John Clark STEWARD

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John Clark STEWARD

John Clark Steward (125) was, according to Alice Sophia, born in 1760 and was the second child to be named John Clark. The first one died in 1756. There is an IGI reference to a John Clark Steward, son of Richard Steward(127) and Elizabeth, who was born on 9 Jun 1753 and christened at St. Dunstan in the East, London, on 30 Jun 1753. There is nothing in the IGI on the christening of another John Clark Steward in or around 1760. The microfilm of parish records from St. Dunstan runs out in 1758, so maybe there are other records available, not yet on the IGI. A Steward Pedigree of unknown provenance gives 01 Apr 1760 for the birth of the second John Clark Steward.

John Clark Steward (125) married Elizabeth Walton (126) on 11 Feb 1783 at St. Dunstan, Stepney, according to an IGI entry, which would put him in his early twenties. I know nothing for sure about Elizabeth Walton. Alice Sophia gives nothing other than that she came from Stepney, which agrees with where the wedding took place. There are a few candidates listed in the IGI, of which one was baptised in Stepney, but there is nothing to tell whether this is the correct Elizabeth Walton.

John Clark and Elisabeth had five children.

Children of John Clark Steward(125) and Elizabeth Walton(126)

Name Notes
Richard Steward (500) Died unmarried.
James Steward (123) 1794-1870. Married Alice Lacell and had eleven children (see entry above)
Jane Steward (501) Married Miles Stringer.
Catherine Steward(502) Married Capt. Manning(504)
Sophia Steward (503) Married Anthony Knipe Morton. ASB in her manuscript says he was a Colonel.(505).

John Clark Steward died on 24 Mar 1799 (Steward Pedigree).



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