James STEWARD(123) was the son of John Clarke STEWARD(125) and Elizabeth WALTON (126), and he was the second of five children. He was born at Blackwall, Essex in 1794 1, and the same reference gives the date of his death as 12 Nov 1870. I have not found a reference to his baptism. His death certificate confirms 12 Nov 1870 as the date of his death, and shows that he died at Moor House, Stanley, which was where Alice Sophia and Archibald BRIGGS, his daughter and son-in-law, were living at the time. His death was notified by his son James Dick STEWARD, who was present. He was buried on 16 Nov 1870 in the parish of Stanley, and was 772.

James married Alice LACELL (124). I have found no official record of this marriage, but the date is given in a Steward pedigree of unknown provenance as 12 Jun 1817. Alice Sophia, in her manuscript3, has the following to say:

To return to James Steward who married Alice Lacell, he told me he ran away with her to Gretna Green but no other member of the family knows it. They were very young and began life farming. Indeed my father was of an excitable disposition, very optimistic, very improvident and very unsuccessful. He appears to have lost largely in farming, being financed by his brother Richard who never married and by his mother. The old lady in her portrait looks a stern hard old lady and ‘Ann’ told me wore a brown frock and a cap all her married life. She was very tall and stately and walked with a long stick with a silver top.

Since their first child, James Dick STEWARD, was born in 1818, the marriage date of 12 Jun 1817 looks reasonable. If they did marry at Gretna Green, I don’t know whether any form of wedding register existed at the time, or has survived. There is however, a recent of the surfacing at auction of a wedding register “listing bigamists, cads and eloping couples who wed at Gretna Hall in Gretna Green during 1825 and 1854” (Family Tree Magazine, September 2002), so you never know what might crop up.

Later, Alice Sohpia says:

My father gave up farming and studied for the church, but Dr Sumner, then Bishop of Chester, refused to ordain him as he would not accept the doctrine of the Trinity. He therefore would not have me baptized with the Trinitarian formula. After his rejection by Dr Sumner, he went through the Lancashire factory districts as a missionary to the operatives. He used to say the hand-loom weavers chanted as they worked:
Clicketty clack
Clicketty clack
Thin water porridge
and scarcely that.
After this he took up engineering and spent a great deal of money trying to fix beacons on the shifting Goodwin Sands. He made many costly models which he showed to the Admiralty but none were accepted

Throughout his life he seems to have moved about, never staying for long at one place. This is shown by the fact that no two of his 11 children were born in the same place. He started out married life in Essex, presumably at Paglesham, on the north side of the River Crouch and obly about 8 km NE of Prittlewell where Alice came from. This is probably where he tried farming.

According to Alice Sophia's manuscript and diary, James and Alice had 11 childen.

Children of James Steward(123) and Alice Lacell(124)

Name Notes
James Dick STEWARD (181) born at Paglesham, Essex, on 02 Mar 1818 and died 25 Mar 1885. On 26 May 1853 he married Mary Louisa HARRIS(439) (1829-1899), the eldest daughter of his aunt Charlotte LACELL, wife of the Rev. George HARRIS, a Wesleyan minister according to ASB. (The Harris family was at Ringwood when the Stewards moved to Bitterne.) James Dick was a Captain in the P&O and he and Charlotte had eight children ( see separate page).
Kate Manning STEWARD (182) 1820-1827 (no information on the IGI)
Alice STEWARD (183) 1821-1829 (IGI entry for christening on 27 Jul 1821 at Hadlow, Kent). There is a burial entry for a Miss Alice Steward of Hart Street, City (of London) on 20 Feb 1829, aged 7 years 6 months [London Metropolitan Archives, All Saints, Poplar, Register of burials at Poplar Chapel, P88/ALL1, Item 084, P88/ALL1/084.]
Elizabeth STEWARD (184) 1822-1860 (IGI entry for christening on 16 Feb 1823 at Hadlow, Kent). She married a Col. TOWERS and they went to Australia and were lost sight of, according to ASB.
Charlotte STEWARD (185) 1825-29 (IGI record for christening on 6 Mar 1825 at Hadlow, Kent). Charlotte died "accidentally killed from a blow on her head against a beam when her father was playing and tossing her".
Mary Catherine Manning STEWARD (186) 1827-60 (IGI record of christening on 4 Feb 1827 at Hadlow, Kent). After her mother’s death Mary, as Alice Sophia writes, "had a hard life managing the household and all the young ones and especially trying to keep father from spending money uselessly. She never married, feeling she could not leave him and died shortly after I was married".
William Morton STEWARD (187) 1829-87 (IGI record of christening on 18 Mar 1829 at St. Olave, Hart Street, London). "Sent early to the Blue Coat School. The very harsh treatment then in vogue permanently injured his hearing. Later on, proving rather a dullard and shewing no leaning to any intellectal pursuit, but being very fond of gardening, he was apprenticed to a nurseryman, and later shipped off to Australia for sheep farming, but being bitten with the gold fever, he left farming, and was for many years entirely lost sight of." Did not marry.
Louisa Lacell STEWARD (188) 1831-59, born at Woodfield Park, Blackburn, Lancashire. There is also an IGI record of a baptism of a Louisa Saule Steward, with parents James and Alice, at Effingham, Surrey, on 12 June 1842 so perhaps she was another who was baptised by a relative later in life as the Stewards had connections in Effingham. There could easily be a transcription error in the middle name.
Jane Stringer STEWARD(189) Born 17 Apr 1833 at Liverpool, according to the IGI. No record of her christening. On 05 Jan 1853 she married Philip Henry RATHBONE(752) (1828-1853) and had 8 sons and 3 daughters. Jane died on 14 Oct 1905 according to a member submission to the IGI for which no source details are given. There is an entry for her in the GRO deaths index for the Dec quareter of 1905 (Toxteth Park, 8b, 122). The 11 children of Philip and Jane are listed in the Rathbone pedigree given on pages 72 to 77 of Foster (1890), and for further details see the Rathbone page.
John STEWARD (190) 1836-67, born at Dover, Kent. Alice Sophia refers to him as John Clarke Steward, and says he married Léonie GOGUEL (full name Maria Henriette Léonie GOGUEL) whom he met at Algiers where he came to visit Alice Sophia and her husband.
Alice Sophia STEWARD(6) 1841-1931, born at Dover, Kent.

In 1851 he was at South Stonham, in Hampshire, a widower, aged 54 and described as a Gentleman. With him were Mary C, aged 23, born at Newpark, Hudlow, Kent (nor sure about those places) Louisa L. aged 20, born at Westfold Park, Lancashire, Jane S., aged 17, born at Liverpool, Lancashire and Alice S. aged 9, born at East Cliff, Dover. The three older girls are described as Ladies, scratched out. [1851 England census, Class: HO107; Piece: 1670; Folio: 231; Page: 46; GSU roll: 193578. Via Ancestry.com]


1) Familysearch, based on a member submission, so no source details. Gives his parents as John Clark Steward and Elizabeth Walton, and also his date of death as 12 Nov 1870.
2) Familysearch, based on FHL film 1450497, which is a scan of the burial register of the parish of Stanley, Yorkshire, p.346, no.2763.
3) Unpublished notebook MS with additional notes on her family and relations. This manuscript I have transcribed, and slightly edited to improve its readability. It can be viewed.

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