his entry in Alumni Cantabrigiensis he entered Emmanuel in Jan 1819, aged 19, but moved later the same year to Trinity. He took his BA in 1824 (22nd Wrangler and 6th Classic), and was made a fellow of Trinity in 1826. According to Cockerill (1989) he was ordained in 1826 and became curate of Buckden, Huntingdon. That same year he inherited Aynsome when his uncle Thomas Michaelson Machell(1121) died. In 1835, the Duke of Devonshire presented him to the Vicarage of Cartmel, where he remained until his death in 1855. Cockerill (1989) says that Thomas obtained permission of the Bishop of Chester to live at Aynsome, being looked after there by his unmarried sister as described above. He devoted much time and effort to the restoration of Cartmel Priory. In 1855 he went to London, caught smallpox there, and died of it at his mother's house, Crow Trees, Melling, on 05 May 1855.
John Remington(1194) John appears in the list of children in the manuscript by my late uncle Leonard Tatham Stowell. His name does not, so far as I can see, appear in the baptism register of St. Wilfred, Melling. His death on 02 Sep 1817, aged 14, is recorded on a MI in Melling church at the left end of the north wall, so he was born in 1803 or late 1802.
Isabel Remington(1103) Born, according to the parish register of St. Wilfrid, Melling, on 25 Oct 1805 and baptised on 11(?) Aug 1806. There is a GRO deaths index entry in 1867 (Mar quarter, Lancaster, vol.8e, p.493) for an Isabel Remington aged 61, and she is also memorialised on the MI at the left end of the north wall of Melling church which gives 03 Feb 1867 as the date of her death. She did not marry.
Ann Remington(1104) According to an IGI entry based on member submission for which no source is given, Anne was born in 1809. Again according to the IGI she married Joseph Gibson in about 1830. There are census records of a Joseph Gibson, with wife Anne born in Melling, in the 1851 and 1861 England census. Joseph is a magistrate, living at Whelprigg, Barbon, Westmorland. In 1851 Anne is 42, consistent with birth in 1808 or 1809. In fact the parish records of St. Wilfrid, Melling, give her date of birth as 11 Jul 1808 and baptism 14 Jul 1808. In the 1851 England census she and Joseph have five children, the eldest of whom is 9, so born in 1841 or 1842. So unless they had other older children who were elsewhere at the time of the census, perhaps their marriage was some time after 1830. By the 1861 census they still have three teenage daughters at home. By 1871, the head of household is the eldest son, also called Joseph, his mother is 62, and there are still two unmarried sisters at home. There is a GRO deaths index entry for an Anne Gibson in the Mar quarter of 1891, Kendal, Vol.10b, p.495, which may well be hers.
Reginald Remington(1105) In the 1861 census there is a Reginald Remington, an attorney aged 48, born at Crow Trees, Melling, with his wife Mary, aged 36, and niece Ellen M. Bot(?), aged 13, a schoolgirl, staying at 16 Chester St., Birkenhead. This would make him born in 1812 or 1813. The Remington pedigree in Cockerill (1989) says 1812, and gives the date of his death as 1864. The parish register of St. Wilfrid, Melling, gives the date of his birth as 24 Apr 1811 and baptism on 30 Apr. The pedigree in Cockerill (1989) also says, in quotes, that he married a barmaid at Gretna Green, and died without issue.
William Remington(1106) From his entries in the 1851 and 1881 England census returns he was born in 1812 or 1813. The Remington pedigree in Cockerill (1989) says 1812. The parish register of St. Wilfrid, Melling has the date of his baptism as 03 Jan 1813 so he may well have been born in late 1812. In the 1851 census he is aged 38, unmarried and of no occupation, living with his parents at Crow Trees, Melling. In the 1881 census he is aged 68, head of household and described as a landowner of 5 acres, and is at Town End. Town End House in Melling is another of the properties listed in Garnett (1994), and appears to have been purchased, or perhaps built, by a Reginald Remington who died in 1680, and was probably in the possession of the family since that time. There is a GRO deaths index entry for a William Remington, aged 76, in the Jun quarter of 1889, (Lunesdale, 8e, 585), and the MI at the left end of the north wall of Melling church gives the date of his death as 20 May 1889 and his age as 76.The pedigree in Cockerill (1989) says he died in 1879, unmarried. However, for the William Remington who died in that year the death was registered at Shardlow, on the boundary between Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. He was aged 40, so born in about 1849, and is therefore not the right man. William Remington is mentioned in the will, dated Mar 1896, of his nephew Thomas Machell Remington, as the late William Remington.
Catherine Remington(1107) The parish register of St. Wilfrid, Melling, has the date of her baptism as 28 May 1815. In the 1851 England census returns she is aged 35, unmarried, living with her parents at Crow Trees, Melling. The next census reference is in 1881 when she is listed, aged 65 and still unmarried, as the head of household at Shakespeare, in Melling, and is described as a teetotal innkeeper. In the 1891 census she is listed as aged 75, unmarried and living on her own means at Churchgate, Melling. Garnett (1994), in her entry for The Homestead, shows the date 1878 on the porch facing the road, and says that she was the youngest daughter and apparently lived away for years, returning in 1875. She lodged at the Horse and Groom, which she owned, and turned it into a teetotal reading room. Later she moved to Churchgates, where the initials C.R. and date 1885 appear on the lintel of the original door, now a window. The lintel dates suggest that she took over The Homestead, and called it Shakespeare, in 1878 and moved to Churchgates in 1885. There is an entry for a Catherine Remington in the GRO deaths index for the Sep quarter of 1898 (Lunesdale, 8e, 531), and according to the MI on the vault in which her parents are buried at Melling, she died on 05 Aug 1898. The parish burial register says she was buried on 10 Aug. The MI on the north wall inside the church at Melling says she died at Church Gates, Melling, on 05 Aug 1898 aged 83 years.

The Leonard Tatham Stowell manuscript says that Catherine Machell(212) was the daughter of Thomas Machell and Ann Michaelson of Green Bank. There is now a separate Machell page, and it seems that Thomas's wife was Ellen Michaelson. Both Reginald and Catherine have burial entries in the Melling parish registers, Reginald being buried on 15 Aug 1854, and Catherine on 14 Mar 1857. The corresponding entries in the GRO deaths index are Reginald in the Sep quarter of 1854 (Lancaster, 8c?, 299), and Catherine in the Mar quarter of 1857 (Lancaster, 8e, 413). These agree with the dates given in Cockerill (1989). Both Reginald and Catherine were buried in the churchyard at Melling, the MI giving 10 Aug 1854 as the date of Reginald's death, and 07 Mar 1857 for Catherine. These dates are confirmed by their respective Death Certificates. Also buried in same vault is their youngest daughter Catherine, who died on 05 Aug 1898.



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