The Scherer branch starts with Rixa Scherer, daughter of Franz Scherer and Luise Ottilie Dietrich. This page is still lacking in many details and I hope to add to it as information becomes available.

Scherer generations

Generation Scherer Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
R Franz Xaver Alois Julius Scherer (90) (1895-1978) Luise Ottilie Dietrich(91) (1907-1999) 31 Dec 1929 in Hamburg
Q Dr. Franz Xaver Eduard Karl Scherer (605) (1863-1917) Elisabeth Anna Julia Kämmerer(606) (1876-1958) 21 Apr 1894, in Vienna 18.
P Dr. Alois Anton Ferdinand Scherer (607) (1836-1894) Francisca Theresia Griss(608) (1842-1907) 13 Apr 1860, in Vienna I, St. Augustin.
N Franz Xaver Jacobus Scherer (611) (1799-1883) Maria Genovefa Erlacher(612) (1800-1853) unknown
M H. Jakob Scherer (619) (?-?) Katharina Prechler(620) (?-?) unknown

Franz Xaver Alois Julius SCHERER

Franz Scherer(90)was born on 22 Jan 1895 in Vöcklabruck, Upper Austria. He was baptised into the Roman Catholic Church. His parents were Franz Xaver Eduard Karl Scherer(605) and Anna Julie Elisabeth Kämmerer(606). On 12 Apr 1928, in Hamburg, he became a German citizen.

He received his secondary education at the Gyumnasium of the Kremsmünster, and on 01 Oct 1913 joined the cavalry (Landwehr-Ulanen-Regiment Nr.6) at Wels as a one year volunteer. (This regiment was founded in 1894, and was demobilised in 1918 following the end of WW1). Subsequently he was on the Austrian eastern front, in Galicia, facing the Russians. For some of the time, he wrote a diary which has yet to be transcribed.

On 27 Aug 1918 he married Tatiana von Wolczynski at Budenitz. There were no children of this marriage, and an amicable civil divorce took place. As his second wife Franz Scherer married Luise Ottilie Dietrich on 31 Dec 1929 at the Standesamt in Hamburg. There were seven children of this marriage, of whom three are living.

Franz Scherer left Hamburg on 06 Mar 1934, having wound up his business Scherer & Co GmbH in 1933, and moved to Berlin.

Franz Xaver Eduard Karl SCHERER

Dr. jur. Franz Xaver Eduard Karl Scherer(606) was born in Vöcklabruck on 19 Nov 1863. He was a lawyer. On 21 Apr 1894 he married Anna Julie Elisabeth Kämmerer(606) in Vienna 18. They had three children.

Children of Franz Xaver Eduard Karl Scherer(606) and Anna Julie Elisabeth Kämmerer(606)

Name Notes
Franz Xaver Alois Julius Scherer(90) Born 22 Jan 1895 in Vöcklabruck. Died in 1981 in Seewalchen. See his separate entry above).
Karl Scherer(nnn) notes
? Scherer(nnn) notes

This Franz Scherer died on 19 Jan 1917, and there is a memorial tablet in the Scherer chapel at Maria Schöndorf in Vöcklabruck which says he was for many years deputy mayor (Vicebürgermeister) of Vöcklabruck.

Alois Anton Ferdinand SCHERER

Dr. Alois Anton Ferdinand Scherer(607) was born in Weyer, Upper Austria, on 29 May 1836, and baptised into the Roman Catholic Church on 30 May 1836. He was also a lawyer, and sometime mayor of Vöcklabruck. On 13 Apr 1860 he married Franciska Theresia Josefa Griss(608).

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