My great Aunt Olga Scott (née Briggs)(196) was, according to an obituary which I have from an unknown newspaper, born in Germany while her mother, Alice Sophia Briggs (née Steward) was on a musical tour with her elder brother, my grandfather Christopher Rawdon Briggs. On p.169 of her diary, Alice Sophia says Olga was born on 27 Jul 1883, presumably at Cannstatt, where the family had been living in furnished rooms since the beginning of March. The reason for being in Cannstatt, then a township near Stuttgart and from 1905 part of Stuttgart, was that Christie had decided he wanted to study the violin properly, and from the autumn of 1882 was studying under Hr. Singer at the Stuttgart Conservatoire. So it was not exactly a musical tour they were on.

Olga was the sixth and youngest child of Archibald Briggs(5) and Alice Sophia Steward(6). She was actually named Alice Olga Briggs, but was always known by her second name. In October 1883 her mother moved to Stuttgart. Olga was very sickly during her early weeks, and only started putting on weight in November. She spent her early years in Italy, at the house in Salò, on the west side of Lake Garda, which her mother owned. The family moved to England in 1900. She was educated privately.

In 1908 at Dean Row Unitarian Chapel, Wilmslow, Cheshire, she married John Russell Scott(197), the third child of Charles Prestwich Scott and Rachel Cook. John Russell Scott and Olga Briggs had five children.

Children of John Russell Scott(197) and Alice Olga Briggs(196)

Name Notes
Laurence Prestwich Scott(706) Born on 10 Jun 1909. Succeeded his father as governing director and chairman of the Manchester Guardian and Manchester Evening News group from 1949 until he retired in 1973. In 1939 he married (1) Constance Mary Black (d. 1969) by whom he had three children, two sons and one daughter. In 1970 he married (2) Jessica Mary Crowther Thompson by whom he had one son. He was educated at Rugby, and Trinity College, Cambridge. He was a Director of Anglia Television from 1958 to 1980, a Director of the Press Association and Reuters from 1948 to 1955 and again from 1959 to 1960. Her was also a Member of the Council of Manchester University from 1946 to 1970, being Deputy Chairman from 1957. Laurence died on 02 Sep 1983.
James Archibald Scott(707) Born in 1912, he married Edith Barton and had two daughters. He died in 1937.
May Beatrice Scott(708) Born in 1914, she married Henry Davis (d.1986) and they had four children, one son and three daughters.
Charles Prestwich Scott(709) Born in 1916.
Olive Unity Scott(710) Born on 01 Oct 1918, married Peter Rutherford and lives in the USA.

Olga Scott was a Liberal, and also a member of the Women's International League. Mainly, however, her interest outside her home was music and she was a good cellist (I have a photograph of her with her 'cello) and double bass player and was involved in the founding of the Manchester Women's Orchestra. Olga Scott died on 20 May 1978. Her ‘cello went to my mother, and from her to her grand-daughter Yolande.

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